Wasteland Waltz - Chapter 1: Explosive Comeback


    The raiders fist landed hard on his face, cracking his skin and letting blood fly out, creating a beautiful crimson spray on the wall. He fell to the ground, coughing out more blood as he did. He was pulled back up into the chair. The raider stepped backwards, grabing his gun by the grip. Another raider came in front of him and kneeled. They looked at each other for a few second before the raider spoke.


    "Do you know why we are doing this to you?" the raider asked.


    The man coughed and then answered. "Because you're murderous animals that like to watch other people suffer."


    The raider laughed. "Close, but not quite right. You see, a couple of weeks ago, you were ambushed by three people. They begged you for some food or water. You gave none. Then, they tried to take it by force and you gunned them down. Normaly, I would laugh at their pathetic attempt at a robbery. But now, I think we both know that was no normal moment for me. You see, one of them was my wife, the other, my son. You killed them like some wild dogs. My wife. My fucking wife!"


    The man tried to counter his charges. "How could I have known?"


    "You couldn't have." said the raider. "But you could've gave them a bit of food. From what I've saw, you had plenty. But no... You had to be a selfish asshole. Is a can of beans worth that much to you?


    The man in the chair was still and serious. "I guess, in this world... a can of beans is worth more then some people."


    At that moment, the raider hit him in the head with the stock of his rifle. The man fell unconsious for a second before taking in a breath. Blood was gushing out of his nose and mouth. He coughed as he spew out one tooth.


    The raider smacked him. "You fucking asshole! Is this a fucking joke to you!?" he asked. The raider pulled out his gun and pointed it at the mans head. "Before I kill you... What's your name?"


    The man quickly examined the room. He was in a small interrogation room, likely a former DIA safehouse. There were three raiders in front of him. To the left, there was a corroded metal pipe. A small pressure of force, and he would rip it from the wall. He had a plan.


    "It doesn't matter. You'll be dead in twenty seconds." the man said. At that moment, he kicked the raider between his legs. The raider stumbled back. The man jumped up and grabbed him, using him as a human shield. He then took his rifle and emptied the magazine into the other two raiders. The first raider recovered, hitting the man with his elbow beneath the ribs. The man ran over to the wall and ripped the pipe off.


    The two enemies were ready to fight. The raider took out his combat knife and lounged at the man. The first strike missed. The second strike was blocked by the pipe. The man attacked next. He swinged the pipe at the raiders face, but the raider managed to dodge it.


    They stopped for a few seconds. The raider smiled. "Twenty seconds have passed."


    "There is a name for that." said the man.


    "What's that." the raider asked.


    The man answered. "False hope."


    The man attacked again, this time landing his swing. The raider dropped his knife. The man swinged the pipe again, hitting the raider in the head and sending him to the floor. He then rammed the pipe into his leg. The raider screamed in pain. The man picked up the raiders gun and his ammo. He then turned towards the raider.


    "You asked for my name. It's Vigil." he said.


    The raider smiled. "Good." He then showed a detonator in his pocket and pressed the button.


    Vigil could feel the building shaking as explosives went off in the lower floors. Vigil looked at the raider. He was drawing his last breaths, dying from blood lost. Vigil went over to the window. He was on the third floor so jumping was out of the question. Suddenly the explosions stopped. Vigil went outside to the hallway. He made it to the stairs when he felt something. It was like someone was pulling him backwards. It was then that he realizied what was happening. The building was collapsing. He ran down the stairs as fast as he could, avoiding any falling pieces as the building started leaning more and more.


    He made it to the ground floor and outside the building just in time as the structure fell down on the side, blocking one of the streets. He cleaned the dust from his clothes. He examined his surounding. He was in Cambridge, just north of Boston.


    Vigil knew that he had to get to the river to clean up the blood from his face. He then had to make his way to Diamond City, where his next target lived. It was at that point that he heard gunfire not far from him. He approached the area and saw a huge number of ghouls attacking three people, one of which had Power Armor.


    "These are no raiders." he said to himself.


    He reloaded his rifle and charged in. He managed to stop the advancing ghouls with his automatic rifle. He could see that the man in the Power Armor was looking at him in surprise. The man was carrying a laser rifle. Efficient weapon, but useless against large numbers of ghouls.


    With Vigil's support, the ghouls we're quickly killed. But, when Vigil turned towards the other man, he was met with the barrel of a gun.


    "Who. The hell. Are you?"


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  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  April 11, 2018
    "A can of beans is worth more than some people." Love that line. Very bloody and interesting start. I´m curious how Danse gonna like this Synth :)