Red Right Hand of The Rift, TOC





    This profile/story combo marks a first in seven years of playing Skyrim – my first male character, and the idea came while many of you were participating in the Songs of the North event last winter. Anyone watch Peaky Blinders? 


    That. Song.


    I can’t imagine a song that better captures both the emotion of the series and the inspiration for this character – Tommy Shelby himself.


    And I started imagining Tommy in Skyrim, and modifying bits of the theme song, Red Right Hand, to match. So many things fit – military service to a country that seems to want to eat him alive, his struggle to claw his way to the top of his own criminal empire. His obsession with respectability and legitimacy warring with his desire to burn the world to the ground. His love for a strong, passionate woman who’s running from ghosts of her own.


    And Davius Sebastian slowly came to life.


    So read on, and follow Davius as he leaves his hometown to fight for king and country, and returns a changed man. As he embraces the shadows, and loses his heart. And, as he sets his sights on a weak and corrupt Empire, and turns the Black Hand a dark, bloody red.







    As Davius's character and roleplay was inspired by a memorable character and song, so is his love story with Mjoll. 


    The title of the story, Defenceless Without You, and all the chapter titles, are phrases from the song Breathless by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, the same artist who wrote Red Right Hand. For those of you who watch Peaky Blinders, you might recognize it as the song played during the wedding of – well, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who’s not there yet. But, it’s a gorgeous song.


    And when I listen, I see these images of two people who revolve around each other. Yes, the world goes by around them, but they almost don’t notice because they’re so wrapped up in themselves, their love and their lives together. Everything else just falls away.

    Art Credits: Tommy with Cigarette: WisesnailArt; feathery text divider: malice sensei, DeviantArt; font: Silver Charm by StereoType



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    Nicely put together...