Bound in Blood - Chapter 10: 7, 000

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    Chapter 10: 7, 000


    Val was standing in a huge white room. There were no windows or doors. All of a sudden she heard a voice.


    "Seek me at stars dawn, mortal." the voice said.


    Val suddenly woke up and jumped up from here bed. "Bad dream?" asked Theryn as he was getting dressed.


    "I don't think it was a dream." said Val. Theryn smiled and took his sword, putting it on his back.


    "We'll talk about it later." said Theryn. "We have to get to High Hrothgar today."


    "I think it was the same voice I heard in Dragonsreach." said Val.


    "I'm sure it's just your imagination." said Theryn.


    "You're right, Theryn. I've had a stressful few days." said Val as they left their room.


    As they got to their table, they saw Aela taking to a young Nord.


    "What's going on?" asked Theryn.


    Aela stood up. "This is Golldir. He has come here looking for someone to help him." she said.


    "What does he want?" asked Theryn.


    "I need your help in clearing out my ancestors tomb." said Golldir.


    "What tomb?" asked Theryn.


    "Hillgrund's Tomb. Half an hour to the north." said Golldir.


    "What happened there?" asked Val.


    "A necromancer." said Golldir.


    "We killed a necromancer near that tomb yesterday." said Aela.


    "This is a different necromancer. He raised the body's of my father and mother. Please help me kill him." explained Golldir.


    Theryn thought about it for a moment. Before he could answer, Val jumped in. "He'll help you."


    "I can't. We have to..." Theryn said but was stopped by Aela.


    "I'll take Val to the Greybeards. You go help the man." she said.


    "Fine. I'll help you." Theryn turned to Val and Aela. "We meet here tonight."


    Val and Aela nodded and left the inn after a few minutes. Theryn and Golldir went towards the tomb. 


    "Tell me more about your situation." said Theryn as the two of them traveled.


    "I bought the tomb from the Jarl a few years ago when my parents died. I have been taking care of it since then. At the beggining of the year, a necromancer occupied the tomb and raised my parents from the dead. Since then, I had tried to kill him three time, but I had failed." explained Golldir.


    "So you came to the inn to find someone to help you." said Theryn and Golldir nodded.


    "What can you tell me about the necromancer?" asked Theryn.


    "I don't know much, but he uses fire magic." said Golldir.


    "My wooden shield won't help us much with molag magicka." said Theryn.


    "I've got a steel shield at the tomb. It will help you with the fire." said Golldir.


    "You understand Altmeris?" asked Theryn.


    "A little bit. My father new a High Elf in Bruma." said Golldir.



    At the same time, Val and Aela were climbing up the 7 000 steps.


    "There isn't really 7 000 steps, is there?" asked Val.


    "No. There used to be, but most of them are gone by now." said Aela.


    How far is High Hrothgar?" asked Val.


    "Not far. 10 - 15 minutes." said Aela.


    They continued on their way. Aela looked at Val. She was frowned and didn't talk as much as before.


    "I see that something is bothering you. What is it?" asked Aela.


    "I've been hearing voices in my sleep lately. Telling me to go find him in stars dawn." said Val.


    "Hmm. Stars dawn. Dawnstar?" asked Aela.


    "Could be." said Val.


    "After we finish with this, we'll travel to Dawnstar and see what is it." said Aela.


    "Thanks, Aela. Theryn has been saying that it's just my imagination." said Val.


    "We'll know for sure when we get to Dawnstar." said Aela.


    "Anyway." said Val. "Do you have anyone special in your life?" she asked.


    "No. Not anymore." Aela frowned. "There was this Argonian once. And... and he..." she was stopped by Val.


    "You don't have to say anything. I'm sorry for bringing it up." said Val.


    "It's okay." said Aela. "We got ambushed by a bandit group called the Silver Hand after a contract. Near Rorikstead. They... they told me that they will kill him if I..."


    Val saw a tear coming down Aela's cheek.


    Aela continued. "If I didn't cut off one of his legs."


    "Did you do it?" asked Val.


    "Yes I did." said Aela. "I cried as I raised my sword and brought it down on his leg."


    "What happened next." Val asked.


    "They killed him anyway. Tore him apart like an animal. Then they told me to take off my clothes." said Aela.


    "I'm sorry." said Val.


    "Two weeks later, me and the rest of the Companions tracked them down and slaugtered them all." said Aela.


    "I'm happy that you got your revenge." said Val and hugged Aela.


    Aela hugged Val as well. "Thank you dor listening." she said.


    As they continued up the mountain, Aela saw something behind a bush. "I think there's someone there." she said and took out her sword. 


    As she approached the bush, she heard a roar on the ridge above. She backed up to Val and saw a big white troll standing on the ridge. The troll jumped down and prepared to charge her.


    "Stay behind me, Val." said Aela and raised her shield.


    "COME ON!" she yelled and charged the troll. They ran towards each other. Aela kneeled down and raised her shield up as the troll brought it's claws down on it.



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