Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 89

  • Ciel’nn ate a spoonful of his nutrient full soup while his partner told him what had happened since his fall. Apparently the assassin had been certain of his death, and Ciel’nn didn’t like the notion of sparing him until Teldryn told him that he was needed to locate him with the help of Master Neloth.  He would have killed the mer by himself if he’d had a chance. “I hope that Neloth put him through agony.” He said and sipped some water. His partner nodded.

    “I don’t doubt about it. I’m sure the Wizard has some mean experiment in mind. He has already muted the mer and he can’t leave the place without anyone noticing it.” Teldryn said, watching his partner eating. Ciel’nn was getting better day by day, but it was obvious he wouldn’t be in fighting condition any time soon. The older mer made sure that they’d leave only when Ciel’nn felt really better and had some exercises. “The mer tried to end me with his hands tied up when we were close to Tel Mithryn.”

    The spoon stopped in mid air when Ciel’nn abruptly looked to the older mer. There was a hint of flashing anxiety and anger in his eyes momentarily. “I knocked him down. He didn’t have time to do any harm.” He heard Teldryn saying, and the young mer relaxed. “I hope Neloth makes him suffer.” With that he ate more of the soup.

    Teldryn sighed inwardly. He shouldn’t have said that as he knew how Ciel’nn would react, but he wasn’t going to keep secrets from his partner. “It’s alright.” Then he told the next phase of  the rescue with Minasi. “It seems you fell into the Deep Crevice. A place with more intelligent Rieklings than in Benkongerike that’s linked with the Crevice.” He  described as well as he remembered  the dark tunnels deep in the ice and the ancient Mammoth Bone Bridge. The place of the Shaman. And that the Chieftain wanted to sacrifice his partner.

    Ciel’nn sipped water while he listened to the tale with great interest. Rieklings were more than they seemed in his opinion and they had magick too. He wondered if they were relatives to the Rieklings of Thirsk Mead Hall or were they an entirely different clan? But the notion of sacrificed him made no sense to Ciel’nn. He was glad that the Shaman had been on their side. So much had happened while he was out cold. What a shame.

    But Teldryn had come to rescue him. Ciel’nn smiled at his partner. He would’ve done the same and he loved the mer. He had missed him so much that was the first feeling he had felt  upon his waking up. The young mer grabbed a piece of bread and dipped into honey jar. All the food that Drovas had brought for him, and Elynea had made him swear to eat most of it, and drink the Well-Being Potion to boost his healing. Such a fuss over him. He shook his head inwardly and focused to listen to Teldryn again.

    “The Ancient Frost Troll was too much for us all. Minasi elected to return before me… us. While I was carrying you,  the Troll chased me. I… I thought we’d not make it out from there.”

    Ciel’nn’s heart cried and dropped. The tone of his partner was pulling his heart strings in a wrong way. His face shifted into a suffering mask. He didn’t want Teldryn to feel like that ever again. He put his free hand on his partner’s hand. “Daelha…”

    “I was able to find a small place to cover for us. It was too close for comfort.” Teldryn continued his eyes downcast. “I thought it was the end of it. I was ready to die with you, Ciel’nn. I held you closely in my arms when it found us.” The older mer sighed heavily and looked into the loving eyes of Ciel’nn’s.

    “But you looked for and came to rescue me, Teldryn. I really appreciate it and I love you to Oblivion and back for that. I only wish I’d been conscious on the last moment.” He squeezed Teldryn’s hand. The smile on the older mer’s lips was good. He noticed the ring on Teldryn’s finger. “Is that the Ring of Recall?” He looked at it curiously.

    “Yes, it is. I had forgotten it during the whole thing.” The older mer replied with smile. “I guess your hand shifted when the cavern shook before we were back here at Tel Mithryn.”

    They looked into each other’s eyes, knowing that they both were safe for the moment. And the young mer thought he was lucky to have such a mer with him. He’d go to Oblivion and back just for Teldryn - there wasn’t anyone else in the whole of Nirn he’d do the same for. “My Bladesman.” He smiled. “I’m glad we’re together again. I guess I have to drink this potion or Elynea will have my head.” He chuckled. A fellow alchemist. He should know. His partner nodded with a smile, and Ciel’nn took the potion and downed it.

    At that moment the door creaked and a Shaman-like Riekling hurried in. It looked everywhere until he noticed the young mer. The fallen one! It hurried toward the mer and stared. “Alive.” It mumbled in awe. “Hide. Me!”

    Ciel’nn looked at the small creature. Minasi’s lost Riekling. Another test subject for Master Neloth. He scowled at the notion. “What should I call you? He glanced at Teldryn who looked at the scene with a warm smile. The young mer flashed a smirk back at his partner and then looked at the Riekling.

    “Riiwak.” The Riekling stared at the mer. “Hide. Me.”

    Before Ciel’nn managed to say anything the door opened again and The Apprentice stormed in. She surveyed the room and noticed her lost Riekling. “There you are. I’ve been looking for you everywhere!”

    The Riekling hurried behind the chair where Ciel’nn was sitting. Perhaps the fallen one will protect him from this evil witch!

    Ciel’nn frowned. “What is going to happen to him?”

    “Oh, we’re just going to have a talk. If it can understand. I’m not going to hurt it, but Master Neloth will probably do something.” Minasi crossed arms on her chest and peered at the small creature that peeked out behind the chair. “I’m not interested in Rieklings anyway.”

    Ciel’nn was conflicted. As much as he wanted to spare this small creature, he knew that Minasi had made the rescue possible, and he couldn’t go against that. But perhaps there was a way to prevent Neloth from hurting Riiwak. “Maybe you can become friends with it? And convince Neloth that experimenting is a waste of time?”

    Minasi blinked. She wasn’t believing what she was hearing. “Convince him? Neloth? Dream on! I heard no one has been able to convince him to turn away from his research.” She said then seemed to think. “Can’t do that. The Riekling goes to him before I lose my own research.”

    Well, I tried, Ciel’nn sighed and he looked to Riiwak. “Go on then.” He found himself saying and was aware of Teldryn’s shift near him. He watched the Riekling bending his small head with a whimper and began to trot toward the Apprentice who looked relieved.

    “Well, I’m relieved that you’re feeling better.” Teldryn said after Minasi had left with the very sad Riekling. He was a little bit surprised by his partner’s decision not to defend the creature as he usually could. But the truth was he didn’t know the Riekling. “Would you like to go to Raven Rock when you feel like it?” He watched Ciel’nn standing up from the chair and walking over to him, then sitting in his lap. He wrapped his arms around the young mer.

    “Yes, I would like it a lot, Teldryn.” Ciel’nn looked into his partner’s eyes for a moment. He still felt unstable when standing or walking. More exercise would be needed, but that was alright. He’d get to spend more time with his Bladesman. “Maybe in a week I’ll be ready to go.” He said in a warm tone, his eyes shone in delight. He then leaned in and kissed Teldryn softly on the lips.


    Among the reavers, a rumor had spread. A rumor that Vother had began to slip into insanity. Even his own band was wary of him. Afraid of him. For the old mer muttered and whispered when he was alone. His gaze was long and not seeing. Sometimes he touched the handle of his Daedric battle axe and his gaze grew dark. It was bad for his band’s morale, to see their leader sinking into madness. At any minute he might grab his weapon and start killing.

    Some of Vother’s band had  approached Vermith who was tasked to keep an eye on the old mer. They expressed their concerns to her and that they weren’t certain of him anymore. “He’d become twitchy and we don’t feel home with him anymore.” They said, looking wary and nervous.

    And The Ebony Wielder frowned. Things were moving faster than they had anticipated. Had the time to end the old mer finally come? “I’ll report to the Reaver Lord. Something will be done soon.” She replied.

    The winter had been harsh and a real trial for them all. It forced them to work together, hunt for meat in turns, every day and night. They had lost a few reavers in the blizzard. Night times were the worst and it tested the houses and huts in the former Skaal village.

    Sildras was warming up by the fire pit with his two sons close by. He was relaxed while Dram looked most thoughtful, and Casseth wore a constant frown on his face. The Reaver Lord had heard of the fights between the Reavers, and he had had to end one’s life to give an example for the rest of them. “Fights aren’t tolerated!” he had barked at them. Not as long as he was in charge. It had gotten him stern and wary looks after that, but he stared them down until they had calmed down and grumbled some agreements.

    The Reaver Lord sighed and rubbed his forehead. Maybe he had made a mistake to get them all together. He wished the winter would be over soon and then he could proceed with his plan. A plan that included taking over Raven Rock and the people that lived there would be their slaves. A better life for him and for his sons. Maybe he would get closer with Selvura too. She had been good to Dram so far. Watching over him while Casseth kept an eye on the other reavers.

    Yes, a better—

    The Great Hall door opened and Vermith walked in. She glanced around the hall and nodded to them, noticing Dram’s shift when he looked to her. Her eyes shifted to Casseth who nodded back with a deeper frown. Yes, every time she walked in like this she bore uneasy news. The Ebony Wielder approached the Reaver Lord who looked to her. “Reaver Lord, I have some distressing news.”

    “Go on, Vermith.” Sildras nodded as he took deep breath.

    “It’s about Vother. He—”

    Dram and Casseth exchanged looks.

    “N’chow! What he has done now?” Sildras groaned inwardly.

    “Nothing so far, but his own band thinks he’s slipping badly. They’re wary of him. They said he keeps muttering a lot.” Vermith glanced at Dandera at the side table. She was frowning and had fearful eyes. The mer beside her, Kura, tried to comfort her. Vermith looked back to Sildras. “I think we have to act soon.”

    The Reaver Lord rubbed his temples. Dram had said something about a bloodbath earlier, but he had realized it wasn’t about him, but Vother. Things had changed with Vother. The thought of Vother starting a bloodbath sent chills down his back. He had thought they would have to deal with him when the Spring season began, but it seemed time wasn’t on their side.

    He ran his hand through his short hair and sighed. Then he looked to the Ebony Wielder. “Alright, we have to plan this and I want his band’s agreement on that.”




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