Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 83


    Tel Mithryn was in his sight, and he pulled the rope after him, making the assassin fall down. “Get up!” He growled as he glanced at the gagged assassin, who was shaking his head and whimpering through the gag. What a miserable mer, he thought with a frown. “Move it!”

    He put the assassin to walk before him as they descended the ashen hill. No surprises or attempts on his life that way. It would be foolish even to try. The older mer remembered his past struggles and fights. He had learned a lot, but he’d be more wary of the assassins - they always had an ace up their sleeve. I wonder what’s Ciel’nn’s ace? I miss him, he thought with a sigh.

    Teldryn noticed the assassin had slowed down. “Get moving!” He growled and stepped closer to push him on, but the mer turned to him and reached out with a last desperate act.

    They struggled fiercely until they lost their balance. “S’wit!” Teldryn cursed as they fell and rolled down the hill while the ash flew around them.

    The older mer coughed and cursed again. He scrambled up and wiped ash from his mouth, then looked for the assassin. The mer was crawling away. With a stride Teldryn reached him and he grabbed his escaping prisoner. “You should have behaved.” With a hiss he smacked the assassin out cold.

    Teldryn shook his head as the mer went limp. Now he’d have to carry the fool. Sighing, he worked the assassin on his shoulder like a sack and began the slow stroll toward Tel Mithryn.

    Ciel’nn, I’m coming to find you.



    The markings on the scroll were complex, and it certainly was Dwemer by its origin - Minasi bit her lower lip in frustration. How Master Neloth is expecting this to be studied is beyond me, the Apprentice thought with a frown. If she could figure out the scroll puzzle, then the old Wizard would reward her with a more valuable study subject - a mysterious small pyramid shaped item. Her eyes shifted toward the tall shelf where the pyramid rested.

    It also was Dwemer design and it reflected light in a most curious way.  And…it beckoned her.

    Minasi shallowed as she glanced at Neloth. She well knew she wasn’t allowed to touch it yet, but it wanted her to open its secret. With a sigh, the apprentice looked back to the scroll in her hands. He’ll notice even if I move just a tiny bit toward the shelf, she thought.

    Neloth grumbled from his study when the levitation lift sounded. “What it is now? I’m very busy.”

    Teldryn stepped away from the lift, and with a weary grunt he dropped the assassin on the floor, earning a look from the Apprentice. He ignored her and took a step closer to The Wizard himself.

    “Master Neloth, I’ve come to bargain.” He said in a serious tone.

    “A bargain?” Minasi chirped curiously. “What possibly you can offer to him, to us? And, who—”

    “Quiet!” Neloth grumbled and turned to face the bladesman. “Alright, I’m listening, but be swift about it.” He frowned and rubbed his beard. He noticed the younger mer wasn’t with him.

    “I need you to locate Ciel’nn with one of your divination spells. He’s fallen somewhere North.” Teldryn looked to the Wizard. Even if it pained him, he added. “Please.” His heart ached - he needed to find his love as soon as possible. And Master Neloth was his only hope.

    “And what do you seek to bargain with?” Neloth asked, still frowning.

    Teldryn half turned toward the assassin who was waking up. “I’m offering you a living specimen for the divination spell to locate Ciel’nn.” He thought he saw a glint of interest in the old Wizard’s eyes, and he heard a gleeful purr from the Apprentice as he held his gaze at Neloth.

    The assassin groaned through the gag and tried shift around.

    The Wizard stared at the mer on his floor while his hand gently rubbed his beard. A living specimen he needed, yes. It was a surprise from the bladesman to offer such a bargaining chip, but Neloth couldn’t care less if it was a moral issue or not. He looked back to Teldryn. “Done. I’ll use the Divination spell.” Then he glanced at his apprentice. “Minasi, prepare the specimen.”

    Teldryn closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt the tears welling up behind his eyelids. Finally he’d get to know where Ciel’nn had fallen into. He had hoped Neloth would agree with his plan, but he realized there was more to it. His calmed heart raced now again and he was hoping they’d find some clue if his love was alive. The older mer didn’t know how the spell worked. But I’d better prepare if the news is bad, he thought with a sigh. Please be alive.

    He found himself a chair and looked to the Wizard. “How soon can you begin?”

    Neloth had walked back to his study and glanced at his apprentice shoving the poor mer into a small alcove, then bound him by a spell. “Once I have my tea. You said he fell in the North? Drovas! Tea!”

    “Yes, near Saering’s Watch.” Teldryn replied.

    Once Drovas arrived with the tea, Neloth drank it thoughtfully. Then he grabbed a book and large gem. Settling in the open space near the lift, the Wizard prepared for the spell. “A moment and everyone be quiet.”

    Teldryn closed his eyes for a moment. It was a moment of truth and he prayed. All he wanted was Ciel’nn back in his arms. He had dreams that they would leave Solstheim when this all was over; The Tempest that threatened everyone everyday and then there were the reavers on the horizon. All of it - when that was over, they would head away. Together.

    That’s if you’re alive, daelha.

    “I have a location for Ciel’nn.” The Master Wizard said. “Closest place to him is Benkongerike. He's hanging by a thread.”



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