Ancient Blood Ch 21


    Ancient Blood Chapter 21


    A New Home

    Sebastian sits in the shade of an Oak tree, on the border of The Pale and Whiterun Hold, scribbling in his journal:


       2nd of Frostfall 4E 201


       It’s been almost a week since that night in Dragon’s Reach. I was not certain that sending the Dragonborn off on his own was wise, but it had to be so. It took nearly three days before the Dragonborn found his way home to Whiterun with tales of the Tongues of old and his battle with Alduin under the watchful eyes of T’Sun, shield thane to Shor, in front of Shor’s Grand Mead Hall in Sovngarde… I wish I could have seen it, but… Oh well.


       I have decided to take my Sister’s advice and accepted a Thaneship from Jarl Skald the Elder in Dawnstar. The Pale is an underdeveloped Hold, but it is rich in history and resources. I bought some land from the Jarl and am currently building up a steading. I have to admit, I did not look forward to building up a steading, but I am doing so. Actually, I need to make a run to a mill soon for some more lumber.


       After naming me a Thane of The Pale, the Jarl assigned a Housecarl to me. Gregor. A brute of a nord, but a brave lad. I have since enthralled him. I don’t think he would have appreciated serving a Vampire otherwise… And now I see Thou’Var and Lydia approaching from the road… He has grown much in the short time I have known him...


       Closing his journal, Sebastian calls out to the visitors, “Hail the conquering hero and his trusty companion. What brings you to me?” The Dragonborn replies, “Chasing down a fugitive for the Companions. A thief that escaped Whiterun’s jails through the sewers. Some farm hands down at the Battleborn’s farm said they saw him heading towards the Pale. Have you seen anyone on the roads today?” Sebastian stands, “I did actually. A runt of an Orc with a scar on his cheek.” The Dragonborn nods, “That’s him. He was caught selling Skooma to one of the stable hands in the city.” Sebastian puts his journal into his satchel, “I saw some questionable looking folks at an old run down fort a ways up the road. Might be a place to check out. Are you planning on taking him alive or dead?” Lydia shrugs, “That depends on him. Dead is fine with me.” The Dragonborn looks around, “... So this is to be your steading then?” Sebastian eye’s the new swords and shields of his visitors, “Indeed, my friend… So it’s true then, the companions finally inducted you into their number, eh? Don’t try to deny it. I know Skyforge steel when I see it. Euroland’s handy work is unmistakable.” The Dragonborn draws his sword, “Noticed that, did you? Yeah, I am officially one of Ysgramor’s Companions.”  Sebastian frowns, “Please tell me you are not going to let them turn you into a giant dog? It’s unseemly.” The Dragonborn looks to Lydia, “Is there anything you don’t know?” As Sebastian prepares to reply, Jenassa is heard yelling, “AHH! Bloody hammers!” Sebastian pauses a moment looking over his shoulder, “Despite my long life, an understanding of the female mind still eludes me… Pardon me… Have fun storming the castle...” The Dragonborn and Lydia look to each other with a smirk then head off looking for their fugitive.


       As the sun begins to set, Jenassa hooks up their horses in a team at the front of a sizable wagon and she and Sebastian head for Anga’s mill. After negotiating with the owner of the mill, they get a wagon full of freshly cut timbers to haul back to the steading. On the way back, the wagon is attacked by a group of foolish highwaymen. Two Nord warriors, a Bosmer archer, and an Imperial mage. They quickly discover their choice of target was more than the four of them could handle. Rather than simply kill them, Sebastian says, “Disable them only, my dear… I have plans for them…” This makes the fight a tad more difficult, but Jenassa aims only for the bandits' knees. Once the four were subdued, Sebastian enthralls the lot of them and heals their injuries. He has them guard the wagon on the rest of the journey back to the steading. Jenassa asks, “Why enthrall them, Master? They deserved to die for attacking us.” Sebastian shrugs, “Banditry is a way of life for many in this province. We will need a guard force once the steading begins to look more presentable. It will no doubt draw the attention of some unwanteds... Besides, we could use the extra muscle to actually build the place up. Once Gregor returns from the tomb near Bruma with the gold and jewels I have stashed in some of the Sarcophaguses there, we will need a secure place to store them… Look at it this way. You have four strong lads to order around.” Jenassa looks at them grimmly and says, “They need a bath…” Sebastian just laughs.


       It’s dark by the time they reach the Steading. With the house still without a roof, they make a camp and sleep out under the stars. Jenassa and Sebastian share a bedroll and the bandits are organized into a rotation for lookouts through the night. Jenassa rolls over to Sebastian, “Master… How long do you plan on staying in Skyrim? You did say you wanted to travel the world.”  Sebastian strokes her cheek, “And -we- will. I want to finish this place first. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a home to speak of. I want you to see the world with me. There are many wonders to witness. Blacklight in Morrowind is a sight to behold. The expanse of the Alik'r desert is beyond description. The forests of Valenwood are a beauty I can not even begin to describe. We will see them and much more. Afterwards… well… We will see what else the future has in store….”


       A week later, Sebastian and Jenassa stand before the completed Hall. Sebastian ponders a moment with his arm around Jenassa. “Not bad…” he says, “Not too bad at all… We still need to buy some furnishings for the main hall and storage room, but the enchanting tower, library, and bedrooms are finished.” Jenassa rests her head on his shoulder, “The Smithy in the basement and the enchanting tower will still need to be stocked and I don’t like your coffin being so exposed down in the basement. You should ask Shepherd about that mystic barrier she uses in her basement.” Sebastian shakes his head, “I don’t intend to be sleeping there very often. I gave a great deal of coin to a courier to travel to Daggerfall to purchase a proper bedroom suit for the master bedroom… Assuming you still wish to share a bed…” She bounces her hips against him, “You know I do… I have since I was seventeen…” Sebastian looks at her, “I didn’t go into the Sarcophagus until you were twenty two… Why didn’t you say something?” She shrugs, “I don’t know… Well… I didn’t know if my feelings were genuine or just a side effect of your enthrallment, back then.” “And now?” He asks. “I am two hundred years old. I know myself and what I want.” she says, “I wouldn’t have it another way.”  She kisses him, “And... what of you? Are you… happy… with me?” He smiles, “I think so… You may have to put that negligee on again for me to be sure, though.” She smiles and takes his hand and leads him into the Hall.


       From the distant realm of Dark Fall, Shepherd looks down on Mundus. She smiles, “That Elf is going to make a fine vampiric seductress one day… I hope you are ready, Dear Brother…” There are still many events plaguing Skyrim that would require the involvement of Sebastian Shaw and others of great power and influence. The civil war between the Stormcloaks and the Empire. The Threat posed by the Thalmor. The growing tensions between the Dawnguard and the Volkihar Vampire Clan… but those are stories for another time...




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