Mankind - Prologue

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    "Take cover!" yelled Isaac as he and his squad dived behind a wrecked truck. They got ambushed while on patrol west of Anchorage by a group of Chinese soldiers.


    "Private! What's the situation!?" asked Isaac.


    The Private responded. "I see three men on the left flank and they're setting up an MG up..." the Private fell down on the ground with a bullet hole in his head.


    "Salazar is down!" yelled one of the soldiers.


    "Oh my God! We're gonna die, aren't we!?" screamed one of the men.


    Isaac got to him and grabbed his arm. "Nobody's going to die here." he said. At that moment, he saw a Chinese soldier pop out from behind a rock with his rifle pointed at Isaac. The Chinese soldier pulled the trigger and the bullet flew out of the barrell. BANG!


    Isaac jumped out of his bed, heavily breathing and covered in sweat. He pulled up his shirt, revealing a bullet scar a few inches under his heart. He sighed and fell back into the bed. Beside him, his wife, Nora, turned to him.


    "Another dream about the war?" she asked.


    "Yeah." said Isaac.


    Nora sat up. "That's the third one this week. Did you take the pills the doctor gave you?" she asked.


    "I don't need any pills. I'm fine" he said.


    "You're suffering from PTSD." she said.


    "I said I'm fine!" he yelled. Nora was silent, with shock and sadness in her eyes.


    "I'm sorry." said Isaac.


    A few seconds later, they heard their daughter cry in the next room. "I'll do it." said Isaac and got up. "Go back to sleep." he said.


    He entered his daughters room and approached her crib. On the crib, there were letters that spelled "Anna". He picked her up and started slowly singing her a song. A few minutes later, Anna fell asleep.


    The next morning, he found Nora in the bathroom. "I'm sorry for yelling at you last night." he said.


    "I know." she said. "It's not your fault."


    "I took the pill when I woke up." he said. He saw Nora smile in the mirror. She turned around and kissed him.


    Peterson AFB, NORAD HQ


    Alarms we're ringing all over the main control room as several missile launches we're detected around the globe. Everyone was unpatiently waiting for the news adn they were bad.


    "Sir, the reports are in." said one of the operators. "All launched missiles are carrying nuclear payload. Targets located on the Eastern Seaboard, including Miami, New York, D.C and Boston."


    The Commander was standing still. "Get the President on line."


    Sanctuary Hills


    Isaac and Nora we're looking in horror as the reporter on TV confirmed nuclear detonations in New York and Pennsylvania.


    "We have to go to the Vault." said Isaac.


    They left the house just as the air raid sirens turned on. They ran up a small path with the other residents and got on the lift. However, as the lift started going down, the citizens that weren't allowed inside broke throught the guards and started jumping down onto the lift just as the missile hit the ground south of Boston. People around the lift go knocked down by the shockwave.


    That, howeve, wasn't the end of their suffering. The heat from the blast reached them soon after the impact. Their skin started to turn red and then black as they were being cooked alive. After a few moments, they finaly passed away.


    The lift touched the ground and the citizens were sent to inspection. "What's gonna happen now?" asked Nora.


    "You will be prepared for your new home" said one of the Vault staff members.


    The Overseer adressed them as they wen't towards the cryo chambers to be frozen, unknown to them.


    "We will set you in these pods to run a quick diagnostic check on your vital systems and determine your best location and job in the Vault. We would also like to ask the extra citizens to stand near the wall hear until your neighbours finish their check."


    "I love you." said Isaac as he stepped inside his chamber.


    "I love you too." said Nora.


    As the chambers closed, a few security guards lined up opposite of the lined up citizens.


    "Aim." said the Overseer as the shocked citizens realised what was going to happen. "Fire!" he said as the guards opened fire and killed all the lined up people.


    "Get rid of the bodies and prepare to start operation Safehouse." he said and went towards his office.


    Author's Note: The prologue didn't quite come out as I wanted to as it didn't feel right at all. I had to rewrite it a couple of times, so in the end, I made it a basic prologue. Chapter 1 is however something planned for a long time, so stay vigilant for the shocking entrance into the wasteland.




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  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  November 25, 2017
    Interesting. No Shaun? Never mind, don't answer. I'll wait for chapter 1. :D
    • DeltaFox
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      The Long-Chapper
      Interesting. No Shaun? Never mind, don't answer. I'll wait for chapter 1. :D
        ·  November 26, 2017
      I had to change a few major points in the game to make it feel fresh.