The Dagon Archives III

  • The Dagon Archives III

    You slowly open your eyes trying to adjust to the light that seeped through the cracks in between planks on the ceiling. You slowly get up, stretching and yawning. You seem to be able to walk with no pain. As you walk around the barracks you see some guards sleeping for their night shifts. You decide to walk out before you wake up the guards.


    You open the door and go outside.  You step outside, immediately you see the blinding light of the sun. You hear the tweeting of birds in the local pine trees and the chatter of the townsfolk. You breathe in the dawn’s crisp cold air, and then decide to find Runil. You briefly remember someone saying that he was a priest, so you decided to go to the only temple you could see.


    So you head towards the Nords’ graveyard or hall of the dead to see if there is maybe a shrine of Arkay. As you walk to the hall you look at the graves. Suddenly you see these glowing, fiery marks, as if letters, on some of the graves. You keep your eyes fixated on the markings while the flames warp and then vanish. You turn your head away as if it is an extremely bright light, then you have a flash.


    You see a hellish world that is very volcanic, the sky blood red. Your vision seems to lead you to a spiky, black tower. The vision continues to lead to a large door that has the same symbol you saw on the graves. Then you see what you can only describe as torture, men and women screaming in pain.


    You stumble backwards out of the vision. You blind and rub your eyes.


    “What in Oblivion was that?” you thought to yourself.


    As you try to get the trauma from that vision out of your mind you feel a hand on your shoulder. In a second you throw the figure onto the rubble in one swift clean motion. You turn around to see the figure you threw onto the ground, it was just a normal Nordic guard. The guard takes of his helmet and looks at you, chuckles a bit and says,


    “That’s a lot of strength for a little elf”


    “Sorry I don’t know how I –“


    The guard stops you in the middle of your apology and says, “Its ok, you seemed spook, you looked like you saw a ghost”


    “Well…” you decide to not tell the guard “ The graves of the fallen sometimes gives me the creeps”


    “Carry on then, just checking if everything was alright”


    You decide to hurry of to Runil before anything else happens. You head into the Hall of the Dead and find Runil. You see a shrine of arkay, it seems to be drawing you away. You seem to be able to resist the barrier and find Runil studying some spell tomes.  Runil suddenly stops his studying and looks up at you like a scared deer.


    “I didn’t see you come in,” he says in a surprised tone

    “Sorry to spook you.”


    In a calm tone he says, “What are you doing here?”


    “I was wondering if I could do something for you, you saved my life and I need to pay you back.”


    “No its ok you don’t have t –“


    “I insist.”


    “Well, I need a deer heart, antlers and hide”


    “Why might I ask?”


    “Nothing to worry yourself with”, he says in a stern voice


    “Ok, I will get those ingredients for you as soon as I can”


    “Now that’s real enthusiasm!”


    You run out of the Hall of the dead ready to acquire the ingredients, you nearly forgot what happened at the graveyard.