A.I.I- Chapter 1, A New Begining

  • Life had been hard, after a near deadly encounter on the road being ambushed by vampires. He was left for dead with nothing at all except for his. Getting to a walled town called Riften, he was found and took under the wing of a very kind as well as caring blacksmith called Balimund who agreed to shelter him until he got onto his feet again.

    It was time, if Selafyn didn't take this kill then he would go hungry tonight. Dusk was approaching and he was already running late. He needed to make it back to town or the gates would be closed. If that were to happen he would either have to bribe the guards or take his chances with the wood.

    A young elk had caught his eye causing him to travel half of the hold until he came across the elk, but dead across with a trio of orc bandits along with several wolves in question. One wolf was still alive devouring into one of the orc hunters.

    As Selafyn pulled across into a tall piece of grass, he nocked an arrow onto his bow. It was a fine arrow, the shaft straight and true, the fletching from good goose feathers he bought in the market. He took a shallow breath and drew back on the bowstring. Remembering his training from a passing Bosmer hunter, he levelled his bow and aimed it at the wolf. Releasing his breath, he was rewarded with the dull thud which was the last thing the wolf ever saw. Walking over to the bodies he checked over their possessions, several sets of pelts and raw meats, a few books and even an enchanted warhammer of orcish origin. Grabbing his skinning knife, the next few hours were field dressing the animals and obtaining their pelts.

    Now as the night was fully closed, Selafyn cursed himself for staying out for so long and began his small trek back to the gate. Where he was met by two guards who took one look at him, spat on the ground,

    “Fuck off Thalmor scum. We don't want you here.”

    A rather chilled presence crept into the back of his spin as the wraith like form of an elf encased in elven plate armour walked past him saying,

    “You do realise there is a boat moored over there.”
    “No I don't cause I'm not an all seeing elven wraith, am I?”
    “No but you are elven aren't you?”
    “Yeah but your dead so stop bugging me”
    “Can't do that sorry, only trying to help though.”

    Without another word, Selafyn walked over to a gang plank leading out to a moored keelboat. Placing his sack onto the boat he began towards the harbour. Jumping up onto the harbour, he rounded the corner from the fishery and peered across to the side entrance to find that the usual pointed guard must be changing duty. So with a sudden bought of desperate speed he dive bombed through the gate and into the forge.

    Closing the door behind him, he became face to face with Balimund, cross armed and brow furrowed,

    “Glad for you to join me...”

    A long dulled out silence fell between the two as Selafyn nervously began,

    “Well you see. There are two guards at the gate. They are nords. They hate my kind. I had to take the long route around.”

    “I see, makes sense. Well get some rest, its your birthday tomorrow.”

    It was a heart warming thing for Selafyn to hear such a thing from a nord but they had become the closest of friends and in more ways than most he was like the father he had never had which was nice. So grabbing a bite of venison above the stove he bunked down for the night. Well not bunked but more like passed out conveniently in front of the bed.

    Author Note- Well there it is, any constructive critisism will be appreciated greatly and hope you enjoy the begining of a new story


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  • Caladran
    Caladran   ·  May 20, 2017
    This is a nice start! :)  I like it and hope to read more soon.
    • Selafyn Froststep
      Selafyn Froststep
      This is a nice start! :)  I like it and hope to read more soon.
        ·  May 20, 2017