Storms over Tamriel: 8 - Northwards

  • This session was run on the 15th of February, 2015.


    The Eagle’s Talon’s first assignment was to head north to Skyrim to investigate Maormer activity. After a brief shopping-related delay in the Imperial City, they set off to a Talon outpost in the marshes between Morthal and Solitude. On the way they stopped in briefly at Riften and Whiterun, had a run-in with some Trolls in the mountains, and… attempted to break in to the Morthal longhouse in search of valuables.

    The following day they reached the Talons’ outpost - a shack in the middle of the swamps. There they met Skafnir Grey-Cloak, a Nord ranger in Talon agent. He welcomed the party to his home, where they met his wife, Frida, and their guest, Miktaag Wave-Breaker, a Nord sailor from Bleakrock Island. Miktaag relayed his tale to the party - Maormer had invaded the island, occupied an ancient Dragon Cult temple, and enslaved the populace. He had the only ship on the island, and had escaped to the mainland to seek help for his people. On his return, he and his crew were attacked by a sea serpent who took the lives of several of his crew, and seriously damaged the ship. When he arrived in Dawnstar, the Jarl refused to hear his plea, and instead turned to Skafnir and the Eagle’s Talons.

    Miktaag offered passage for the group along with Skafnir back to Bleakrock, an offer the group, of course, accepted. Miktaag’s crew was undertaking repairs in Dawnstar, so the group set out for the town. After a short and uneventful journey, they arrived and headed straight for the Jarl’s longhouse for… various purposes. Aethenar, Kitashi and Zakar secured the aid of the Jarl in the form of a squad of guards accompanying them to Bleakrock, Licks and Athalus pillaged some Black-Briar Mead from a storeroom, and Kiem showed a guard some Khajiit sword-polishing tricks.

    The following day, Miktaag’s repairs had completed and the group set out for Bleakrock. They sighted the island - and the two Maormer ships - late in the afternoon. They waited until dusk and moved the ship around the south side of the island where there were several farms. Using a water-walking spell, the group snuck off the ship and onto the beach, taking out a few Maormer sentries and capturing one alive. They discovered they intended to capture the island, fortify it, and use it as a forward base and outpost to the north of Tamriel.

    Before morning, the party did some scouting around the south part of the island, and discovered a cave to hole up in, an abandoned campsite, and a supply camp by the quarry. They rested during the day, and that afternoon launched an attack as the Maormer and their Nord slaves left the quarry. A brutal combat ensued, leaving 30 Maormer dead. During the battle, Logan Grimnar - the Nord warrior with the power of the Voice whom Aethenar and Kitashi had met some years earlier - revealed himself. Having escaped from prison during the attack on Vulkhel Guard, he had returned home and heard of the attack on Bleakrock from Skafnir, and set out for a bit of fun.

    With the Maormer still holding the town, watchtower and their stronghold at the temple, how will the party take down their enemy, who still greatly outnumbers them? Find out next time...

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