Arius the Redguard

  • Born in the garden district of the Imperial city to a well-to-do family and raised with sound morals Arius was always going to travel the world or Nirn.

    He set off out of the Imperial city at the tender age of 16 because he heard some goblins were attacking some farmers, he swiftly dispatched of said goblins with a swing from his mighty warhammer. The farmers rewarded him with a map detailing the safest route to Skyrim, so off Arius trudged, bag laden with sweetrolls.

    As he entered the northern mountains he passed Bruma and was accosted by a highwayman; the highwayman gave him 2 choices, pay or die. Arius, taking pity on the highwayman (because he knew Cyrodill's economy offered few prospects) decided he would offer to travel with the highwayman to Skyrim to seek work and adventure. The highwayman was taken aback by this but had no concept of how the world really worked so he drew his battleaxe to Arius's neck and said "I would sooner kiss a Khajiit than travel with you, greedy, noble-born cur!" "you live in luxury which I pay for with my taxes from hard labour, it's time you shared your wealth!" with that the battleaxe sung through the air towards Arius's midriff. Arius jumped back nimbly while simultaneously swinging his warhammer toward the shoulder of the highwayman. The warhammer struck true, the crunching of bone could be heard through the surrounding valley, the highwayman fell.

    After giving the highwayman a proper burial Arius said a small prayer to help his soul and set off toward Skyrim, after 3 steps he felt a force beckoning him to return to the buried highwayman, ignoring this he trudged on through the snow. The force became stronger with each step, finally Arius gave in and returned to the body, where he discovered an idol of Sheogorath was sticking from the ground. Arius picked it up thinking it needs to go to a church or museum. Then it happened.

    Arius was thrust into the fade, there he saw an image of himself righteously swinging his warhammer at all things evil. Just as the image turned to him he saw the look in it's eyes, madness, his own image thrust out a hand and let loose an inferno. Arius snapped awake from the fade but felt, different, as if his soul were smouldering. He would seek help from the healers atop the throat of the world, surely they'd know what had happened.

    Arius journeyed for many weeks and finally crossed to the border of Cyrodill and Skyrim. On and on, he trudged, through waist high snow in many places stopping frequently out of exhaustion. On the 5th day after entering Skyrim he saw a young Nord woman, the most beautiful creature he had ever gazed upon. Arius plucked up his courage and approached her, the idol of Sheogorath began to glow in his pocket, he held it - absent minded to the fact it had changed him. He moved closer to the young woman, she heard him and swung around to meet his gaze. As their eyes met Arius brought up his hand to wave but instead out blasted the inferno. The young woman flopped to the ground, her precious body blackened beyond recognition. Arius wanted to feel remorse, hatred for himself for such a deed. But did not, he had never felt more alive and his exhaustion had vanished. He felt around in his pocket but the idol was not there! had he dropped it? no, for he saw in his palm engraved forever, the symbol of Sheogorath and realized what he had become.

    Arius resolved that this event could never be repeated, he loved all life, was raised to love all life. But how could he be sure his mind would not betray him again. Arius began to weep, fell to his knees and cursed at the moons. Then a guard approached, he arrested Arius. Arius went without protest, knowing he was to be executed, and rightfully so.


  • Piper Jo
    Piper Jo   ·  November 5, 2011
    Interesting.  So, highly moral, but schizophrenic?  Possibility of completely different behavior from moment to moment?  Allows you to help one person, murder the next with a consistent story--then go to the chapel to pray, or to the Throat to ask for help.
  • konrad hurren
    konrad hurren   ·  November 2, 2011
    Tamriel is a HUGE landmass, there are multiple passes over most mountain ranges, you need a map that tells you the safest route.
    How Arius got his warhammer isn't important, he's from a rich family, well trained in all melee weapons, just prefers th...  more
  • Dakota Huddleson
    Dakota Huddleson   ·  November 1, 2011
    I mean no disrespect, but why was he given a map to Skyrim? I liked the healers Idea, but there is only the Grey beards atop the throat of the world. Also if perhaps you gave us some idea how he came into possession of his warhammer. Also you could use th...  more