Character: The Ceya-Tar

  • Hey everyone,

    I am not too sure how this will be received but I wanted to put out an idea I have been having, but this preliminary blog post is directed more for any reception in terms of formatting and procedure. I could see that in the future doing something like this would require/be better seen if I were to post all components at once in one giant presentation, but thinking more about it I feel presenting each "set piece" as it's own work slowly and over time might give focus to each piece as well as add a progression to what I want to present. Some of you may already be thinking character builds do this already with their components inside the build, but I have found it delightfully challenging to expand on each section and it would do the site justice to utilize all groups and to not limit the character to one area.

    I have been character building for awhile now. I have been posting my builds for just over a year and have been having an absolute blast. Expanding outwards into other groups, I feel as though I need to do more and to contribute more to the site as a whole as a member of this blog. The Character Building group is a place I would definitely call home and feel comfortable sharing content, but I want to now continue that passion of mine and extend it into most, if not all, groups of the site to gather lore, a build, artwork, tips and tricks, role play, and a story (some other groups don't exactly apply well) to one character presentation. 

    Obviously this presentation will revolve around a character build, which will be a central focal point partly due to me being comfortable in that area, but also take a look into the specific parts and aspects that go into this character and hopefully many more. In essence, take a character build's smaller components and allow them to "shine" in the appropriate groups we have here on the site. With this, I might even go back and apply this to all of my characters.

    I hope this is something other members will enjoy as I have been having one of the best Skyrim experiences compiling my set pieces for this character. Over the next week or so, I will be posting the set pieces to round out my over arching view of the character and to hopefully get myself involved in the other fantastic groups here at The SkyrimBlog. Below, I am just setting up the hopeful "template" I want to use to present characters from now on and a brief description as to what would be going into each piece (most are self explanatory). They will be complete with links to both the specific discussions I post as well as the general group to which they are associated.


    Lore: Shadow Magic - (Elder Scrolls Lore)

    This lore article dives into the world of shadow magic, an otherwise unknown form of magic in the ES universe pioneered by Azra Nightwielder.

    Art Symposium: Shadow Magic - (Skyrim Art)

    A proposed gathering of artists to show their various interpretations of a theme: Shadow Magic!

    Backstory: A Light in the Dark - (The Story Corner)

    Enticing the reader, I hope to set up a personality of the character in a short, possibly multi-chapter narrative of how this character interacts and describes an origin story as well.

    Character Build: The Ceya-Tar - (Character Building)

    Standard build presentation that will focus solely on gameplay and physical mechanics of the character.


    So that is the basic gist. I know I will be editing or reformatting this as I go as it is a sort of "test" to see if people dig the idea. Enjoying character building and sharing my work on this site has been an absolute privilege and I cannot thank everyone enough for allowing me to post my, at times, word vomit of playing this game so much. If you have any suggestions towards this process, please let me know below. If you think I am absolute, bat-shit crazy please let me know. I would also like to know if you guys and gals would be interested in reading my work as well as preparing your own Character Posts.


  • Henson
    Henson   ·  July 20, 2013
    @Vazgen - Thanks man, I think I may hit you up for some help relatively soon.
    @Phil - That is true. I know some builders and build lovers here don't need any other info other than what the current "template" is, but I am hoping this turns into somet...  more
  • Tim
    Tim   ·  July 18, 2013
    You've been talking about doing this idea for quite some time, glad it's finally getting started! Let me know how I can help out man
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  July 18, 2013
    I'm all for this concept and I know Olaf here has something similar cooking. I think it would wonderful to unite all the different groups together in such a way. My only concern is that the "further reading" not be mandatory for an understanding and enjoy...  more
  • Shimazu
    Shimazu   ·  July 18, 2013
    Brilliant idea!
  • Vazgen
    Vazgen   ·  July 18, 2013
    That's a great idea! I'll be happy to help in any section you'll deem necessary :)
  • Henson
    Henson   ·  July 17, 2013
    @Olaf - Thanks man, I am hoping I will do it justice!
    @Kynareth - Glad you like the idea. Any feedback you could give would be fantastic, especially the first piece which will be my article on some of my favorite lore. I also would love to see the O...  more
  • Kynareth
    Kynareth   ·  July 17, 2013
    Yes, Henson, yes!  I have often thought how the different groups complement each other, though many of us feel most comfortable in our home zones and it can be difficult to venture out of them.  All groups can have a certain synergy when combined...and I ...  more
  • Olaf
    Olaf   ·  July 17, 2013
    I think this is really interesting, I believe if done correctly, it could possibly greatly enhance the build.