Bound in Blood - Chapter 11: High Hrothgar

  • Bound in Blood

    Chapter 11: High Hrothgar


    Theryn and Golldir approached the tomb as the ground slightly shook.


    "What was that?" asked Golldir.


    "That necromancer has set a trap." said Theryn. And at that moment, two skeletons emerged from the ground, sword and shield at hand.


    "This should be easy." said Theryn and took out his sword.


    Theryn lunged himself at the skeletons. As he got closer, he slided beneath them and went behind them. With one swing, he took off their heads.


    "That was amazing." said Golldir as Theryn sheated his sword.


    "300 years long life does that to people." said Theryn.


    "How old are you?" asked Golldir.


    "218." said Theryn.


    "That means that you were born 17 years before the Oblivion Crisis." said Golldir.


    "That's right." said Theryn as he opened the doors of the tomb.



    In the meantime, Aela was sent flying back by the frost troll.


    "Aela! Are you okay?" asked Val.


    "I'm fine." said Aela and stood back up.


    As the troll prepared to charge her again, it let out a loud scream and turned around. Aela saw a black and red dagger in it's back. There was someone behind the bush. At that moment, a Khajiit jumped out with a dagger in hand.


    "This one could use some practice." said the Khajiit and ran towards the troll.


    He slided on the ice, going beneth the troll and cutting it's knees. The troll roared in pain and turned around to face the Khajiit. By that time, the Khajiit had jumped on the trolls arm, using it like a spring board and jumping on it's back. He raised his dagger and brought it down into the trolls head, finishing it off with a twist of the blade. The troll fell down. The Khajiit took out his daggers and sheathed them.


    "That was impresive." said Aela and put her sword on the Khajiit's throat. "Why are you following us?" she asked.


    "This one saw the girl when she slayed the vampires and killed the dragon. This one knows she's the Dragonborn. This one needs her help." explained the Khajiit.


    "With what?" asked Val.


    The Khajiit smiled. "This one is a part of a group that hunts vampires. The Dawnguard. But now, a new and bigger threath has emerged. An old vampire clan known as the Volkihar clan." he said.


    "What is your name?" asked Aela. "This one is called J'huzho." said the Khajiit.


    "Alright, J'huzho. You help us get to High Hrothgar and we'll see when we get back to Ivarstead." said Aela and they continued on their path to the Greybeards.



    Theryn and Golldir entered the tomb. Theryn saw the steel shield and picked it up.


    "It's well balanced." said Theryn. Golldir smiled. "Forged by blacksmiths in Orsinium in 4E 2." said Golldir.


    "Orsinium? I've been there during the sacking." said Theryn.


    "During the fight?" asked Golldir.


    Theryn nodded as they continued depper into the tomb. They reached the main chamber were they saw the necromancer standing above a body of a women.


    "That is my mother. And my father is over there." said Golldir and pointed towards an old man covered in a blue light.


    "He's a thrall." said Theryn.


    "Damn." said Golldir as his mother stood up, covered in blue light.


    "I'm sorry, Golldir. We're gonna have to put them down." said Theryn and put his hand on his shoulder.


    "It's okay. I knew it would come to this." said Golldir and frowned. "Let's just get this over with."


    Theryn fired an arrow at Golldir's mother and she turned to ash as she fell down. The necromancer turned around.


    "Ah, the missing child has returned. And he brought a friend." said the necromancer.


    "To bad this friend will take your head off." said Theryn and took out his sword.


    "Shame. You would have been a great servant." said the necromancer.


    The necromancer sent a fireball at Golldir which sent him flying back and summoned a Bound Sword. The thrall went against Golldir while Theryn attacked the necromancer. They crossed their swords and pushed each other back.


    "I respect your bravery, Elf." said the necromancer.


    The necromancer attacked but Theryn blocked the blow, and with a swing of his sword wounded him.


    "Does it hurt?" asked Theryn.


    The necromancer stood up. "You'll pay for that." he said


    He attacked again, but this time, the blow from Theryn ended his life as he fell to the ground.


    "You okay, Golldir?" asked Theryn.


    Golldir was standing near a pile of ashes. "I'm fine. Thank you." he said and threw Theryn a bag of septims.


    Theryn took the gold and left the tomb and Golldir behind him. "Now to get back to Ivarstead." he said and mounted his horse.



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