Man of Steel - ToC


    "Ad Victoriam!"


    For several years, the eastern chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel was seeing a large increase the number of androids and synthetic humans within the Capitol Wasteland. After a detailed investigation, they learned that the synthetic humans, synths, were coming from the north, more precisely, Boston, also known as the Commonwealth.

    In the next seven years, three recon teams were sent there to investigate the area and establish outpost in preparation of a full scale invasion. Several months before the invasion, a small team was sent to check on the recon teams via Vertibirds. When they entered the Commonwealth, all signal with them was lost.

    Now, Elder Maxson has given the order to initiate the invasion, destroy the synths and their place of origin, the Institute. But what they don't know is that the recon team is still there.



    Chapter 1: Mayday, Mayday


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