The perils of DEad = Dead

  • Hi fellow visitors to theskyrimblog. This is my blog post detailing the deaths of each of my Skyrim characters, I will update it every time one dies.

    But first, an explanation; I absolutely love Skyrim, and ever since I found this site before I even ordered the game (well before its release) I noticed talk of people playing using the dead=dead rule and resolved that my playthrough's would follow this rule.

    How it works: play any way you like leveling questing until level 10 (here's where you experiment with shooting distances and magic combos etc) then continue to play however you like but if you die you must delete all saved games of that character.

    without further ado:

    Mufasa the Khajiit - My first character, obsessed with collecting shiny things, listener of the dark brotherhood and well on his way to being a nightingale; mercilessly butchered by Markarth guards.

    Arius the Redguard - took on an Orc who called him names; needless to say there wasn't much left of him.

    Argonian shaman (forgot his name) - Waterfalling accident somewhere west of Whiterun; rocks are painful.

    Waterfalling is the art of travelling via waterways and when you come accross a waterfall you take your life in your hands and jump down.

    Mufasa (second incarnation, much like Maiq - there are many, or is there one?) - travelling to Morthal to visit some guy about a museum of shinies his head was cut off by a bounty hunter he probably shouldn't have shot (but shinies!!!!)

    Mythen the Dunmer vampire - while enjoying watching two bandits kill each other after casting frenzy on one he neglected to turn his head to the imminent danger and had his back crushed by an almighty warhammer wielded by a bandit chief.

    Amelia the Nord Stalker (thanks ponty for awesome build) - Cut down in the battle of Whiterun after seeing her partner Faendal fall by an arrow from a godless imperial soldier.


  • Bobbo
    Bobbo   ·  July 21, 2012
    OMG! i was soooooo close to die in helgen against those spiders! Hadvar could not even lift a finger....
  • RuneRed
    RuneRed   ·  July 21, 2012
    Yes ouch - mid 30's is especially bad time, because by the time you hit late 30's early 40's survival becomes easy imo.  Bandit chiefs have claimed a few of my toons as well; so I feel your pain.
  • konrad hurren
    konrad hurren   ·  July 21, 2012
    Those damn bandit chiefs!!
    Updated with most recent death; Amelia my Nord, and first dragonborn which really sucks because she was to be the character I would complete the main questline with (finally).
    Mid 30s is a terrible time to lose a cha...  more
  • Bobbo
    Bobbo   ·  July 20, 2012
    I played as an illusion assassin on expert( dead=dead) and as you might now, an invisible assassin is very, very OP...untill you get detected by a bandit chief! XD
  • RuneRed
    RuneRed   ·  July 20, 2012
    ouch.  I've lost quite a few characters as well.  I just lost five this week.  I start playing ironman (dead=dead) on master from level one, so three that I lost never even made it out of Helgen, the other two were mid-teen in level.
    I, too, have lo...  more