Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 47

  • With the campfire close to him, and the waves lapping behind him, Ciel’nn unfolded the map of buried Deathbrand treasure carefully, knowing it might be years old, and thus fragile. It was finally warm enough to do something with his hands. He nearly had frozen solid last night and in the morning. The young mer hoped the next treasure places weren’t in the North region.

    “There are three more buried chests around the island. Close to the beach line it seems.” The young mer said after a moment looking at the map. “Thank Azura, they aren’t in the north and inner land.” He offered the map to his partner. Then Ciel’nn  sat on the wooden bench, rubbing his hands together and looking around the camp. “How much, do you think, the ugly helm would make?” He scowled. Very ugly helm! Ugh! He hadn’t known what to expect. Certainly not shiny ones, still he was disappointed at the discovery.

    Teldryn sipped his hot tea while he eyed the map, taking mental notes of the areas. The treasure place close to them was near Tel Mithryn. “It’s partly made of stalhrim, so my guess it would get us more than an average steel helm.” He paused to take another sip of his tea. “We should ask Glover about it, when he go back to Raven Rock.” He added while turning to his partner. “Or, do would you rather offer this to the Skaal?” Ciel’nn seemed to pondering the question.

    “I’d think the Skaal don’t have anything to offer us, or they won’t have enough septims.” Ciel’nn slightly frowned thoughtfully.

    “They would benefit from it though. Against the reavers.” Teldryn folded the map and gave it back to his partner. Though, he might not want to go the Skaal village any time soon.

    “True, but I think Glover is a better choice.” Ciel’nn took the map and put it in his backpack. “Think, Teldryn. Free armor repairs.” The Skaal will manage on their own, or not. We’re not responsible for them. He side-glanced and heard a small sound. The young mer turned his head. “A mudcrab.”

    “What?” Teldryn asked, raising his dark brow. “What about a mudcrab?” Maybe he needs something to do, and this is a guessing game? Whatever it was, the older mer was slightly amused of the sudden change of subject. “Shh, don’t be so loud!” His partner nearly hissed and bolted from the bench to the shoreline, while taking a hunting knife. I didn’t see any mudcrab. He sighed and put cup away, then walked towards the direction where his partner was had gone to.

    The mudcrab that Ciel’nn had heard, was skittering along the beach line. It was idly resting when the waves washed over it, and not sensing the young mer that approached it like a stalking predator. Slowly, with the hunting knife ready to strike. A little bit more, and the mudcrab tried to flee but Ciel’nn pinned it down with his elbow and hit it with the blade of his hunting knife. At where he thought it’s head was and finally, and finally it stopped struggling.

    Finally! He had been waiting for this moment for quite some time. He made sure the water critter was dead before putting the knife on his belt, and began to lift it carefully so as not to ruin any legs or the carapace.

    Teldryn observed for a moment how Ciel’nn tried to lift the creature, but it seemed to be too heavy. It was a sizable mudcrab. His partner wouldn’t be able to carry it alone to the camp. The older mer walked down the beach bluff. “Here. I’ll help. It seems heavy.” He helped to move the mudcrab into the camp with some minor slipping, and onto the table. He’s excited, Teldryn thought.

    “Now, it needs to be prepared for cooking quickly before it goes bad.” Ciel’nn looked to Teldryn. “Watch, and grab a Sujamma bottle.” He advised and took the hunting knife again. With steady cutting, he detached the legs from the sea critter and put them into the cooking pot. “Pour some Sujamma in there.” Ciel’nn said and pondered what he should do with the rest of the mudcrab. Maybe slice the meat and give it to Ulves Romoran? I may have to advise him how to make the mudcrab soup. A cheerful smile bloomed on his face as he thought of it. “Stir the pot, Teldryn. I need to cut the meat.”

    The day was turning into early evening when they sat down to eat the steamed mudcrab with Sujamma. Ciel’nn had prepared a slice of the meat for Teldryn too.The cold wind blew into the camp, but the campfire warmed them. The young mer was sitting close to his partner so that their legs touched, and he observed his partner tasting steamed food. While he was in a good mood, he couldn’t help the nervousness creeping into his stomach. This was actually the first time he’d cooked for anyone, and Teldryn hadn’t said a word yet. “I wish I had the proper kitchen to—”

    “It’s better than what they serve in Blacklight.” Teldryn finally said as he finished his last steamed mudcrab leg. “Having them steamed in Sujamma is brilliant! I wish we had more of them.” He glanced at his partner with an endearing smile.

    Better than in Blacklight? Ciel’nn took a deep breath as his heart raced. His cheeks flushed as he struggled with the words. “Bu- but it doesn’t have even seasoning.” To think he had thought the dishes in Blacklight were above his. Ciel’nn licked his lower lip as it felt dry. He praised them. The affectionate smile bloomed on his lips, then he felt a touch on his still warm cheek.

    Teldryn looked to his partner as he touched his partner’s cheek. “I don’t care for some seasoning.” He paused for the length of a heartbeat. “I’m a simple mer, Ciel’nn. What you make for me is enough.” With that, he leaned backwards to put his arm around the mer, pulling him to himself. The older mer felt Ciel’nn resting his head on his shoulder, and sighed. “Honestly, I’ve never eaten a better mudcrab dish before.”

    Ciel’nn put his hand onto Teldryn’s while he wanted to shift even closer to his partner. He closed his eyes savoring the moment. A simple mer…  “I’m simply happy that you liked it.” He murmured in a soft tone. Ciel’nn wanted this moment to last forever. Even if it was getting chilly, Ciel’nn didn’t mind. His partner turned his head to nuzzle his cheek.

    “I wonder how would you taste?” The older mer whispered in a low tone. He half expected his partner to bolt off the bench and accuse him how of inappropriate he was. Although it would be amusing to him to see Ciel’nn like that. It had happened before, and he had been slapped around because of it, too. But, to his surprise, the young mer didn’t move, but hid his face into the cloak’s fur and froze. It was as if his parter was holding his breath. Well, at least he isn’t running away. He had to grin though. He would have some fun flirting with his partner.

    He… damn! With his flushed face hidden in the cloak’s fur, Ciel’nn tried to get his thoughts in order. He bit his lower lip while he waited for his heart to calm down. Teldryn’s tease had caught him off guard. The fluttering in his chest was something he didn’t recall having before. Not this much anyway. Ciel’nn swallowed slowly as his mouth was moist. Then, he felt light-headed. “Breathe!” Ciel’nn heard Teldryn saying.

    Ciel’nn raised his head slowly and looked to Teldryn for a moment. His partner’s lips parted as if he was going to say something, but the young mer stopped him by kissing him hungrily. He felt the shift when Teldryn ushered him to sit in his lap and wrapped his arms around his back as their kiss deepened. Ciel’nn tasted the traces of mudcrab and Sujamma which made his head spin. Everything about Teldryn made his head spin.

    Sildras frowned when Casseth’s group returned with the scavenged supplies and a wrapped body. His first son seemed agitated as well as his friends. He always wondered how Casseth managed to keep his group in order. The Reaver Lord didn’t trust Sendel, who seemingly was unpredictable. But, something had happened.

    In silence, Sildras watched as the wrapped body of Arnas was laid down in front of him. His eyes met with Casseth’s own. “Your plaything killed one of our own!” His first son hissed at him. Yet, the Reaver Lord didn’t show any emotion. “An unfortunate loss.” Sildras said in a even tone.  He may rage at me, but he’s still loyal as a dog. “We’ll see the body burned. Rest and wait for further missions.” He turned away. There are other matters to deal with.

    Casseth gritted his teeth together as his clenched his fists. So, this is how it’s going to be, huh? Father, you better prove you’re a worthy of a war leader, or I’m taking matters into my own hands. He’d take his own group and hunt the kid down if it came to that. Sendel would like it, he assumed. “He’s not alone, Sildras.” His father stopped momentarily. “He has the legendary mercenary with him.”

    The Reaver Lord thought a moment, and said, “We’ll deal with them later. Find your brother and rest.” With that he walked towards a fur tent.

    It’s always later. What are you planning, Sildras? Why won’t you tell me? Casseth took a deep breath and looked down to the wrapped body. They’ll burn their friend on their own. He nodded to Feranos, Sendel and Dals to follow him. Casseth picked up the body carefully and began to walk away. One of the veteran reavers stared at him. “What are you staring at, s’wit?” The young reaver hissed as he passed the veteran.

    “We should do something.” Sendel said quietly as they watched their friend in wrappings burn. “We can’t let this slide, Casseth. Arnas was one of us.” It just didn’t sit well with him that they weren’t allowed to kill the kid, but the kid could actually kill them. Sendel was always open for fights, either easy or dangerous ones. Nothing was as good as a wild bloodshed, but he needed someone to follow.

    Feranos shifted in his place. “He’s right, Casseth. We should go and hunt the kid, and make him pay.” He still remembered the kid’s expression. And I thought I almost had him. The next time will be more lethal. I hope Casseth agrees with us. He couldn’t wait to fight with the kid again. He’d fight him to the death. One well placed slash, and Feranos would enjoy the twisted face of the kid.

    Dals had been quiet since they had arrived back to the camp. He agreed with the others. The Scout’s death still stung him, and the kid had to suffer for it. Only the mercenary worried him. He seemed to be  a very notable fighter and thus far more dangerous than the kid. Sendel can deal with the mercenary.

    Casseth had been listening to his group while staring into the flames. How he hated the kid. It was a reminder that reavers aren’t that as mighty as Sildras seemed to think. It was a reminder to stay vigilant on the road. Remember kid, you attacked first. You should have walked away when you saw us. You’ll regret messing with us.

    He looked to his friends and nodded. “We’ll go after him when you’re all rested and fed. I still need to—” Casseth stopped when he saw Selvura walking toward them. Somehow, he didn’t like her. She was Sildras’ second in command, and always walking around the camp, to make sure everything was well. He didn’t  know if he should trust her either.

    The young reaver couldn’t read her face when she looked at the ashes. “No matter how well you take care of the young ones — it seems they always go first.” Selvura sighed, though her tone was unreadable. “I hope you’re not planning anything stupid, Casseth. Sildras needs you, even if he doesn’t admit it.”

    Casseth scowled. “As if you’d care.”

    Selvura turned to the young reaver and eyed for him a moment. Then in a warmer tone she said, “Believe what you will, but know this. Arnas’ death will stir the camps."



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    Karver the Lorc   ·  October 15, 2018
    Ugh. Seafood. Though I think that I could taste the mudcrab done on Sujamma. Should be interesting, especially if it´s better than in Blacklight. :)

    And hmm. Sildras is cooking something, but kids just won´t listen, won´t they? Now I´m curi...  more
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      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Ugh. Seafood. Though I think that I could taste the mudcrab done on Sujamma. Should be interesting, especially if it´s better than in Blacklight. :)

      And hmm. Sildras is cooking something, but kids just won´t listen, won´t they? Now I´m curious when the...  more
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      Excuse me.

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