Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 99

  • ***This chapter contains a mature love scene, so be warned!***



    Ciel’nn rested his head on Teldryn’s shoulder. He gently hugged his partner tighter even if his arm and shoulder still ached. The thought of losing him always brought him to the edge of tears. He had seen the mer downed and it had been a scary sight and it had triggered something dark in him. Ciel’nn thought he knew what that was. If I lose him — that will be the end of me. He closed his eyes when the older mer rubbed his back. “I love you so much, Teldryn Sero.” The young mer whispered.

    “I love you too.” Teldryn brushed his partner’s hair softly and took a deep breath. He thanked the Tribunal quietly in his mind. He was grateful that the young mer had awoken from his sleep and the first thing that he had done was screamed his name. After that Ciel’nn had calmed down. It was only the second morning after the clash with the Reavers and Teldryn knew that Ciel’nn needed healing. “I was thinking that we could spend some time alone when you feel better.” The older mer said in a soft tone while he pulled back a bit to see his partner’s reaction.

    Ciel’nn brought his hand up and gingerly touched Teldryn’s cheek and caressed it. “I’d love to.” He leaned in and took Teldryn’s lips with his own. Their kiss was tender and warm. Ciel’nn treasured this moment as his partner slowly kissed him back. It sent a tingling sensation down his body. His hand wandered down to Teldryn’s neck. I’ll have that alone time with him. I want him to…

    “Rest a bit more, okay?” Teldryn said after he pulled away from their kiss and brushed a stray hair of Ciel’nn’s behind the young mer’s ear. He then saw a flash of passion in his eyes. A grin sneaked on the corner of his lips. The look in Ciel’nn’s eyes was intense, but it was fading already. It was good to know that his partner wanted their alone time too. Teldryn shifted away from the bed. “I’ll get you some food. Don’t go anywhere.” He quickly ruffled his partner’s hair and fled through the door.

    While the kiss lingered on his lips, Ciel’nn stared at the door and grunted.  Food? He adjusted himself to sit better against the head of the bed. All I want is you.

    Is the worst past now?

    The town looked like it had been hit by a disaster and deserted with the lack of Redoran Guard. Only a few patrolled at the edges of the town while others were standing guard at the Bulwark. Ciel’nn found himself indifferent to all that had happened in town. Earlier Aphia had told him about the casualties and among them was Captain Veleth. No big loss - the Redoran Guard would find another captain to replace him soon enough. Ciel’nn did not mourn for him.

    He walked around the market area as Aphia, again, had told him to do exercises and not to stress his arm in any way. So he was just strolling around town. The Alchemist stand was closed for the day. Ciel’nn briefly wondered how Tenaru was, but slipped away. The blacksmith, Glover, was working hard on something and the young mer headed toward the smithy.

    “Ah, Ciel’nn.” Glover greeted him as he leaned against a pillar. “I heard you and Teldryn went after the big boss himself.” He looked to the mer who just nodded to him. Something about Ciel’nn struck the smith. Glover paused his work for a moment to observe the young mer, but he couldn’t tell what it was. Something had happened. “It was a brave thing to do. Not many do it here.” The smith finally said in a quieter tone.

    “Well…,” Ciel’nn sighed. “I wanted to thank you, Glover. For repairing our armors, though I doubt we need them any time soon.” He offered a warm smile.

    “Ah, no need to thank me, kid. It’s what I do, but I have to say, you and Teldryn wore them broke more than any other mer around here.” The smith replied with a grin.

    Ciel’nn chuckled then fell quiet when he saw Ondren walking toward him. I wonder what he has to say? He turned to face the young Redoran Guard who seemed to be lacking of energy, his eyes very serious. More grief…

    Ondren looked at the young mer and struggled to find the words. He shook his head and closed his eyes for a brief moment. “It… was a disaster.” He finally sighed. “I don’t know if we’ll ever recover from this. I don’t know…”

    Ciel’nn stared nonchalantly at the mer. He did not know what to say. Whatever he would say would not bring comfort for Ondren. “I’m tired of this place and the people who ask me to do things that they seem not to be able to do by themselves. I did something for you because I like you, but I’m done with this town. Take care, Ondren.” With that he turned and walked toward the Temple.

    He walked up the stairs and noticed a Redoran Guard staring at him. Ciel’nn noticed the guard’s whole posture stiffening.

    “This is your fault!” The mer said. “You brought the Reavers on us!”

    Ciel’nn sighed. Somehow he wasn’t surprised by the sudden accusation. They were Redorans after all. They needed to blame someone for their losses. Nothing that he’d say wouldn help his situation. Without saying anything at all, he climbed the last set of stairs and strode to the door.

    Ciel’nn heard quiet mourning and weeping coming from the Shrine area. That must be Tenaru, he thought. He walked almost without a sound and stopped to wait. The Alchemist was meditating at the Shrine of Azura. Ciel’nn’s eyes shifted to the opposite Shrine of Mephala where Slitter was quiet.

    Teldryn said that Slitter had carried me away from the battle scene. He himself was too injured to carry me. Ugh. And spirits had talked to him too?

    The Alchemist walked to the young mer with watery eyes. She stared at Ciel’nn for a moment and slapped him.”Brivan is dead because your plan failed!” Tenaru hissed between her tears and stormed out of the Temple.

    It stung and it was unexpected. Ciel’nn brought his hand up to rub his cheek. It seems everyone is angry at me today. It would be better if we’d just leave without a word. He sighed again and found Slitter looking at him. “You want to hit me too?”

    Slitter frowned. “No.” He averted his gaze to look at a brazier near the young mer. “I’m just glad you’re on your feet.”

    Ciel’nn stared at the Ex-criminal. Huh? “Did the spirit really talk to you too? What did they say?” It wasn’t that he didn’t believe his love’s words, but he was curious to know what exactly had been said.

    Slitter sighed. He didn’t want to talk about it. It had been a scary moment for him. “Well, uh… Only that they had a task for me and I was expected to help you.” He was quiet for a moment. “But I was late to do anything.”

    The young mer bit his lower lip. He wasn’t sure what to say, but Slitter had helped him and Teldryn in a way. “You did enough.” He said in a neutral tone, then Ciel’nn walked toward the Shrine of Azura.  He glanced at the old mer. “You’re not as bad as I thought you’d be, Slitter.”

    “Erebain.” Slitter replied.


    “My name is Erebain.”

    Ciel’nn flashed a tired smile and knelt down at the Shrine.

    “Should I leave?” Slitter asked, hesitating.

    “That’s up to you.” The young mer replied and focused to meditate. His hatred toward the old mer had began to fade, and he was tired as if he felt the anger of the Redorans on him. He heard Slitter moving about and settling nearby at Shrine again.


    The people were gathered in the Retching Netch for the Spring celebration. It wasn’t as cheerful as it had been before. One of the miners sang in a rather melancholy tune. Most of the people were quiet and drinking.

    The Inn keeper looked at the sullen people. He’d rather have cheerful people drinking than spirit-beaten mers. He had noticed that the townsfolk had taken a habit to avoid the young mer. Ungrateful people! Geldis sighed and grabbed a mug to clean it before depression would take him too.

    The Sujamma in the wooden cup was inviting though Ciel’nn wasn’t keen to drinking too much.  But he’d rather stare at it than look at the people at the other tables. It was depressing enough. The whole of Raven Rock was bitter now and the folk didn’t even look at him. If they did they did it with stinging looks like he was the reason why they were suffering for the losses.

    That’s because you’re not a Redoran.

    I’ll never be one and I don’t want to be.

    He felt  the gentle touch of a hand on his own and he looked to Teldryn. Ciel’nn felt better when the older mer looked back at him with an understanding smile. The flickering candle light made Teldryn’s eyes glitter. Ciel’nn smiled back, his gaze longing for his love and his heart beat for the prospect of them being close.

    “Come, daelha. I have something to give you.” Teldryn’s voice was a soft whisper. He stood up and still held his partner’s hand. He waited until Ciel’nn was on his feet then they walked toward their room. No one paid them much attention.

    Ciel’nn took a deep breath. He had dreamed of this moment, but he had also suppressed it because he had been waiting for the right time, and he had been afraid of losing his partner. He knew now it would be an appropriate time for them, and he was thankful for Teldryn being patient with him. I wonder what he has for me?

    “Wait there a moment.” Teldryn gestured to Ciel’nn while he went to a small basket that was in a small shadowed corner.

    “Alright.” Ciel’nn let out a soft sigh and eyed their room. It wasn’t much to his usual taste, but it didn’t matter. All the moments they had spent here, all the small gestures to each other… It never felt this right before. He appreciated every moment with Teldryn. He loved everything about him. So much time had passed since his arrival on this rock…

    But do I deserve him?

    It was a question he hadn’t thought about before. It nearly stopped him right there.

    “You can open your eyes now, Ciel’nn.” Teldryn’s voice brought the young mer back from his thoughts.

    Ciel’nn blinked his eyes open, realizing he had closed them. He blinked once more and looked to Teldryn who held a softly wrapped item in his hands. The older mer’s gaze was observing at first but then it shifted into a loving one. “This is for you, Ciel’nn.” He stepped closer to his partner and offered it to him.

    With his heart beating faster, Ciel’nn gently took the item. It wasn’t too heavy but it’s shape was curious as his fingers explored the surface. He shot a curious look at his love before he began to unwrap it.

    His eyes widened and glowed, and his lips broke into a smile he couldn’t contain. Warmth radiated through his body as he held the Aldmeri chalice in his hands. Ciel’nn hadn’t expected this kind of gift. It was a brilliant chalice. One of a kind, he thought.

    Ciel’nn looked at Teldryn with his lips parted, and then he rushed onto the mer and kissed him passionately, holding the chalice with his free hand. He could taste the flaming passion of his love and it made him fuzzy. Gods, I want him so.

    “This is awesome, Teldryn!” Ciel’nn said in a husky tone as he looked into his partner’s eyes. “I… I don’t know how to thank you enough. I’ll treasure you and this forever.” He beamed, almost at a loss for words and with still a beating heart.

    But do I deserve you?

    Teldryn smiled. “You don’t need to thank me. Being with you is enough for me.” His tone was also husky from the kiss. He memorized the image of Ciel’nn holding the chalice. It was as if it was the missing piece from his partner. He was happy that the young mer was euphoric with the chalice and him. But then Ciel’nn’s whole posture changed which was alarming. “What’s wrong, daelha?” The older mer stayed close to his partner and put his hands on Ciel’nn’s shoulders.

    Ciel’nn closed his eyes as his expression shifted. “I want you, but I don’t deserve you.” He sighed as if he was in pain. He didn’t know why he was like this. The question in his mind had been sudden and unexpected. The young mer didn’t know what to do.

    “What?” Teldryn frowned. He raised his partner’s chin with his two fingers. “Look at me, Ciel’nn.” His gaze was loving and longing when the young mer opened his eyes. “If you want me, then what’s stopping you?” He asked in the low tone he knew Ciel’nn adored so. He brought his other hand to the young mer’s hair, brushing it ever so lightly.

    Ciel’nn stared into his partner’s eyes. “I….I…” He could list all the people he’d killed, but it really wasn’t a reason. It dawned on him that he didn’t know any plausible reason and he knew that Teldryn saw it from his eyes. The way the older mer looked at him was too much to resist anymore. “I don’t know, Teldryn, and frankly I don’t care anymore.” With that he set the chalice aside on the table, and he turned back to his love to see those fiery bright orbs of Teldryn’s gazing into his own.

    Ciel’nn found himself in a firm embrace and in a bone-tingling kiss of Teldryn’s. He wrapped his arms around him as his doubts and fear faded away. Their tongues met in a hot slide before they began their dance while Ciel’nn gently prodded his partner toward the bed that was covered with two soft bedrolls. And his hand slipped under Teldryn’s shirt, feeling his warm skin under his fingers.

    Teldryn’s shirt flew off somewhere and Ciel’nn looked down to his partner, who was under him and flashed a sly grin at him. He smiled when the older mer slid his hands down his chest. His abdomen quivered at the touch. He had longed for the touch. “I love you, Teldryn.” He whispered in a most affectionate tone and bent down to kiss the mer briefly. “You’re my only one, daelha.” His lips wandered off to kiss Teldryn’s neck slowly while he held his hand on the mer’s chest, idly caressing the manly skin.

    “I love you too, daelha.” Teldryn sighed.

    He enjoyed the sighs he heard from his partner when he nibbled his ear lobe. “Why are you so irresistibly sexy?” Ciel’nn whispered when he kissed down Teldryn’s neck. The older mer laughed at his question and caressed his black hair that was a shimmer of midnight in the candle light.

    He kissed down his partner’s throat while he listened to Teldryn’s sighs and moans. He inhaled the mer’s scent that drowned him. It was when he rained kisses on his chest and brushed his lips over the nipples that Teldryn began to wither as if he was teasing him. Ciel’nn smiled knowing that the older mer liked what he was doing to him. He slowed down as reached the abdomen where he took his time to plant kisses on it while his hands caressed the sides and stopped at the edge of the mer’s netch leather pants.

    Ciel’nn looked up to his love and flashed a loving smirk when Teldryn glanced at him. The older mer nodded, and Ciel’nn propped himself up enough to pull the pants down. One they were thrown away, Ciel’nn looked to his partner with a loving gaze and leaned closer to kiss before he then dipped his head down.

    Burned with all the kisses, Teldryn prodded himself up and leaned on one elbow while his free hand caressed Ciel’nn’s silky hair that felt soft in his fingers. He sighed and moaned as the younger mer worked on him, making him quiver. He thought it was different than with a woman. Maybe it was how his partner worked with his tongue. The older mer moaned as he neared the climax. But to his surprise Ciel’nn slowed down and his body twitched tight. Gosh, he’s going to kill me!

    “Ci.. Ciel’nn… Ah, fuck!”

    When Teldryn thought he’d lost it, his partner drove him over the edge. He came with a growl and fell on his back with a pleased sigh. Breathing heavily, he closed his eyes for a moment. “Gods, Ciel’nn…” He felt his partner shifting toward him and kissing him onto his hot chest.

    Ciel’nn looked to his partner who gazed down at him. Teldryn’s touches on his cheek and hair were tender. He enjoyed the hard kiss while the mer’s hand caressed his chest hungrily. He was longing for Teldryn’s hands on him, and his partner didn’t disappoint him.

    The rough kissed and nibbles on his throat sent ripples of pleasure to his very core. Ciel’nn’s eyes fluttered shut as he moaned when Teldryn explored down his chest with his tongue. He quivered as the sensation grew as his partner brought his hand down slowly to his abdomen and his fingers slid under the edge of his pants.

    “Do you trust me, Ciel’nn?” Teldryn looked to him, his tone low and husky. “I’m a former mercenary after all.”

    It was polite to ask, but unnecessary in Ciel’nn’s opinion. Still he appreciated it. “What? Of course I trust you.” He shot him a longing look. How can I not?

    The mer nodded to him and he helped the older mer to remove his pants. Then Ciel’nn grabbed the bedroll from the edges as Teldryn took him gently but firmly. He never had felt this way before and it felt right. With the right company that was Teldryn and he wold cherish their moment till he died.

    Ciel’nn cried Teldryn’s name when he came hard. He panted in sweat, his eyes searching for his partner. He felt the soothing touch, that made him sigh, slide on his skin until Teldryn came to his view, and the mer looked at him with loving eyes.

    “My boy.” Teldryn shifted his partner onto him to rest after they’d cleaned themselves. He knew he had exhausted Ciel’nn and he wanted to hold him close. “I love you so much, daelha.”

    “I love you, too, my bladesman.” Ciel’nn closed his eyes while he listened to Teldryn’s heart beat while the mer caressed his back, and he eventually fell asleep, being content with the older mer.




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