Memoirs of Larz D'Ovakine ~ Dragonborn Waking

  • Intense cold of the water combined with the laughter of two voices brought me round.  My head pounded at the temple and my vision was still blurred. I went to rub the sore spot but found my hands chained to the wall outstretched either side of me.

    “Oh the Dragonborn is awake!” The first voice spoke.

    “Give him another bucket load Sam, should bring him round proper!” The second jibed to his companion.

    Another deluge of icy cold water pounded into my face making me gasp for breath. I lifted my head and allowed the water to run from my face so that I could see my two tormentors.  Still blurring I made out the dimly lit jail cell with two guards garbed in Stormcloak armour stood in the entrance of the cell. I spat the water from my whiskers showering the two in snot and water.

    “Ahhh and he still has some fight in him Bill” Sam guffawed “See if you can remedy it after our shower”.

    Bill stepped forward and unleashed a flurry of punches to my torso winding me and making me spray what little breath I had over the two again. I stayed calm and took the punches both while Sam and Bill laughed at my expense. Sam stepped forward and swung his empty bucket catching my head sending me back to oblivion.

    So it went for the next week or so. I lost track of time. The Stormcloaks would torture me to the point of exhaustion and then throw me back to my cell. Feeding me once a day on gruel. Served by a very unfriendly kitchen drudge. They didn’t ask me any questions or demand to know any information regarding the Imperials or their tactics. They just seemed to punish me.

    It hurt but I persevered I seemed to have endless stamina to the annoyance of Bill and Sam! Don’t get me wrong they broke ribs and beat my face black and blue. But I seemed to recover quickly.

    After what seemed like an age I was once again woken with the icy blast of water. Only this time a new face greeted me. Ulfric Stormcloak.

    “So we meet again Larz” He said as he turned my head left and right looking at the damage caused.

    “I see my men have been following my orders to the letter. It’s nice to finally put a face to the name that has caused me so much trouble. What’s left of your face anyway? Who would of thought it was you old man. But then when I come to think about it that Black Dragon at Helgen didn’t appear until you were on the chopping block who would of thought it?” Ulfric was now pacing the cell his arms behind his back. Smiling as he walked back and forward I just followed him with my eyes not uttering a word.

    “Now you may be wondering why I have you strung up like a turkey demanding nothing of you. My men tell me that you demand nothing and stay quiet even as they work. I will tell you why. Just so that you don’t do anything. You single handedly led the Imperials in every conquest to victory with your swift promotion through the ranks to Legate. Now that I have you, the Imperials will be demoralized and leaderless. Nobody knows you’re here. You disappeared up the mountain and for all intent didn’t make it back down. I will strike out from Windhelm and take back what you so quickly claimed as Imperial. So get comfortable Dragonborn. You are not going anywhere!” Ulfric ended up practically face to face with me. I could visibly see the frustration, anger and pleasure that he was experiencing. I simply closed my eyes and turned my head away from him. Ulfric turned and walked out laughing ordering his men to keep a close eye on me.

    A few days later I awoke with sound coming from the small barred window at the top of my cell above my head.

    “Psssst……..Psssstttt Larz! Are you there? It’s Aela!” I strained round to see the small opening and Aela’s hooded face.

    “I’m here Aela”. I croaked

    “Thank the Nines. It’s taken me this long to find you! Are you ok?” Aela flipped her hood down so she could see through the bars better.

    “I have been better but I have to get out of here. Ulfric is hoping my disappearance will demoralize the Imperials so he can take back Skyrim. You need to get a message to General Tulius!” My shoulder started cramping will the awkward position of our conversation and I grimaced in pain.

    “I followed you to the Throat of the World and when I didn’t see you come back down I started looking for you. It makes sense that Ulfric has you locked up here in Windhelm. I will get a message to Tulius and be back soon. Stay safe my friend!” I laughed through sore ribs at her parting comment but felt my spirits immediately lift knowing that I was now found.

    The next few days plodded along at a giant’s pace with my new routine of beatings whilst I waited to hear back from Aela. My new friends Sam and Bill also seemed to be getting bored with their new roles as official beaters. I started to formulate a plan.

    It took another two days before I heard that familiar sound from above my head again.

    “Pssst……..Pssstttt Larz it’s me, Aela, again. Are you still there?”  I smiled on hearing her sweet voice again.

    “Yes I’m still here. Where else would I be?” I answered with a chuckle.

    “I got word to Tulius. He is sending all his troops to take Windhelm in one fail swoop. It should be in a couple of days. Do you think you can get yourself out of here and into the town? I smiled up at Aela.

    “Don’t worry about me Aela. I will be ready!” With a final smile she disappeared again.

    Once more my morning routine had begun. Sam and Bill came and dragged me out of my cell and threw me over the Rack. Slipping in a few sly digs to my Kidney’s as they went. Only this morning I changed the routine and fought back. I struggled free of their grip and managed to bloody Sam’s nose and bust Bill’s lips. Just as they were about to force my arms into the shackles of the Rack alarm bells rang from outside. Bells of attack followed shortly after by the shouts of men running to prepare defenses. Sam and Bill both looked to the sound and I took my chance and released my more refined shout.

    “FUS RO DAH!”

    Both were catapulted away and crushed into the bars of the row of cells bending the metal with their bodies under the sheer force. Neither of them moved. I quickly headed to the door leading out of the jail.

    I made my way up the corridor listening to the sounds of the battle begin. Stopping at a corner sounds of men gearing up echoed louder from the Palace’s main barrack. I hung back to catch my breath and waited for them to rush out into the ensuing chaos that was the town of Windhelm.

    Once the coast was clear I darted into the barracks. I found my gear to one side of the room and suited up. The metal pressing on sores but surprisingly I felt like my strength was ebbing back into me. Flexing my sword arm I walked through the door into the throne room. 

    The huge space was adorned with all the blues of the Stormcloaks. Banners hung from the walls and blue carpets lined the floors. A long banqueting table ran down the middle of the huge space with Ulfric's throne at the far end. Just in front of the throne Ulfric himself stood shouting orders and directing his Guard Captains. 

    With the slam of the barrack door all eyes turned and looked at me. Ulfric's face erupted in rage and anger. Drawing his sword he bellowed



  • Guy Corbett
    Guy Corbett   ·  October 23, 2013
    I have the title in mind for the next and possibly final part of Larz Memoirs. Watch this space over the weekend hopefully going to get some writing done for the first time in a while.
  • Guy Corbett
    Guy Corbett   ·  March 7, 2013
    Hey Bilal cheers man. Yeah I thought that he would have to be after everything that Larz went through with Altan. Larz did pretty much ruin Ulfrics plans getting his family back so would want some revenge i would think. Im really unsure about when to end ...  more
  • Guy Corbett
    Guy Corbett   ·  March 4, 2013
    Thanks Infernus. Yeah I enjoyed writing this one as it leads onto another good part. Glad your enjoying Larz's tale. I reworked my page in the story corner and was quite shocked when I realised I had like 31 chapters lol
  • Infernus
    Infernus   ·  March 4, 2013
    Great intro.
    Larz' name made me chuckle a little :)
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.