Judgement of a Slayers Son - Chapter One - Part Six

  • Judgement of a Slayers Son

    By: Shimazu

    Gnaeus rested his head back against the roof and contemplated, stuck eight feet from the ground, on top of his own cottage. He lifted himself onto all fours and crept toward the apex of the roof, peeking over, he assessed his options. Wait here and risk one of the intruders inspecting the grounds, or make a dash for the wall.

    Time passed and Gnaeus decided to take another look into the interior of the cottage the intruders had made themselves at home and were sat in silence. Perhaps now was the time, he made his way over the roof, took off his shoes and lowered himself down onto the cold grass surrounding the workshop. He grabbed his sword, bow and quiver, which he had set down earlier following the day's hunting. Grasping his weapons and shoes, he quickly darted across the garden, through the vegetable patch and vaulted over the low stone wall. He sat and leant back against the wall, placed his bow down and proceeded to put his shoes back on, then shoved his sheathed sword through his belt.

    Visibility was at a minimum, night had set in. The hairs on the back of Gnaeus' neck stood on end as a soft icy breeze silently brushed its way past him. What next ? Gnaeus had dashed the shortest route across the gardens to reach the wall, but was exposed and vulnerable, he crouched and followed the wall round towards the back of the cottage. Every footstep over the frosted grass seemed to echo throughout the hills; Gnaeus reached the side of the house, and the beginning of the relative cover of the woodland. 

    The feint clatter of hooves and distant grunts of a horse caught Gnaeus' attention, he collapsed flat to the ground and tucked himself into the base of the wall, the cold stone piercing his thin tunic.

    The noises grew louder, and it became apparent to Gnaeus that he couldn't be the only one aware of this presence, after all, it was the only sound blasting through the night. Gnaeus scrambled rather urgently behind a large, nearby fallen tree trunk, hoping to gain a better vantage point of both the cottage, and the top of the hill, where the mystery rider was sure to emerge.

    Despite the obvious and loud approach of the horse and, presumably, rider, the cottage 's intruders remained inactive, and no movement could be seen by Gnaeus. 

    Gnaeus could barely make out the top of the hill, but he watched with great fixation, anticipating the return of his father. The clatter of hooves slowed as the figure of a horse mounted by a Dunmer holding a torch emerged, it was Azaril.

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  • Zonnonn
    Zonnonn   ·  September 23, 2014
    Great, really looking forward to continuing the story, I've guessed what's happened next, and I really want to see if I get it right!
  • Shimazu
    Shimazu   ·  September 23, 2014
    Thanks, that's a great compliment ! I have 3 more parts written but just can't summon the enthusiasm to continue at the moment.

    I'll have a look at it over the next few days. If one person is enjoying it that's enough for me !
  • Zonnonn
    Zonnonn   ·  September 23, 2014
    Is this ever gonna continue? I was really getting into it and then it just ended :(