Cyrodiil Chronicles - ToC

  • Coming in from High Rock, a ship from the East Empire Company stops in the port of Anvil on the west coast of Cyrodiil. Aboard the ship is an Imperial hailing from Wayrest. Traveling for the past eight months, he has been looking for the infamous Grey Fox. The man that has murdered his entire family and passed the blame on him, the man that has forced him to leave his home and run away to the distant land of the Bretons. Now, he came back to Cyrodiil after 16 years spent in exodus. He had found a clue that an agent of the Grey Fox is operating in one of the Halls of the Fighters Guild. If he can find that agent, he'll have a clear path to the Grey Fox.


    Part 1: Welcome to Cyrodiil

    Chapter 1: Port of Anvil


    Character Bios

    The main protagonist of the Cyrodiil Chronicles, Archon is an Imperial hailing from Bravil. In 3E 417, he was betrayed by his friend and fellow veteran of the Legion. His family was murdered, his family home burned down, and the blame got passed on him. So, he fled north, towards High Rock, where he lived in exile for the next 16 years. In 3E 433, he returned to Cyrodiil after learning the new identity of his former friend, who became the Grey Fox. Now, Archon hunts for the king of thieves. His first stop, the Fighters Guild Hall in Anvil.



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