I am in love!!!

  • I think I am in love.

    I had to go to the frame store to get some picture frames made… and once I walked into the store, I paused. The Skyrim theme song was playing through the store speakers. I have a little nerdgasm and say “Oh my god!!!” Me and one of the workers talk a little bit about nerdy stuff, and then I notice all of the statues of Marvel characters. Avengers posters were everywhere. It was like they were sponsored. Then a song by Lindsey Stirling comes on, probably the best violinist ever. Seriously just search her name on youtube. We talk a little more. We talk about Comic-Con and then I notice something else! There was a huge wallpaper of the Tardis in the back of the shop! I shout OMG once more and then the shop owner says… “That’s nothing!” he pulls out the Sonic Screwdriver from Doctor Who and then puts on his green lantern ring. I walked out of that store as the Star Wars song was playing.


  • Soneca the Exiled
    Soneca the Exiled   ·  June 21, 2013
    @Nobpac this site is also about the comunity, for people who like the elder scrolls to talk not only about the series but also about other stuff, if you want elder scrolls descussions there is a forum section and many groups that focus on that, dont bother the guy
  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell   ·  June 20, 2013
    Lol that's awesome. :-D your life is awesome!
  • Nobpac
    Nobpac   ·  June 20, 2013
    And why does anyone on this site care? I thought this was a site focused on the Elder Scrolls.
  • Jeebus
    Jeebus   ·  June 20, 2013
    My life is awesome!!!