Recent Entries

  • Skaldsong #3

    Dark the star-girt sky when World-Eater woke you - but ice-bright elf-blade bought my victory, Vuljotnaak. Maw sword-stuffed, man-slain, you tread tundra, stride skies no more. Sleep, soul-swallowed one: your immortal spark I eat.
  • Skaldsong #2

    Glares the greedy one from gift-shield of crimson I had from the hand of heart-heavy king's widow. War-words for the Wolf Queen I worked in her service, fed foes of the Fair one the death-feast of Torygg.
  • Skaldsong #1

    You, Balgruuf, gift-hand, anxious sat on skull-crowned gold-throne, fearing dragonfire of Mirmulnir, man-slayer. Homeward dragged I, hero and Ulfric's war-hound, bones of Whiterun's bane as Hrothgar named your doom working: Dovahkiin.