A.I.I- Chapter 7, Making Plans

  • Author Note- Occasinal bad language

    “Ok, I'm weak as shit for the time being but I've gotten coin and letters to each hold. I will have mercenaries coming to here fairly soon. Until then, I smith.”


    Ria looked up quizzically from reading through a notebook.


    “Selafyn, there are some really intricate and amazing weapons as well as armour designs, do you know how to make them?”


    “Yes, I told you about the snow elf smith bound to my soul?”


    “Yes you did, and that you lost him. Nearly dying in the process might I add.”


    “Ria, please don't remind me but yes. Well we kind of thought that an awkward situation could happen so we put a few designs in that I had thought of.”


    “So what are you going to make?”


    “Well I have some spare silver to forge a khopesh. Its an intricate yet well managable weapon. Handy too. Its basically a sword and a sickle in one weapon. I'm still waiting on a puresteel shipment from Markarth so I can make a bow or a crossbow, either way I can make it. I have some ebony coming in from Windhelm for an armour set, my orders armour was made of ebony.”


    “Oh wow, you really know what you're doing, don't you?”


    “A few decades stuck with an elven smith and you tend to get that. I'll be back by evening.”


    “Ok, stay safe.”




    With that I waddled outside on my walking stick.



    It was around six o'clock at night as I came back through.


    The well oiled hide wrapped my blade as I sat down in the usual spot.


    Ria passed me a plate of venison and potato as well as a small wineskin.


    We ate and laughed which was the best time I could have had.


    Ria then peeked around me towards the blade on the floor.


    “May I see?”


    I nodded and unwrapped the oiled hide, it was in the shape of a greatsword.


    It could be wielded with either a single hand for a short while but the weight caused it to be typically wielded with two hands.


    “Its an ancient akaviri design that originated properly from Hammerfell blademasters. It went out of fashion but Falenothir had seen them before in his previous life. So we thought of a schematic for it.”


    She looked over the blade in utter awe as she admired the intricate engravings in elvish along the blade.


    “And what are these engravings?”


    “Ancient elven, an old saying from my order when they named a weapon.”


    “Im lúg i powers o dúr, in i service o man. Foe Render na nin est. I bend the powers of dark, in the service of good. Foe Render is my name. It's the name of my blade since the birth until the death of my order.”


    She admired it with equal awe if not more.


    “Could I have a blade like this?”


    “Erm, yeah I guess. You will need to partake in a blade binding ritual which basically allows you to put your essence into the blade. Creating an extension of yourself and allowing you to simply forge more in the future. I can teach you how to forge the blade, then we get around to fulfilling the ritual and then I'll teach you how to wield it. So lets get some rest now and tomorrow we begin with the forging of the blade.”


    With that we finished up the nights events, and retired to our quarters but I did get a few askance looks from the members of the Circle.


    That was strange.


    Author Note- I'm so sorry dudes. I had the worst month, I tried to save someone but ended up getting stabbed and nearly died. So this few months have been insane. Comment and give any advice you want. Enjoy and stay frosty my dudes.