Story of a Breton Farm Girl from Cyrodiil, Ch.05, part 32

  • WARNING: Some mature content / lascivious wordplay

    8th of Frost Fall, 4E201

    Nephili settled into a seat at the Vilemyr Inn and waited for a young Nord male to arrive. At the Temple of Mara's request, she had traveled back to Ivarstead to intercede on behalf of two young lovers seeking each other's embrace. Arriving in the late afternoon, she had approached Fastred, the young maiden and listened to her troubles albeit with some embarrassment. But, after speaking to her father, Jofthor, the Breton girl had an altogether different reaction. He had spoken of his daughters well being and had dismissed her desires in the same breath. His speech had angered Nephili to a degree she had not felt since running away from her own home in Cyrodiil.

    If not for Fastred’s mother, Nephili would have left Fellstar Farm with a bitter heart and acid in her throat. Boti had insisted in bringing the pilgrim into her home and serving her some refreshment for having come all the way from Riften. Inside, and away from her husband and daughter, Boti privately expressed her desire to see her daughter's happiness and urged the agent of Mara to wait for the suitor, Bassianus, at the inn. She would find some way to deal with her husband she had said. The revelation had temporarily lifted Nephili's spirits as she now had the key to solving the problem at hand. Thanking the kindly woman, the young Breton headed off to the inn.

    In the main hall, Nephili sat waiting to fulfill Mara's duty, and in waiting alone, she brooded. The farm girl from Cyrodiil struggled to avoid the thousand memories that stabbed at her heart. She pushed aside her fears, knowing not to wallow in their depths. She fought to find the love that she knew existed in this world, but always, always the painful memories would appear around the next corner, the next turn. Others had paid a price for helping her pursue her dreams. Grabbing at them had revealed a nightmare. The hopes she struggled to find to escape the horror became twisted mockeries. And now, reaching out to merciful hands for the light they held within had brought darkness, the painful memories of her father’s callousness, her mother’s voicelessness and the acquiescence of her three brother’s. The farm girl from Cyrodiil struggled to avoid the thousand memories that stabbed at her heart, but the steel of her resolve had turned to glass.

    Quiet guarded the tavern as nary a candle flickered in its stillness. The inhabitants of the inn waited for the break of dusk when the world would enter indoors to find comfort in seclusion and the safety promised by its walls. The innkeeper stood behind his bar, polishing his mugs as he waited for the lifeblood of guests that would come to nourish his business. The sound of sweeping whispered across the floor as the comely servant girl returned to the main hall. Nephili sat, staring at the stew she had ordered, unable to remember the pleasure and joy of savoring its warmth. It sat untouched and cold. She looked up wondering if the other two found her torpid behavior strange.

    . .. ...blood... .. .


    The front door opened and splashed the light of the setting sun across the room, Magnus reaching out to warm all that passed beneath its gaze. The innkeeper and the servant girl looked up to see a young Nord man enter. They nodded and smiled respectively. Smiling back, he walked over to say his hello's and ordered the evening meal before sitting down by the fire. The Nord male sported long auburn hair and a neatly trimmed beard which matched the description given to Nephili by Boti. The mage Adept remembered why she was here and got up to talk to the man.


    The Nord male looked up from his reverie and ever-so-slightly cocked his face. "You know my name but I don’t believe I know you. Have we met before?"

    Nephili blinked and nodded but quickly shook her head. "No, I'm... we haven’t met. I'm here on behalf of the Temple of Mara. They asked me to intercede on behalf of ..."

    The Nord shot up from his chair. "The Benevolence of Mara? Please, come with me. Jofthor will stop by shortly and if he were to catch us together... it would not be pleasant."

    Bassianus lead the Breton out of the inn and across the main road to a homestead on the opposite side. He unlocked the door and lead the way in, closing it once the two were safely ensconced. Looking about, he quickly turned around to the Breton. "My friend Klimmek is probably out setting his traps for the night. You're here to talk about my love, Fastred, yes?"

    "yYes, the Temple of Mara asked me here to help if I could. I’m here to listen to your story."

    . .. ...blooood... .. .


    The young Nord drew breath to speak but paused to study the face of the Breton in front of him for a moment. Finally finding what he wanted, he spoke. "Very well, then... I will speak of it."

    "I.. I love her, I need to be with her but..." Bassianus exhaled in frustration. “Her father is... a strong man of, of conviction, of strong action. And, I have neither the strength nor can I in good conscience gather the will to defend myself against him." He stared off through the doorway and rubbed his face, bringing blood to its surface. "I have thought to elope with Fastred but, to force her away from her parents without their blessing..."

    . .. ...he'llll betrayyy her... .. .

    "Does it matter if it's Fastred?"



    Bassianus stopped in mid thought and slowly returned to the Breton, a look of incomprehension on his face. "I beg your pardon?"

    "Does it matter if it's Fastred? After all, how can Mara help a man whose love cannot overcome the love a father has for his daughter?"

    No... why am I saying this? ...this is wrong... this is not how you measure love...

    . .. ...not this way? reeeally... .. .


    The young man momentarily bristled at the unexpected provocation. "You say this as if you believe it. Then... tell me, pilgrim of Mara, what must I do? How can I prove myself?"

    The Breton seemed to pause for a moment before refocusing on Bassianus' eyes. She cocked a smile and walked up to the Nord and stood uncomfortably close to him. Blood rushed to the surface as the words oozed forth. "You are correct Bassianus, I do believe it. Professing love... such a thing cannot be trusted." She lowered her voice. "Words are too easily broken. You, like all men, do not act when you should, and when you do... it is to do things that you... shouldn't."

    … I... this...

    . .. ...hahahaha... you can’t disagree, can you... .. .


    The Breton leaned into the hapless Nord, her eyes hooded with the clarity of a singular purpose. Her voice withdrew to a mere whisper. "And, there is one thing men must, never, ever, do..."

    . .. ...Bloooood... .. .


    Bassianus stared down at the Breton, suddenly very afraid of this woman, afraid of the gap between their bodies, and very afraid of himself. His breath faltered. "...what, mustn't I do to Fastred?"


    The Breton curled her lips a little further, revealing her deepest, darkest, secret. "Rob usss of our right to choose!" The vampire flared a spell in her right hand and gently caressed the Nord's chest, before thrusting her magics into his body. He stiffened at the sudden invasion then just as quickly, relaxed as the calm like spell burst into his mind. She slid her palm upward across his chest, revealing to her the muscle and sinew underneath his shirt. The music of his heart beat slowly as her hand came to rest on the nape of his neck, pulling his head into a comfortable position. Bringing her nose to his bare skin, she breathed in the scent of anticipation. Baring her fangs, the tips grazed the soft flesh before gently pushing their way into the vein quivering below. Blood dripped as she sealed her lips to his frame.

    . .. ...MMhmmm... .. .




    Bassianus blinked. Huh?

    He looked over to the Breton woman who was smiling, her cheeks flushed. He cautiously offered a grim smile in return, his heart heavy with sadness and...?

    The Nord shook away his cobwebs and spoke his question, "What, mustn't I do to Fastred?"

    ...What mustn't I do? Did that come out right?

    Nephili slowly absorbed the bliss on her face, savoring its taste before turning to face the Nord. "You... need to talk to Fastred at your first opportunity. That you worry for her parent's well being... I see why she loves you. The truth that I have learned is that the two of you are not alone in your love. Before finding you, I had spoken to Fastred and her parents. Boti, she whispered to me that she will give you two a mother’s blessing. Leave with Fastred and she will find some way to calm Jofthor."

    The Nord stood for a moment as he struggled to understand the sudden turn of events. He stuttered in response. "Th,this conversation, you are not jesting? Tell me you are not jesting. To hear something so sweet, you would crush a man's heart if you speak to lightly."

    . .. ...hahahaha... .. .


    The Breton girl shook her head. "It is not false. It is truth. You have her blessing."

    Delicate belief dawned on Bassianus’ face. "Then, then please excuse me. I have something urgent that needs attention." He sprang for the door and turned the latch. The fiery Nord paused in his movements and turned to utter a thought. "I wonder now why Boti never spoke to Fastred or I about her thoughts on our being together... Perhaps, perhaps seeing someone come from the Temple, to beseech for her daughter..." The young man nodded once. "I thank you." With that, the red haired Nord left Klimmek's home.

    Nephili watched the young man leave and followed after to return to the inn, a smile languishing on her face. Walking back onto the main road, she looked down to Fellstar Farm and saw Fastred hurry over to Bassianus as he stood waiting by the sawmill. The two spoke with urgent expressions on their faces before embracing in the twilight, the realization of their love in their every movement. Watching Fastred suddenly angered Nephili, forcing her to turn away so that she might push it aside.

    A stray piece of her conversation with Bassiunus sprung from within her mind. 'What mustn't I do to Fastred?'... How did our conversation lead to such a question?

    She shook her head and continued on her way.

    *     *     *     *

    The art of living lies in a mingling of letting go & holding on.


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