New California - Prologue: In the Moonlight

  • "I see you fight with words, like the others under the flag of the Bear."


    Night time was slowly approaching as the NCR troopers prepared their defenses, expecting their enemy, the Legion, to invade at any moment and make a push across Hoover Dam. Overlooking the defenses was the now legendary Courier and ally of the New California Republic. Next to him was Kimball, president of the NCR. Kimball refused to retreat from the Dam to "keep the morale up" as he would say it. Everybody knew it was because of the upcoming elections. Morale was low, and everyone knew it. The Dam would not stop the Legions march into the west.


    "Kimball." said the Courier. "We need to talk." Kimball nodded. "Agreed."


    They entered the Dam visitor center. Inside, the three leaders of the NCR military stood, waiting for them. Chief Hanlon, leader of the Rangers. General Lee Oliver, supreme commander of NCR forces in the Mojave and Colonel Moore, commanding officer at Hoover Dam.


    "What is your plan?" asked Kimball as he turned towards the Courier. The Courier smiled. "We're going to kill Caesar."


    Oliver stood up. "And just how do you plan to do that? You gonna sneak in their camp at night? Brute force?" he asked.


    "All I need is someone with a high-powered sniper rifle lying down on a hill on our side of the river. Watching the main courtyard of their camp. I'll set up a shot." explained the Courier.


    "And how can you be certain that they won't just cut you down as you enter their camp?" asked Moore.


    "He won't. He knows I'm coming for someone he's holding." said the Courier.


    "Who?" asked Kimball.


    "The leader of the Chairman. I left him to the Legion, but I know that Caesar is to smart to kill him. He's keeping him in his camp." said the Courier.


    At that moment, a trooper busted through the door. "Sir! The Legion has started their attack!"


    "Stay here." said the Courier as he looked at Kimball. They raced outside and saw a huge force of Legion soldiers charging at the NCR lines of defense. The first wave was easily cut down as the Legion refused to use fire arms. However, the bodies started to pile up soon, creating cover for the advancing troops.


    After about fifteen minutes, the first NCR trooper fell after getting impaled by a Legion spear. "FOR THE KAISER!" yelled the Legion soldier as he got shot down. The battle slowly turned to hand to hand combat as legionaries started to pour over NCR lines. Grenades started to fly over the NCR heads as their defenses started to slowly collapse. One of the legionaries charged the Courier.


    The Courier stepped out of the way, grabbing the legionary by his arm and pulling him towards the ground. He took out his revolver and shoot the downed legionary. "Rangers!" he yelled. "FORWARD!" he commanded. Soon, the tides turned as the Courier and his Ranger escort pushed across the Dam, taking back the lost NCR lines. The NCR troopers regrouped and the battle turned into a stalemate at the middle of the dam. The legionaries were charging one after another. One of the NCR troopers lost his leg as an result of a grenade explosions. He started screaming as a field medic tried to patch him up. He died shortly after. Soon, the Legion's push started to slow down. They were running out of men. But the NCR troops knew that fresh reinforcements we're behind them.


    The Courier and his Rangers managed to push to a rope that was hanging on the side of the dam. The Courier needed to repel down and enter the dam. This was his way inside the Legion fort. This was one last chance to stop the Legion. Kill Ceasar and change the course of history to the better.


    "Captain!" said the Courier. One of the Rangers responded. "Sir?"


    The Courier gave his order. "So far, so good. I need you to hold the line in the middle of the dam for at least an hour. Once I fire the flare, you are to retreat to Boulder City and detonate the explosives. No matter what happens, the Legion can't cross the Dam! Understand?"


    "Yes sir!" said the Ranger. The Rangers got behind the sandbags and started picking off high ranking Legion officers.


    The Courier made his way down the rope and into the Dam. From inside, he managed to enter the small drainege system and up to the surface inside the Legion camp. As expected, he was captured by the guards and dragged to Ceasar.


    "The Courier." said Ceasar. "You should be dead."


    The Courier stood up. "So should Benny. I came to finish the job."


    Ceasar smiled. "Very well. He has no use here anyway. You shall fight him in the arena, under the moonlight."


    The Courier smiled. Finaly, he can have his revenge on Benny for everything that happened to him. For Goodsprings. He blamed him for the deaths of his friends. Sunny, Arcade, Raul.


    The moon shined bright upon the arena grounds as the two men charged at one another with machetes. Benny was the first to strike, but his swing missed and he hit the ground. The fight was easy for the Courier, embarasing for the former Chairman. The Courier toyed with him as a eagle toys with his prey. He looked at his watch. "20 minutes." he said.


    He took his machete and swinged it Benny's knees, bringing him to the ground. He then raised the machete above his head and looked at Benny. "Remember me." he said and swinged the machete. Benny looked in horror as he realised his life was over. The once, one of the most powerful people in the Mojave was now lying dead in the dust. His blood mixing with the sand.


    As the Courier got out of the arena, he stood in front of Ceasar. "You know I can't let you live." he said. The Courier smiled. He took out a small knife and stabbed Ceasar in the arm. As one of the Centurions hit him, he fell on a table that had his gear on it.


    "I wanted to give you a quick death, but you chose your destiny. To the main courtyard. He'll watch his land burn on a cross." said Ceasar.


    As they got to the courtyard the Courier looked at Ceasar with a devilish smile. "What?" asked the leader of the Legion.


    "So far, so good." said the Courier as he fired a flare into the sky. After a few moments, one of the legionaries ran to Ceaser.


    "My Kaiser. The NCR army is retreating. They just turned around after the flare was fired." he said.


    "That was your plan? To signal them to retreat?" asked Ceasar. "What did you hope to achive?"


    "Get you into the open." said the Courier. As Ceaser realized what happened, it was too late. A bullet hit him straight in the heart. His body fell on the ground, lifeless and a corpse. One of the Centurion yelled at the others to catch the Courier but he had already started running towards the wall.


    "You will regret your own birth!" yelled the Centurion.


    The Courier jumped and ran towards the wall of the fort as a small explosive device created a hole in the wall. He jumped into the Colorado river before the legionaries managed to catch him. At the same time, explosives on the Dam and inside exploded and the Dam started to collapse, flooding everything down river. The NCR stopped the invasion but lost it's main power source in the Mojave. Many legionaries and NCR troops lost their lives as the Dam collapsed. The Courier fought against the current with all his strength but only managed to come out after the water calmed down. About two kilometers down river.


    The Courier came out of the river. He sat on a rock. "I love it when a plan comes together." he said as he spotted a shadow over him. He turned and saw a giant man in golden armor standing above him. It was Legate Lanius. Second in command of the Legion and now it's leader.


    "Change of plans." said Lanius as he knocked the Courier out.


    Two days later, Mojave Outpost


    An NCR trooper entered the Mojave outpost. "Any sign of him?" asked Moore.


    "No, m'am. We searched the entire river, both sides. Some of the men think he's dead." said the trooper.


    "We aren't thinking nothing until we find him. He's a goddamn war hero of the California Republic. Without him, we would be kneeling to the Legion and Ceasar. Find him!" she said.


    "Yes m'am!" said the trooper and ran out.


    She got to her table and called the private. "Take a pen and write." she said. The trooper nodded.


    "Respected General Oliver. Despite our relentless search, we are yet to find the Courier. Or his body. By now, I would normally call him missing in action, but he is to important to give up on. Because of that, I am requesting further resources to continue the search in former Legion territory and their slave camps. He might have been captured by the enemy. With all respect, Colonel Cassandra Moore."


    "Message over. Send that to general Oliver in Shady Sands." she said as she poured a glass of whiskey.


    Flagstaff, Arizona - Legion capital


    The Courier was sitting inside his cell. The prison was under tents made of small cells. Next to him was a black man, obviously dehidrated. "What's your name?" the black man asked.


    "Isaac" said the Courier.


    "What are you here for?" he asked again.


    "I'm with the NCR." said Isaac.


    "Not many of your kind here. Most are killed on the spot. You must be special." said the black man.


    "That's what they say." said Isaac.


    At that moment, a guard came through and threw a plate with some food at Isaac. Isaac smiled. "Not even your mother would eat this. And she puts everything in her mouth." he said.


    The guard opened Isaac's cell and dragged him out. He beat him with a small stick. It stang like all hell but Isaac wasn't willing to surrender. The guard threw Isaac back into his cell. He leaned towards Isaac and smiled. "We're gonna make sure you suffer for what you did, dog." He then continued serving dinner to captives.


    "What's next here?" asked Isaac. The black man answered. "First, you are going to the Pitt. It is an underground arena for newcomers. You either survive and become a normal slave or you die. After that, either the mines or weapon manufacturing."


    "Weapon making doesn't sound to bad." said Isaac. "They beat you the whole time." said the black man.


    "This place is just great. Is it not." said Isaac. "Any way to escape?"


    "None that I know about." said the black man. "Why?"


    "I need to get back to California." said Isaac.


    "I don't think they care what you need. At least be happy that they still remember to give us water twice a week." said the black man.


    "What's your name?" asked Isaac.


    "The name is Jeremy." said the black man.


    "Where are you from?" asked Isaac.


    "Washington D.C. Back east." said Jeremy.


    "Well, nice to meet you Jeremy." said Isaac. Jeremy smiled. "You too." he said.


    "Something tell's me we're gonna be great friends here." said Isaac.


    "You help me escape, and I'll even marry you." said Jeremy.


    Over the next several weeks, Isaac and Jeremy came to know each other better and together planned an escape. But they both knew that escape from the capitol of the Legion is not the hard part. Crossing the 200 miles of desert to the Colorado is the real challenge. But, together, they had a chance. And Isaac knew that he had a destiny connecting him to Jeremy. Together, they will bring the mighty Ceasar's Legion to it's knees. But, first, they needed to take out Legate Lanius.


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  • Paws
    Paws   ·  January 12, 2018
    Pretty cool twist having the plan work like that. Almost gutted the Caesar's end was so quick and painless :D
    • DeltaFox
      Pretty cool twist having the plan work like that. Almost gutted the Caesar's end was so quick and painless :D
        ·  January 12, 2018
      Glad you liked the prologue, Phil. :) Didn't want Edward (Ceasars real name) to suffer as I like the character. He is a complicated and well written villain.