Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 56




    The last treasure chest was sitting in a small pond and it was surrounded by a group of mudcrabs. There weren’t any pirates near by as far as Ciel’nn could see. He had expected at least four pirates, but he had no complaints. Having not to fight was a nice change.

    They approached the water creatures and dealt with them in a quick manner. The young mer thought he’d take some of the smaller mudcrabs for Geldis and see what he could make of them. It would be also nice change from the ash yam and horker soup and other dishes that the Inn keeper served.

    Ciel’nn went to the chest while Teldryn kept guard. The cold weather made the lock-picking harder, but to Ciel’nn’s delight the lock was easier to pick.

    “There is a Riekling settlement ahead.” Teldryn informed him. He looked to his partner and noticed the chest was open. “That didn’t take long.” He murmured and stepped closer. “What’s the treasure this time?” He wrapped his fur cloak around him. Damned cold wind.

    “It’s the gloves.” Ciel’nn replied wincing as the cold wind blew past them. He noticed how Teldryn was nearly shaking. They would need to return to the town before they would freeze here. “I’d like to return to the town. Do you object?” He flashed a smirk at his partner as he put his chitin gloves back on his hands. It didn’t help much, but better that than nothing.

    The older mer stared at his partner for a brief moment. “Are you serious? Let’s get going before our asses freeze.” Teldryn grunted. “Do you still have water walking potions?”

    “I should have, but they are the last ones. I guess I need to ask Tenaru if she has more, or the ingredients.” Ciel’nn replied as he packed the gloves into his backpack and took the potions in return. He handed one to his partner. “Better be quick about the crossing.”

    They walked briskly over the water and among the few Netch. Their calm sounding always had a calming effect on the young mer. He’d could listen to that for hours without getting bored. Well, no more than a few hours. He vaguely remembered he’d fallen asleep while listening to them back at Deshaan, when he had run away from the old mer. Rot in Oblivion, you kwama shit!

    “How are you holding up?” Teldryn asked after a while as he stepped close to Ciel’nn. He was worried about his partner’s state. Especially after what had happened with Talvas. Ciel’nn had a tendency to not speak if something bothered him and the older mer had taken the habit to check on him from time to time. “I wish you would speak freely if something is bothering you.” I don’t want to see you upset like that.

    Ciel’nn sighed softly. His partner was right and he meant to share his concerns. But it was easier to fall back to his old habits of hiding one’s worries from the other. “I don’t know, Teldryn. I had a nightmare the other day. I woke in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep.” He glanced at Teldryn. “I’m not sure if I’m doing alright.”

    “Does it have something to do with Talvas?” Teldryn frowned. To hear his partner’s nightmares had returned was a concerning matter. “No, it was a bizarre nightmare. I don’t know.” He heard Ciel’nn replying. There wasn’t much he could do, Teldryn knew that. “Well, I’m not going to say pray at the Temple since clearly it’s not helping you. Let’s hope it  passes.”

    I wish it’ would fade. Ciel’nn tilted his head slightly. “Maybe it’s not helping, but praying at the shrines of Azura and Boethiah has helped me somehow. Not certain of the Webspinner though.” He said in quiet tone. I dread to pray at her altar. Then he remembered what had happened at Mournhold Temple. Mephala did something to him, and it was happening again, there on Raven Rock. I still don’t understand what it means. The young mer frowned, anxious. It felt like he was battling with his inner demons or something. A battle that only he alone could fight.

    And a part of him wanted to merge with the darkness that he had experienced at the altar of Mephala, back in Mournhold. The rest of him still resisted it. I wonder what happens if I give in to it?

    “I had the same experience back at Mournhold before I left to journey here.” Ciel’nn said after a while, and they stopped walking. Then he explained to Teldryn how it had felt. The older mer listened to him intently while Ciel’nn noted his partner’s brows drew together. He didn’t expect Teldryn to find a solution for his predicament. After all it was a Daedric Prince in question, and as far as Ciel’nn knew no one could avoid them for long.

    Shit, it’s worse than I thought. Teldryn swallowed slowly. A Daedric Prince meddling with him. I wish I had a way out of it for him. He gathered his partner’s hands into his own. “I really wish I had a solution for this, but I don’t. Know this, Ciel’nn, whatever you wish to do about it,  I will support you and will not leave you.” He poured in all his affection and warmth to let the young mer know that he’d be there whatever would happen.

    Ciel’nn’s lower lips quivered. “Even if it’s a bad choice?” He choked.

    The older mer still gazed at his partner and saw Ciel’nn was nearly on the edge of crumbling down. Teldryn let go of the young mer’s hands so he could embrace him, tightly. “Even if it happens to be a bad choice, I’ll not leave you.” He planted a kiss on the mer’s forehead.  “I’ll not think any less of you than now.” His partner hugged him back and slowly calmed down as first he had been so very anxious. Teldryn felt the young mer’s sigh. “It’s going to be alright.” He said in a soothing tone. “Come, let’s find a camping place. We’ll reach the town by tomorrow.”

    The Lady had offered Ralis some funding for his dig site after he had told about the riches that waited below. The relics of Ahzidal. He had seen the spark in her eyes and then she had smiled at him. They had made a deal. A deal that sounded good to him and the relics would be dug out. Ralis was a content mer so far.

    Until the following night, when the Lady had summoned him to her tent.

    He couldn’t believe his luck. Maybe this is all but a dream. Ralis felt everything the beautiful Lady did to him. Her every move she made on him. Those tender and elegant hands over his chest, sliding down to his abdomen. The soft, but so greedy kisses on his skin while the scent of Jasmin filled his mind. Elante smiled at him in all the possible ways as his hands found her curved body. She gave him a push and Ralis moaned, his hands on her thighs.

    By Sheogorath’s balls! Ralis felt himself filled and beyond bliss while he rested beside the Lady. He let out a sigh when Elante caressed his chest under the furs. He had enjoyed her cries and whimpers. She had been shameless with him, and it had left Ralis feeling almost sinfully dirty. And he craved for more; he’d do anything to make her happy.

    “Ralis dear,” Elante said in a sweet tone. The digger turned his head to her, smiling. “I need to know if you know what do you know about Teldryn Sero.” She smiled at him as she ran her hand over his cheek.

    The digger didn’t seem to care that they were going to talk about the other mer. As long as he was going to stay with the Lady, everything else didn’t matter. Ralis flashed a silly smile. “Other than he’s the legendary mercenary in these parts? He travels with a younger mer called Ciel’nn.” He paused for a moment. “I think they have a room at the Retching Netch, I’m not sure though.”

    Curious. A young mer. The lady pondered for a brief moment. “Are they lovers?” She caressed the mer’s cheek gently while her mind raced. I guess I have to wait and see if they turn up.

    “Business partners as far as I can tell.” The digger replied and he saw that irresistible smile again. As long as she was happy, so was he. But Ralis was getting sleepy and he fell asleep hearing the Lady’s honeyed words, “Sleep my dear. Tomorrow we’ll get miners and our work shall begin.”

    Elante watched the mer sleep for a while. And on her lips slowly bloomed a small and wicked smile. Her eyes lifted to a black velvet pouch and small pile of different books. I’m so close and yet so far from my goal. Teldryn, I can’t proceed without your help. Your generous help.

    Closing her stall for the day, Tenaru felt like she needed some hot tea to shake the chill off. She put a piece of cloth out to cover the ingredients and potions. Then she headed toward the Retching Netch with a small pouch of Azura’s silver. On her way to the inn she glanced at the two guards, who sighed something about the Altmer lady. Tenaru frowned and shook her head. That’s odd. It would be odder if it was Brivan.

    The Alchemist walked down the stairs into the Inn and looked to Geldis to greet him. He smiled at her almost dreamily. What in Oblivion? She narrowed her eyes as she walked to the counter. “Hello Geldis.” Tenaru said in a neutral tone while she had her senses open for anything. “I’d like to have a cup of trama root tea.” The Inn keeper nodded to her and went to prepare the tea. Tenaru frowned. Yes, there it was. A nudge of magic in the air and it centered around Geldis. So that’s why he’s odd today. “Geldis, did anything happen lately?”

    The Inn keeper returned with her tea. “My dream came true! A beautiful Altmer lady visited my Inn.” Geldis beamed as he put the cup on the counter. “Those golden and enchanting eyes and voice oh so honeyed…” his voice trailed off dreamily and then he sighed.

    Tenaru raised a brow. Hmm, I wonder… She glanced around the Inn - only a few patrons. Her attention turned back to Geldis. “Geldis, look at me.” She said softly and the mer looked  into her eyes. Tenaru reached out for him discreetly and touched his forehead with two fingers. Wake up, Geldis! She observed how the Inn keeper blinked  his eyes twice. “How are you, Geldis? Fancy any altmer ladies?”

    Geldis felt lost before his sight got focused again. He looked to the Alchemist and frowned.”Eh? Altmer ladies? What are you talking about? There is no way any of them could pick an old mer like me.” He thought a moment. “You’re far more attractive than them.” He winked at her.

    “Thank you, Geldis.” Tenaru smiled before she sipped her tea. So, my dispel works. What is  that witch is up to? I’m sure she charmed Ralis Sedarys, too. Then she remembered the two guards outside. I need to wake up them too.



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    Oh, she financed the excavation. Now we finally have someone to blame for Ahzidal. And heh, she definitely is a charmer. :)