Path to the Ebony Warrior: Chapter 4 - Illusory Knowledge

  • "I think I've got it. I know more about Necromancy and the realms of Oblivion than I'd ever want to."

    "Splendid. Make sure you've got 4 grand souls and we'll head back to Whiterun."

    "Still pulling that effortless casting rubbish?"

    "Do you have a better idea."

    "Hmph. And what is it this time?"

    "Illusion! The ever-so-wonderful art of warping the minds of others."

    "You're a terrible person. Or whatever you are. Do you know that?"

    "Fear not, I wouldn't want you to fall on your own sword in shame. We'll be using the Muffle spell."

    "Not sure how that helps me understand people's minds, put okay. Sneaking isn't my thing but I see no harm in it."

    "Don't forget to break up your training session with visits to Vilkas."

    "That man worked hard to learn those skills you know? And here we are cheating him out of the money he needs to live."

    "What, does he need more money than many would earn in their life from a single afternoon of training?"

    "I suppose not..."

    "Consider it a donation towards the eradication of evil?"

    "We're doing some really bad things...."

    "You'll come back to them when we're done and be like, 'I beat the Ebony Warrior'. They'll forget all about the million-septim debt you owe them."

    "Just leave me be."

    A good 6 hours of casting Muffle non-stop later, Marcellus addressed the voice again.

    "I've now been able to understand how to manipulate the minds of others; no idea how muffling my footsteps did that, but there we are. I've cheated Vilkas out of another good fifty thousand gold to boot."

    "Well, I've worked out your next task; offensive magic. I think you mighty actually like this one."