Ashwing Introduction- Is ignorance bliss?

  • Hi everyone. This is the first story I have shown to anyone outside of family and school, so any feedback would be welcome. I have currently written 2 more chapters of this, so if you think I should post them too please comment or like.


    Introduction- Is ignorance bliss?

                By his 15th birthday Faric was an accomplished thief. Growing up in a Thieves Guild this is to be expected, but he had something extra: perhaps due to chance or skill; or maybe because he was born on the 3rd of Hearth Fire- the summoning day of Nocturnal, who is both Lady Luck and the Mistress of Shadows, and the patron of thieves. While he had picked plenty of pockets and robbed plenty of houses, he regarded his best achievement as managing to get out the hideout before he was officially allowed, picking three locks set by the senior members, and even sneaking past his mother Adrienne, the Guild’s best cat burglar, on the way out.

                However exciting his life was in what is possibly the best Thieves Guild in Tamriel, Faric hungered for more. He had never known his father, and in a city where your lineage was every bit as important as your achievements, it hurt. Being told by his mother as he turned 15, because he had come of age and had the right to know, he learned that he was the son of Eduard Motierre, and a member of an old and powerful family, including an uncle who sat on the Emperor’s Elder Council. Their first meeting, inside Castle Daggerfall itself, was overpowering for Faric, from the surroundings and the fact he was with his father, but also from the aura of power which enveloped Eduard. It turned out that Adrienne had kept all knowledge of Faric hidden, but now it was out Eduard would like to learn about his progeny. He was told that unfortunately his father was extremely busy at the moment, so could he possibly do a few jobs in between meetings, so that no time would be wasted. Of course, drunk on the events of the day, Faric agreed with no hesitation, and so the pattern for the next two years was set.

                Four days after Faric’s 17th birthday Eduard Motierre testified before the assembled lords of Daggerfall that he had met Faric just over two years previously upon hearing that he existed, but had had no contact in the intervening time. Upon hearing this, the Lords quickly called for the incarceration of the aforementioned prisoner awaiting execution, due to his reckless manipulation of the regions politics and disregard for the law when trying to impress Eduard. Of course the fact that nearly every single lord had met Faric, often along with Eduard, and at least half of them had hired him didn’t come to light.


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  • Guy Corbett
    Guy Corbett   ·  February 25, 2013
    Nice work. A good intro. You painted an excellent picture and I want to know more. What has Faric done to receive such extreme action??