Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 77

  • Ulves wrapped up the travel rations and then handed them to Ciel’nn. “These should be sufficient for a few days, given that you don’t get lost in the storm.” He sighed. “Azura shine your path, Ciel’nn.”

    “Thank you, Ulves. I’m sure we will reach the town eventually.” The young mer replied, packing the travel rations into his backpack. “I wonder if we’ll see the armored Orc on the way.” He then looked to his partner who had his casual grin on his lips and ready to go. The morning kiss they had shared still lingered in his mind.

    The kiss had been sensual and warm. Teldryn’s hand on his neck, and his own hand caressing his love’s back. Teldryn’s soft lips on his knuckles. The passion and a quiet hunger, yet patient, flickered in the older mer’s eyes. Ciel’nn had felt it with every fiber of his being. If only he was able to stop the time itself…

    “There was an Orc outside?” Ulves asked as he turned to plan the day’s menu for Master Neloth and his new apprentice. Minasi was very snobby about the food he served. The cook frowned. I wonder what house she was born into? He sighed and wondered if he would retire one day.

    “Yeah, an armored Orc that was waiting for something.” Teldryn said without moving his eyes from his partner who flashed a smirk at his direction. “With some luck we won’t even meet him.” He just wanted to return the town and spend some time with Ciel’nn. The rest at Tel Mithryn wasn’t exactly luxurious. He also knew his partner’s back was aching from sleeping on the floor. We need some proper rest without any interruptions, Teldryn thought.

    “Well, whatever it is out there…Stay safe.” Ulves glanced at the two mer. “Azura bless you two.”

    With Tel Mithryn behind, the two mer made their way in the ash storm which seemed ever-lasting. The ground shook beneath their feet, and Ciel’nn thought that happened more often now. The shakes had a slight differences between them.

    They hadn’t met anyone in the storm so far, until the older mer glanced at his partner.

    “There’s something ahead.” Teldryn said in a low tone and pulled his partner up before he stumbled from another tremor. “Something big.” He narrowed his eyes in his helmet. There was something in these tremors, but the older mer couldn’t pin-point it.

    Despite being close to his partner, Ciel’nn felt chilled and he wanted to run and hide. It was the same feeling when he had faced the Dremora Lord. He clung to Teldryn’s arm. “Something from Oblivion.” He whispered as they walked slower. The young mer wasn’t sure if Teldryn heard him, but the older mer looked to him as if he had no helmet.

    His partner’s words were quiet, but Teldryn heard them nonetheless. He put his hand on Ciel’nn’s shoulder. “We’ll avoid it if we can. Come.” The older mer still remembered Ciel’nn’s tale of visiting Oblivion and he wished he’d knew a way to prevent any encounter with the Daedra. You may show the act of braveness but I know you’re afraid, Teldryn thought.

    The faint sounds of metal clanging and snarls reached their ears when the two mer stopped on a small ash dune. They looked down to the field where two large figures were fighting against each other. Ciel’nn and Teldryn shared a glance, and then the ground shook under them.

    The ground shook as one the of battling creatures fell down. The other one let out a cold laugh and turned its head, sensing two mortals nearby. One of the mortals felt… curious. As if the mer had a taint of Oblivion on his soul. It could taste it on its tongue, delicious. The creature grinned at the thought of finding this mortal, but it was busy with the armored Orc. His quarry that his master was tasked him to fight on this pathetic rock. At another time then. It turned its head to the Orc who now was standing and glared at him.

    Ciel’nn nearly ducked down in the ash when he felt the gaze on him. He held down a cry as he grabbed onto his partner’s arm. He wanted to cry out “A Dremora Lord!”, but he realized he couldn’t speak. His chest hurt as he let out a trembling gasp. The young mer wanted to hide deep into the ash and refused to look at the field.

    It was an imminent spike of fear from his partner, and the sudden grab on his arm was a cry out for help which Teldryn could not ignore. Something from Oblivion. That’s gotta be a Daedra, he thought. The words of the Witch echoed in his mind, You must be very attentive, Teldryn. Keep him safe.

    And that the older mer would do. He needed to make sure that Ciel’nn was safe somewhere so he could calm down.

    “Get on your feet, Ciel’nn.” Teldryn said in a soothing tone as he made his partner turn to him and helping him up, then the older mer took him into a tight embrace. “You’re going to be alright, daelha.” He whispered while he felt Ciel’nn shaking against himself. Teldryn brushed his partner’s back.

    After a moment he pushed off and took Ciel’nn’s hand in his own. “Come, I’ll take you away from here.” Teldryn waited a moment until he got a small nod from Ciel’nn, then he readied his sword although not knowing why, and led the younger mer away.



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