The story of Decius. Part I

  • This is an old post from oktober 2011.

    I have never done something like this before, so feedback is welcome ;) 

    ''How could this have happend"? Asked Decius, a young and rich Imperial

    ''They came out the mist, we could not turn the ships to face them". replied Camas, a battlehardy Redguard sailor.

    "How did you get away''?

    "I and some others swam to shore, not all made it to shore, those  are some dangerous waters.''

    *sigh* ''Father wil not be pleased..."

    Decius looked out the window and saw Marius arrive.

    "Does Marius know about this yet?'' Asked Decius.

    "No, I came straight to you knowing your father is in skyrim at the moment.''

    ''Fine, I will tell Marius, go clean yourself up, you look aweful."

    "As you wish.''

    Decius quickly walked downstairs to greet his friend.

    "Ah, Decius there you are! It's been to long!'' Greeted Marius, a old ebony merchant.

    "I have some bad news.'' Said Decius, with a grim look on his face.

    Marius frowned and asked: "What is the matter boy?''

    ''One of our transport fleets has just been raided by pirates..."

    "Wich one?'' Marius was expecting another small loss like before.

    ''The one you are normally on."

    "...Are you sure?! With all the ebony on it!?''

    "I'm afraid so, one of the sailors escaped and told me just now.''

    "Does your father know?''

    "Not yet, he is still is Skyrim.''

    ''He will not be pleased, business has been bad ever since Vvardenfell sank into the sea, if things like this keep happening the company will go bankrupt.''

    ''To think it has come to this, we have been mining and trading ebony and stalhrim for over 200 years now, on Morrowind and Solstheim alone, we became rich beyond our dreams, ofcourse most of the gold was earned when I was not even born yet, but my family has been on this ever since that  Nerevarine character appeared.''

    ''You should send a messenger to your father, he needs know."

    ''I will go to him personally."

    ''What!? You can't go there, it is too dangerous right now!'' Yelled Marius quite shocked.

    "I am not safe here either, remember those assassins 2 months ago?''

    "Those were no assassins, just merchants who lost everything because of your father.''

    "I am not convinced...''

    "Very well, but atleast go with some protection.''

    "Ofcourse, i will gather my personall bodyguards in two 2 days time.''

    "Who will watch over the mansion?''


    ''Ha, I cannot do that and you know it, I live on the other side of tamriel!''

    "Please, I have no others whom I trust enough.''

    *sigh* ''Very well, but make sure you won't stay to long in skyrim, before you know the dragons will be after you!"

    ''Ha, the dragons have been gone for thousands of years.''

    ''So they say, but two days ago a man ran screaming towards an imperial fort claiming he had seen one."

    ''So? That means nothing, just a madman who wants some attention."

    "Lets hope so..."



    If people like it, I will make a second part, if it sucks I won't bother ;)

    Please tell me what you think.




  • Alduin
    Alduin   ·  March 7, 2014
    I forgot about this abomination..
  • Batman
    Batman   ·  October 30, 2011
    other then some minor spelling mistakes it was very good, nice placement of lore and a joke about the Dragons.
    try placing  " " marks around where people are talking to break up your sentences a bit, I would like to read a part 2.