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  • The perils of DEad = Dead

    Hi fellow visitors to theskyrimblog. This is my blog post detailing the deaths of each of my Skyrim characters, I will update it every time one dies. But first, an explanation; I absolutely love Skyrim, and ever since I found this site before I even ordered the game (well before its release) I notic...
  • Arius the Redguard

    Born in the garden district of the Imperial city to a well-to-do family and raised with sound morals Arius was always going to travel the world or Nirn. He set off out of the Imperial city at the tender age of 16 because he heard some goblins were attacking some farmers, he swiftly dispatched of sai...
  • Mufasa. The story of the hate filled downtrodden Khajiit

    Mufasa the Khajiit   Hated in Cyrodiil just for being a khajiit, now so bitter and full of hate (and just a bit insane) he enters the frozen north only to be lead to execution for the murder of a rich noblewoman on the road into Skyrim. Escaping the fate of the criminal to tear down the civilized wo...