Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 49

  • The dinner had dragged along the evening quietly apart from Neloth’s occasional grunting and mumbling. No one had dared to say anything. Not even when Neloth had stared into the air with the most strangest look.

    Drovas had prepared the mudcrab meats accordingly to the young mer’s recipe and they tasted rather delicious. They nodded  their thanks to Ciel’nn, except Neloth who chewed his meal in his own thoughts.

    In the morning, Talvas had came to the Steward House with several scrolls and magick potions. He also had a book about scrolls. “These should help you, Ciel’nn. I don’t have much time so watch closely what  I do.”

    Ciel’nn frowned while he watched the mage showing an example. Talvas spread out a scroll on the table. “Now, you think of a spell like a rune one. Focus on it, then stamp it on the scroll.” He did some hand movements and planted his hand on the scroll. A lightning rune appeared on the scroll. “Understood? Good, I need to go. Good luck! I’ll check back on you when I can.” With that, he left the young mer and Teldryn alone.

    “Good luck to you, too.” Teldryn grumbled as he watched the mage disappearing behind the door. “He wasn’t so clear, was he?” He looked to his partner. They were to wait until Neloth was showing any signs of getting worse or getting better. Meanwhile his partner would try learn the means of scroll making.

    “I think he left out the most important part.” Ciel’nn replied, glancing at Teldryn. “Stamp it on the scroll, he said. Easier said than done.” The young mer sighed and grabbed the book. “I’ll just read this first.”

    Teldryn nodded and focused to read the book Ciel’nn had given him in the midst of their travels. It was about the Dwarves and their laws. It boggled greatly the older mer’s mind - where the dwarves had disappeared to? And, why? He suspected he’d never find the answer. He glanced at his partner when he heard a soft grunt. Teldryn grinned and turned back to the book. “Found something?”

    “This book only mentions scrolls. It’s not telling how it’s done.” Ciel’nn replied. He put the book down and thought a moment. If I have some ties to my ancestor… I wonder. He stood up from the chair and walked to his backpack. “What are you doing now?” He heard Teldryn asking. “I’m going to improvise.” Ciel’nn replied as he took a charcoal. “And to see if I’ll have any ancestral help.” Which I doubt I will get.

    The young mer spread a scroll on the table. Then he took a magicka potion that the mage had provided for him. “Now think of a  poison rune…” He dipped the charcoal into the magicka potion and began to sketch the rune. It came out uncertainly first. But, as Ciel’nn kept drawing it, he felt the presence of someone. Someone he had once felt, back in Oblivion.

    My ancestor is here. However the link between them felt thin as spider silk and far reaching.

    The young mer felt as if the ancestor was behind him, but he focused on the scroll. His drawing became more firm and confident as if the ancestor was guiding his hand. It chilled Ciel’nn, but at the same time he was thrilled. His pulse was fast as he felt out of breath. He had to suppress shouting at Teldryn, in fear it would ruin the moment. My ancestor is teaching me! Once the rune was drawn, the magicka glowed  briefly and swallowed the markings done by charcoal. Ciel’nn took another scroll to make it as a storm atronach, and the same thing happened again.

    By the time the fourth scroll was used, Ciel’nn felt the ancestor’s feeling fade. Thank you, ancestor.  He was quiet for a while as he started at the scrolls and his hands. I can’t believe it!

    “Are you alright?” Teldryn asked close by.  He hadn’t heard a thing since Ciel’nn’s last comment and he decided to check on him. The look of his partner told him something had happened. Then, Ciel’nn showed him a scroll with a poison rune. The older mer’s eyes widened in excitement. “That is… a good one. Well done, Ciel’nn!” he smiled.

    Ciel’nn stood up with bright eyes. “I got ancestry help. Can you believe it?” He was happy that Teldryn was with him to share the news and the like. He thought not many got the same chance like he did. “I think I can craft scrolls on my own now.”

    “That is really amazing. Given from how far she might have had to reach out for you.” The older mer smiled. “It only makes you a more dangerous mer. Soon we’ll need to go buy more scrolls for you.” His partner was becoming more dangerous. And he doesn’t see it by himself.

    “I never knew her, but she comes out to help. The last time I felt her was in Oblivion. Maybe there’s more to that scroll she meant to give me.” Ciel’nn said quietly, pondering. Maybe one day we’d travel back to Morrowind and find out where she lived. If she had any friends…

    Teldryn watched Ciel’nn packing the scrolls into his backpack. He liked to watch his partner doing something. One day he’d see him making potions and…. His mind drifted. Then he had to swallow, twice. I have to find the chalice for Ciel’nn. Teldryn touched his face dreamingly. Get a grip! He’s watching…

    Ciel’nn just smiled mysteriously at his partner. As if he didn’t know! But, the young mer didn’t want to rush into things like that. He knew Teldryn wanted him. He was content for the time being. Content to have Teldryn with him and to spend time with him. Enjoying the life as much as possible.

    They waited several hours for Talvas to check in, but the mage never returned. Ciel’nn was reading one book when he looked up to his partner. “What if something has happened? Maybe we should go to see them?” He frowned, slightly worried. This isn’t like him. The young mer stood up from the chair. “Alright.” He heard Teldryn replying.

    They left the Steward’s House and walked briskly toward the tower.

    What awaited them at the tower, Ciel’nn had an urge to go back down the lift. The chills ran down his spine as he leaned back as if to look for an escape. His breathing had become difficult.  I want to leave this place, he thought. The young mer clung to his partner as he watched around the tower whilst chewing his lower lip.

    The books, soul gems, potions and other various items were afloat in the air. A low rumbling noise was constantly present although its source couldn’t be seen. The tower was darker than before. Chairs were knocked over and at the other side of the tower was the mage with the black book.

    “Talvas?” Ciel’nn called out carefully from where he stood with Teldryn, at the lift ramp. He didn’t want to move away from it. Better to stand near the escape route if they needed to leave all of a sudden. “Where is Neloth?” Not that the young mer cared much, but the Wizard was their problem now. He felt his partner’s hand on his shoulder, stay calm.

    The mage looked to them. “Things are more dire than I imagined. Neloth? Look up.” He turned his gaze back to the black book. “I need to find something we can use.” He peered into a page. Somewhere there has to be a solution. Which by we get Mora’s attention.

    Teldryn raised his gaze toward the roof level and felt Ciel’nn’s whimper next to him. Up in the air, in the midst of the varied items, was Neloth in a trance, with his arms like he was falling down. Tentacles sprouted from the black mass holding him in place, and the wizard’s expression was pained. He’s resisting something that Mora’s throwing at him, the older mer thought in a frown. He looked to his partner. He’s ready to bolt away from here.

    This is too much! I never wanted to deal with them, but still I’m being pulled toward them. Even how much I try to avoid them! The young mer thought. Why can’t they leave us alone?

    “I found it!” Talvas called from his place. “Come here so I can explain what we need to do.” He beckoned the two mer to him.

    “We?” Ciel’nn asked in a quiet tone. He had no idea what the mage had found out, but the whole Mora business was getting too much for him. Still, he walked  with Teldryn while dodging the floating items in the air. He still couldn’t calm his rolling stomach.

    “What happened?” Teldryn asked in a low tone. He only could guess. Things had gone from dire to absolute shit in this tower. He eyed the wizard within the tentacles and shook his head.

    “Do you really want to know?” Talvas asked  as he turned to them. “In short, Mora sent two Seekers to get Neloth, but he resisted. Certain spells were thrown and this is the result. Neloth is trapped in Mora’s realm.” He glanced at Ciel’nn. “I know it sounds bad, but we have to try something.” He nodded to himself. It is risky, but it’s the only way. The mage had never tried anything like what he was going to attempt, and it made him nervous.

    “Like what?” Ciel’nn asked in a quiet tone, still clinging to Teldryn’s arm.

    “We’re going to bargain with Mora.” The mage replied in a serious tone. Anything to get Neloth back to himself. He’s the only one who can control this place.

    “What?” Ciel’nn shook his head. This is madness! The mage really did want to get involved himself in this mess. How did all this happen? “Are you sure there is no other way?”

    Teldryn grumbled. He knew his partner didn’t like any of this. His whole body language meant to escape. He would lead Ciel’nn out of Tel Mithryn if they didn’t need to help the mage. All I can do is comfort and see what happens. Of course, they would leave the mage alone with his problems, but it wouldn’t be good for Tel Mithryn or Solstheim. The older mer wrapped his arm wound his partner's shoulder.

    “Yes, I can’t think of any other way.” The mage looked to Ciel’nn. “And I need you with me.” Talvas offered a wary smile. Everything will be alright, I’m sure of it. I need you with me, to ensure that we’ll be alright. Please?

    “What?!” Ciel’nn took a step backwards. “To where?” He couldn’t believe it. Whatever the mage asked of him was probably too much to bear. The need of escaping grew more intense. If I don’t run out now I’ll probably never will be able to. He looked to Teldryn for support. The older mer sighed at the situation.

    “To Mora’s realm of course. I can’t do this on my own.” Talvas pleaded. “Please, Ciel’nn. We need to put things back to normal again.” He was losing hope and feared the young mer would run out at any second.

    “I’m scared!” Ciel’nn whined.

    “So am I!” Talvas thought a moment. “I’ll do everything within my power to cover you if it’s that what you want. Will  you come with me? I need you to remind me that we have a place to return to if I begin to slip.”

    Cover you… Sounds like the young Nord. Rangalen. And that way I lose friends. If you  slip, we’ll never get out…

    “Talvas,” Teldryn spoke in a low tone. “If something indeed happens to him…” His expression was stern as he locked his gaze with the mage. He’d hurt Talvas if his partner didn’t come back. The older mer felt his heart racing fast in fear of losing Ciel’nn. He turned to look at the young mer. “Ciel’nn… I pray to Azura for your safe return.” He whispered as he brushed that stray hair of Ciel’nn’s off his face, then he hugged him.

    Ciel’nn sighed and hugged back. “I love you, Teldryn.” Those words in Dunmeri came out as a whisper as he tightened his embrace. He took in his partner’s scent before he shifted to kiss the mer.

    A grunt from above.

    “Ciel’nn, we have to hurry. I fear Neloth is running out of time!” Talvas urged the young mer to move. He looked to the black book once more and gestured  toward an empty space. A portal appeared. “Come. Teldryn, watch over Neloth.”

    Reluctantly Teldryn let go of Ciel’nn and watched him step toward the mage. The young mer looked at him for one last time with a fearful look before he stepped through the portal after the mage. The portal closed, and Teldryn found himself weighted. Shit!

    Azura, I beg of you,let Ciel’nn come back sane and in one peace.



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  • The Sunflower Manual
    The Sunflower Manual   ·  October 30, 2018
    Two... two Seekers managed to drag Neloth himself to Pockyland?!

    Must be some really powerful Seekers. Imbued with Willy Wonka chocolate energy or something.
  • Karver the Lorc
    Karver the Lorc   ·  October 29, 2018
    Well, hot damn. Mora´s a slimy tentacles reach far indeed. And going into the Prince´s realm to bargain... this can´t turn out good. Though it would be a shame to lose Neloth, I mean, he´s just simply awesome :D