Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 94



    A quiet chatter and rumble filled the air around the bonfire as the reavers were gathered there to listen to the Reaver Lord. They were expectant and hoped for a grand siege plan. They expected to get Raven Rock under their control by brutal force. Or so Sildras had given them that expression.

    With Vother gone now, his reavers had their hopes up too, and they looked up to Sildras who had shown some promise for leadership for them. But little did they know that the Reaver Lord was backed by his own two sons who still remained unknown to them. Unknown and as unaware as they were, they were watched by Dram and Casseth.

    As for Sildras himself, he had a secret of his own. A secret he hadn’t told to his sons yet. It was imperative that they remained ignorant of it. Only the Reaver Lord knew the location of his loyalists’ hide out. He had sent an outrunner to Remas, who was his voice of command in secret. He held his absolute trust that was done by a blood oath. They would join the fight some time later.

    The Reaver Lord stepped on the flat stone and gazed around the reavers before him. This was what he had wanted. The power that he held over them, that they would listen to him and do according to his will. But he didn’t trust them more than was necessary. For every reaver could turn against the mer next to them. He trusted his second-in-command, Selvura. They had been through some rough events. He still dreaded the thought of having a baby on a battlefield, but it couldn’t be helped.

    Sildras shifted, lifting his chin high. “Reavers,” he raised his voice over the chatter. They quieted down and looked to him. He nodded. “Spring is here soon, and we’ll march to Raven Rock and claim it as our own.” He paused, and a responsive cheer raised from the reavers. “We’ll take it by force! We’ll finish what the pathetic Orc started and didn’t finish. So I want you to be ready when it happens. It’s time to make final preparations.”

    The reavers cheered wildly and approvingly, Selvura noted. She was standing close to Sildras and had been watching the reavers. A smile crept on her relieved face. She had left the commanding to Sildras as she needed to focus on her pregnancy. To her surprise, Dram had said the baby was going to be a girl. How did he know? Selvura did not know, but she didn’t question him. The second-in-command glanced at the Reaver Lord and hoped they would survive the siege. After all the baby would need a father too.

    “I can’t feel him.” Dram said with closed eyes and a frown. He sat back on the bench and held his head. “I can’t… He is shadowed.”

    “What do you mean? Shadowed?” Casseth turned to look at his brother. The other was acting strange since he had asked if Dram could sense the brat. He so wanted to meet him on the battlefield if Boethiah was willing. He had dreamed of it. He’d make the kid scream in agony - a slow death with begging for mercy. Oh how satisfying it would be. “Maybe he’s dead then?”

    “I.. I don’t know!” Dram cried. “It’s like every time I try to reach him there’s this immense darkness and…Ah!” He covered his head with his hands and trembled as in fear. He had never felt like this before. “No more…”

    With a sigh, Casseth stepped closer to his brother.”I won’t, but I can’t help but to wonder.” He quickly glanced around to see if anyone was watching them, then he patted Dram’s shoulder. “Rest now. I heard he has asked you to stay close to Selvura?” His tone was soothingly low.

    Dram nodded as he tried to collect himself. “Yes, I heard she’s pregnant, and Sildras wants them to survive.”

    “It’s fucking bad timing.” Casseth rumbled. What in Oblivion they were thinking? But he found out he didn’t actually care. He was more concerned about the kid who apparently was shadowed by something. The reaver youngling smiled at his brother. “Don’t worry, Dram. Whatever is ahead I’ll deal with it. With my band.”

    Vermith and Dandera had been watching as the Reaver Lord had his speech to motivate the reavers for the coming siege. It wasn’t a bad speech, but Vermith would have done it differently - with more bloodlust. Still, she would follow him into the battle. Her battle axe needed some more bloodying as Vother’s blood wasn’t enough. She sighed and glanced at Dandera. “Will you and Kura fight with me? We’ll be in the second ground for the Bulwark.”

    Dandera nodded. “Of course, friend. We’ll be with you. Right, Kura dear?” She smiled briefly at her love who just gave a crude nod. “It seems Sildras is a man of his words. He seems better than the Orc.”

    Kura chuckled. “What Orc? I can barely remember that filth.”

    They laughed at the fading memory of Mogrul, and enjoyed the evening of preparation.

    Vermith smiled wickedly, thinking that no one at Raven Rock would anticipate their siege. It would be an easy mission, for they only had a bunch guards stationed there. Their scout had been near the town and observed for a few day days. It might not be a battle to remember, but glorious anyway. As long as she got to swing her axe.




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