My Final Hours, Part I

  • My name is Khar'cot. And I am murderer. No, I'm not a heartless wretch who kills indiscriminately. I did not take his life out of malice or out of vengeance. The circumstance surrounding my transgression runs so much deeper than that…

    The dark, still stone hallway around me seemed to stretch onward forever. As I descended deeper into the nebulous darkness I could just make out a faint growl. After another hundred footfalls, or so, I decided to reevaluate my first assumption of the sound. It was certainly a voice—and it was chanting.

    “He watches. He Hears. He comes,” the deep, guttural voice repeated. As I drew closer to unknown chanter, I made out a bright light illuminating the walls up ahead. For no reason at all the hall terminated, abruptly, at a wall engraved with some form writing.

    As I stared at the markings, my eyes seemed to shift in focus. I could suddenly make out the words. Dragonborn, Dragonborn. By his honor is sworn, the passage began. It was obviously some sort of poem, though I didn’t quite understand it.

    “He watches. He hears. He comes—for you!”

    I shot up, sending the covers to the floor and painfully hitting my head upon the top bunk.

    “Ouch! I knew I should have paid for private room,” I swore. The dark common room around me was full of peacefully resting travelers. It appeared my outburst had not disturbed the others.  I go to my feet, slowly, rubbing my sore forehead and grabbed my pack resting against the wall beside the bunk. It was time for breakfast.

    It was the morning of Middas, Sun’s Dusk 9 4E200 and the sky was gray, dull. The overcast lent credibility to my brooding as I sat at a table in the sparsely populated dining room. My thoughts slid back to the voice. That deep, rumbling voice forced the blood to run like ice through my veins. And that language written on the wall, it was familiar somehow, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.


    This is part one, I know it ends abruptly, but I have a speech and an essay to write which have left me creatively drained. I plan to finish this before the release, though, so if you guys like it it will be continued.


  • BakaPenguin
    BakaPenguin   ·  October 28, 2011
    Thanks. I'm working on part 2 of 3, now. Should be up within a few days. I haven't done any creative writing in years, so I'm rusty. Any constructive criticism is appreciated.
  • Piper Jo
    Piper Jo   ·  October 28, 2011
    You have left me wanting more.  Well written.  Evocative.
  • Scott D Klemann
    Scott D Klemann   ·  October 28, 2011
    Oh, a nice begining, I like it, can't wait to read more.