Man of Steel - Chapter 1: Mayday, Mayday



    Chapter 1: Mayday, Mayday


    A man was running through the forest as loud voices followed him. He was dressed in blue jeans, green shirt and had a brown coat. His hair was messy and he had a rough beard. On his back, he was carrying a laser rifle and in his hands, a 10mm pistol. He jumped behind a rock and fired a few shots from the 10mm towards the voices. A shot managed to hit one of the pursuers and he fell down as life left from his body.


    "Shit! He got Tommy!" yelled one of them. They were obviously raiders, they way they were dressed and how their armor looked like, made out of rusted metal. The man took out his laser rifle and looked at the raiders as he loaded his final fusion cell.


    Two months earlier



    A Vertibird was flying north towards the Commonwealth. Inside were five men, two in power armor, two in combat gear and one in scribe robes. There was only one pilot at the controls.


    The pilot announced their arrival at the Commonwealth. "Ladies and gentleman, thank you for flying with the Citadel Airlines. We have arrived at our destination and will begin the landing process soon."


    "Finaly!" yelled one of them.


    "Calm down, Initiate Daniels." said Paladin Alexander Roskov. "Combat is to be avoided on this op. We're here to find the recon teams and send the all-clear signal to the Citadel."


    Paladin Alexander Roskov joined the Brotherhood of Steel just before the attack on Project Purity. From then, he played a part in almost every important op the Brotherhood conducted. He even lead the invasion of Point Lookout.


    The others that made the team were the pilot Initiate Irons, Knight Quinlan, Knight Jackson and Scribe Jones, the only female in the group.


    As they approached the LZ, the Vertibirds systems picked up a missile inbound to their location. "Missiles incoming! Deploying flares!" yelled the pilot as everyone braced for impact.


    The missile hit the flares and exploded as the Vertibird picked up speed. "DAMN! We've got more missiles inbound!" yelled the pilot.


    "Where are they coming from!?" asked Alexander.


    "According to the sensors, there is an active pre-war air defense system nearby." said the pilot.


    "Then get away! We'll find another LZ!" said Alexander.


    But all attempts to avoid the missiles were in vain as they were hit and the Vertibird started spinning out of control. The missile riped off the Vertibirds tail and created a hole in the cabin. The hole started sucking out everythin that wasn't nailed down. Scribe Jones was barely holding on as Alexander was holding her hand. As she was about to be sucked out, Knight Jackson took her hand and threw her to the other side of the cabin. However, this led to him losing his grip and he was sucked out of the Vertibird.


    After a few moments, the Vertibird crashed in the forest.


    Present Day


    The fusion cell was empited within seconds and the last raider fell down. The man came out of cover. He looked at his laser rifle. "This is gonna attract attention." he said and started digging a hole. He put the laser rifle in the hole and covered it with dirt. He took a few rocks and made a sword on the ground where the rifle was buried.


    He continued treking through the forest. Eventually, he came upon the ruins of Boston's suburbia. He entered a house, his 10mm at the ready. He slowly checked the house. After securing all the rooms, he raised the door back into it's place and secured them with the couch. He lied down on the couch.


    He pulled out a picture of a young woman. "What now?"


    Chapter 2: Powered Up

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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  May 1, 2017
    A nice beginning D3lta. It leaves questions and there was a good action scene.