• For starters I would like to say I have no idea where something like this would go but i figured here would be a good place.

    Skyrim Blog has been a big part of my life. I've made friends here. I've watched this website grow... I was part of a community for once. Every part of this website was a learning experience for me. I deal with people better... my writing has improved and many more. But it is time for me to move on. I don't play skyrim anymore. I don't contribute to the site anymore. I think that is all due to my lack of interest that has sprouted from my excessive use of this site. I want to thank everyone who has helped me and everyone who has been nice to me. I thank you all so much and I hope this site continues to grow. I bid you all farewell.

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Lurker, Talen


  • Nelaf
    Nelaf   ·  September 14, 2013
    Oh, this was ages ago.....
  • Nelaf
    Nelaf   ·  September 14, 2013
    Seeya soon Talen, come back when TES6 is out lol ! Wish you the best.
  • RuneRed
    RuneRed   ·  August 27, 2013
    Live long and prosper.
    Drop in from time to time (especially when ESO, ES6, and FO 4 come out).
  • Master Dread
    Master Dread   ·  August 26, 2013
    Farewell Talen you will be remembered. Like others have said stop by and visit from time to time, the next TES game is on its way so I hope to see you then.
  • Bryn
    Bryn   ·  August 26, 2013
    Sorry if this sounds rude... But will he even get these comments? If not, why say goodbye?

    Well if he does, live long and prosper Talen
  • Todd
    Todd   ·  August 26, 2013
    You certainly will be missed, Talen. Hopefully you reconsider, as you certainly have contributed to this site!
  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  August 26, 2013
    I have enjoyed your contributions, Talen, and best of luck to you.  Like Ben said, please stop in and say hi sometime!