Dragonborn DLC Trailer Analysis - Part 1

  • Here's part 1 of my Dragonborn Trailer analysis. Use the previous/next post buttons at the bottom to move through them.

    Here we have the player coming into some sort of settlement, probably Raven Rock. I don't recognise the banners on the right, but they look rather animalistic. Perhaps it's Raven Rock.

    I'm pretty sure this is the Skaal village, with 3 members sitting around some sort of magical column.

    This Skaal fella looks important. New fur clothing/armor, not sure if the symbol on his brooch is supposed to symbolise anything - though it does look Nordic in origin.

    This is undoubtedly a Telvanni Tower - but look around! Is this mainland Morrowind/Vvardenfel? Doesn't look all snowy like Solstheim!

    Here we see some ruins that look somewhat similar to the ones in the Forgotten Vale from Dawnguard. We've got this wierd glowing Silt Strider Bull Netch looking thing here too.



  • Ponty
    Ponty   ·  February 8, 2013
    I figured now that I've finished 95% of the content in Dragonborn (everything minus the Thirsk quests) I'd do a bit of a retrospective on this and see what I got right!

    It's Raven Rock! 1 point to me!
    That's the Skaal village, with them...  more
  • Josh Marken
    Josh Marken   ·  November 5, 2012
    It sounds like esbern in video
  • Paul
    Paul   ·  November 5, 2012
    It's cool to see a Netch floating past 
  • Matt Feeney the New Guy
    Matt Feeney the New Guy   ·  November 5, 2012
    I think that Skaal guy might be a Greybeard
  • Dieter
    Dieter   ·  November 5, 2012
    The second picture could be Skaal, but remember, there was also a big mead hall next to a huge frozen lake in the middle of the island, that building is big so it could be that mead hall. There is also no dry tundra on Solstheim for obvious reasons so thi...  more