Bound in Blood - Chapter 7: DO - VAH - KIIN

  • Bound in Blood

    Chapter 7: DO - VAH - KIIN


    Theryn was sitting in front of the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun, his hands shaking and blood dripping from them. He was in shock. He survived several wars and saw countless terrible things, including genocide and mass graves, but what he saw today shocked him more then those things.


    "We have to get her to a healer!" yelled Theryn as he got over to Val. Blood was coming out of her nose and she was barely breathing. "There's one in the Temple of Kynareth!" said Irileth as the guards picked Val up. As they neared Whiterun, the ground shook and they heard a thounderess. "DO - VAH - KIIN!"


    For the past three hours, there was no word from the temple. Theryn didn't know if Val was going to die or live, and in what condition she was going to end up in if she survives. Then finally the doors opened and Theryn saw the healer as she came out.


    The doors opened with a loud bang as the guards carried Val into the temple. The healer jumped from the patient she was examining. "What happened?" the healer asked. Theryn got inside. "No time to explain!" he said. "Just help her!"


    "Sir, you should come inside." said the healer as Theryn stood up and entered the temple. He got into the main chamber and saw Val lying on one of the beds. "Is she going to be okay?" asked Theryn as he turned to the healer.


    "How's here life force!?" asked the healer one of her apprentice's. "It's fading quickly." said the apprentice. Everyone left the temple except for Theryn who watched the healers.


    One of the healers turned to Theryn. "We need some privacy here. Can you wait outside until we call you?" she said as Theryn exited the temple. He sat on a bench and started praying to Auri - El.


    "She's going to be fine, but I would keep a watchful eye on her. She's quite unstable at the moment." said the healer as she picked up the red towels from the floor.


    Theryn looked at Val as she opened her eyes. "Theryn?" Theryn leaned in. "Don't worry, Val. It's me."


    "We... we kicked that dragon's ass, didn't we?" asked Val. Theryn smiled. "Yeah. We did." he said as Val closed her eyes again.


    The next morning, Theryn got up early and went down to get something to eat. He sat on the chair. "I heard about what happened at the watchtower." said Saadia as she got to the counter. "Is Val okay?"


    Theryn took a sip of mead. "She's okay. She'll be released from the temple in an hour." he said. Saadia smiled. "Thank the Divines." she said.


    "I guess." said Theryn as he finished his drink. He payed for the mead and exited the tavern. He got down to the market and went straight to the general store.


    "Hey, Belethor. I need to see your collection of spell tomes." said Theryn. Belethor smiled. "Of course." he said as he pulled three books from under the counter.


    Theryn looked at them and took one. "This one. Bound Sword." he said as he took out his coin purse.


    He exited the store and went up towards the Gildergreen. As he got up, he saw Jorrvaskr. He remembered the Nord woman he saw when he and Val got to Whiterun. Aela was her name. Aela the Huntress.


    He gt up to the mead hall and opened the door. Once he got inside, he saw a Nord girl and a Dunmer mer fighting to the right of the giant table that dominated the main chamber. He saw a man in steel armor approaching him.


    "Can I help you with something?" the man asked. Theryn responded. "Actually, you can. I'm looking for Aela the Huntress."


    The man smiled. "You must be that High Elf she mentioned a few nights ago. Right this way." he said and nodded towards the table.


    Theryn saw the Nord woman as she was eating a rabbit's leg. She stood up when she saw him.


    "Ah, you made it. Decided to join the Companions?" she asked Theryn.


    Theryn explained his visit. "Remember that girl that was with me?" he said. Aela nodded. "I need to take her to the Greybeards and I need your help. I want to hire you." he said as he threw a bag of septims on the table in front of her.


    "Why do you want to take her to the Greybeards?" Aela asked. Theryn was a little nervous. "I think she's the Dragonborn."


    At that moment, the entire mead hall went silent as everyone stared at Theryn. "I'll take the job, but I don't think that she's the Dragonborn." said Aela as she stood up. "When do we go?" she asked.


    "Meet us at the gates in half an hour." said Theryn as he left Jorrvaskr.


    Theryn entered the temple and saw Val getting dressed. "How are you feeling?" he asked.


    "I'm good. I'm sorry for giving you trouble." she said. Theryn smiled. "Don't worry about it." he said.


    They got out of the temple. Theryn took out the spell tome he bought and gave it to Val.


    "This is great, Theryn. Thank you." said Val. Theryn smiled. "I think you're ready for a spell like that. And sorry for your hair." he said.


    "I know you had to cut it. It's okay." said Val. She now had short, black hair.


    "Where are we going?" asked Val. Theryn smiled. "High Hrothgar." he said.


    Val was shocked. "To the Greybeards? Why?" she asked.


    "You'll see." said Theryn as they saw Aela at the gates.


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