The True Nazeem

  • I wake up every morning and drink my depression potion. You see, my name is Nazeem and I have mild depression and severe low self esteem. My depression potions help a little bit but my self esteem issue is still there. I put on my makeup and fancy suit. It helps a little. I then rehearse my arrogance. Most people think I’m just an arrogant prick but that’s the masquerade I put on… I never really pour out my feelings like this but I fear it’s time to admit. You know what's pitiful though? I can't even admit my deficiencies to my wife.

    I get out of the house and start with my casual stroll through the cloud district. Then to the market district. One day as well as my usual scolding by an elder or Braith cursing at me I saw a beautiful woman walking towards me. She was clad in iron armor and had her steel sword in her sheathe. I went up to greet her. “So get to the cloud district very often?” Immediately I remembered my arrogant persona and figured it wouldn’t work.

    “Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.” I blurted out.

    Take no chances befriending outsiders I guess. The beautiful warrioress gave me a pissed off look, almost as if she were contemplating whether to kill me. I went to bed that night in my own bed, as my wife sleeps in a separate one. I thought to myself about the wonderous possibilities that could’ve been if I wasn’t such a prick. 


  • Jeebus
    Jeebus   ·  July 8, 2013
    It was my personal take on a story found on 4Chan. Ponty found this I based this on that. I however wrote this entirely from scratch... so not a repost per say.
  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  July 8, 2013
    I just commented on it, so I think that is why it is in the activity feed again.  Talen did not repost.  I just was late in acknowledging it.
  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  July 8, 2013
    Talen, I have been meaning to tell you that I really enjoyed this post!  I love the idea of bloggers posting these interior thoughts of the NPC's we encounter, and you certainly turned this one on its head a bit!  Most people hate Nazeem, and you made him...  more
  • Adam Kile
    Adam Kile   ·  June 10, 2013
    I found Nazeem sleeping in the Drunken Huntsman one night. Is this normal?
  • Vazei
    Vazei   ·  May 23, 2013
    Lol xD this made me view nazeem quite different. But I'm sure he doesn't see Walking Lizards beautiful xD

    I shall proceed to possibly kill him. x'D
  • Lore Master
    Lore Master   ·  May 23, 2013
    LOL Makes me regret killing nazeem so much lol