ESO: Alliances Cinematic Trailer Analysis - Part 1

  • Hi all, and welcome to my ESO:Alliances Cinematic trailer analysis! Here you can get a closer look some of the characters and locations while I give a sort of 'commentary'!

    The trailer follows the efforts of 3 groups of people doing battle around an Imperial fortress - one group from each faction (The Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact and Aldmeri Dominion).

    Use the previous/next buttons at the bottom to scroll through parts.

    The trailer opens with a group of people from the Ebonheart pact blasting through this door. Something I found interesting is that there was no explosions, no cutting through it, it just explodes. We get a look at the first hero, a Nord (hereby referred to as 'the warrior'), leading the party - perhaps he can use the Thu'um? We can only hope.

    One of the Warrior's dunmer mage buddies casts a light spell down the cavern. Dark dungeons would be something interesting to explore in an MMO setting!

    Our first close-up look at ESO's Dark Elves. To be entirely honest they just look like humans with funny colored skin/eyes and pointy ears.

    The Warrior steps up - we get to see the Nordic armor design for ESO. Looks like they've heavily borrowed from the Skyrim aesthetic!

    Here we get a bit of a look at the whole Ebonheart Pact party, including an Argonian (on the right, in the background)


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  • Knight-Paladin Robert
    Knight-Paladin Robert   ·  May 2, 2014
    These could make for awesome screenshots!