Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 29

  • Contains some violence!

    Officer Daynes Aroa had not slept well. He was awoken with some news that made his blood boil. Now, he stared at his Skooma-addicted Lieutenant who was held by the two guards. “How the fuck did this happen?!” Daynes shouted in rising anger. “You  were  to keep watch on them. Not getting drunk by yourself! Skooma no less!” He shook his head — his most promising officer had become a Skooma-addict. Daynes rubbed his forehead. To think of it, Idros had been acting weird the other day, when he was late for the meeting, covered in ash.

    He stepped closer to Idros to make an intimidating posture. But, as he looked closer to him - Idros wasn’t himself anymore. His eyes weren’t focused and his body trembled because of the addiction. “You threw you career down the latrine!” The Officer growled, his teeth gritting as he stepped away. “It’s such a pity. You’ll be leaving for Blacklight with the next trade ship. Do you understand, Lieutenant?” He’s not even here. Daynes’ eyes shifted to one of the guards. “Take him into a free room and lock him in. I’ll call the alchemist soon.”

    Once the door closed, Daynes turned to his table and  leaned against it, his hands supporting him. His stomach grumbled its emptiness, and now Sulenien’s case had given him a head-hammering migraine.  Azura preserve us… I have to write the fucking report again.

    Ciel’nn leaned against the wall while he listened to the young Redoran guard sharing  the news. By the sound of it, his actions had caused  quite a stir in the ranks of the Redoran Guard.

    Ondren shook his head. “The Officer is furious! They found him on the floor, drooling and babbling. I think he’s pretty messed up with the addiction.” He turned to look at the young mer. “You ruined his career.” It wasn’t an accusation, but a statement.

    “You’re welcome.” Ciel’nn nodded. “I don’t think he’ll be causing any more trouble. At least your Captain is safe now, isn’t he?” He hadn’t expected to get a thank you. The young guard had asked for his help and that he delivered. Although, his record won’t be clean anymore.

    “I suppose so, but we can’t be sure what Officer Aroa is planning next. He’ll probably send the Lieutenant back home.” Ondren said thoughtfully. “I’m… content for what you did.” He patted Ciel’nn’s shoulder. “Where’s Teldryn? I thought you two always walk together.” He asked as he hadn’t seen the older mer all afternoon.

    Ciel’nn scoffed, crossing his arms on his chest. “He’s still at the Inn.”

    “Did you two have a fight?” The young Redoran guard frowned. He could see that Ciel’nn was bothered by Teldryn’s absence, but it wasn’t his business to ask more.

    “Something is bothering him. I asked  him about it, but the mer isn’t talking.” Ciel’nn shifted in his place. “He’s been all quiet since the morning.” And, he didn’t like that silence. Having no idea of what might be the reason — he just hoped Teldryn wasn’t angry with what he had done with the Skooma. What else could it be?

    Ondren frowned. “Sounds like he might have some issues, but I hope you two can figure it out.” He smiled warmly. “What are you going to do now?” He glanced towards the Bulwark as his shift would begin soon.

    The young mer sighed. “I don’t know… I want to visit the Temple and then I’ll check on Teldryn, again.” He pushed himself off the wall. “I hope so, too. Thanks!” The young guard nodded to him before leaving. Ciel’nn glanced toward the smith if he should go talk to him, but shrugged it off. He’d visit the Temple first to clear his head.

    The quietness of the Temple didn’t calm the young mer even after he spent some hours there. He kept thinking of Teldryn and tried to find reasons for why the mer was quiet.  In the morning the older mer had gotten up before him, and left to bar without a word. At first Ciel’nn had thought his partner had had a bad dream, but when he had asked him what bothered the older mer — he got only a grunt in reply. It must be something else then, but what? The more he thought about it, the more he became agitated. Damn it, Teldryn.

    Leaving the Temple, Ciel’nn found out it was already dark. He sighed as he took the direction toward the Retching Netch. The market was getting quiet when he stopped at the door. The Inn wasn’t full at the time when he walked down the stairs. The voices of the regulars reached to his ears, but his gaze shifted in search of his partner. He gave a nod to Geldis when he walked toward the counter. The Innkeeper frowned first, then nodded toward a corner table.

    The older mer was sitting  quietly as he had a few of  the Sujamma bottles on his table. Ciel’nn eyed those bottles and deemed Teldryn had had two already. “Teldryn?” He stepped closer. No response. “Can you tell me what’s going on?” Please answer me! The older mer still sat without a word. Ciel’nn frowned. “Teldryn, please...” He took another step closer as he reached out to put his hand on the mer’s shoulder. “You need to calm down and tell me what’s wrong.”

    The touch annoyed the older mer. He wanted to be alone with his problem. And the kid kept coming back to him and asking the same question over again. Teldryn shoved the hand away with a low growl.

    Ciel’nn frowned, but he wasn’t about to give up yet. He touched the shoulder again, giving it a soothing squeeze. “You need stay to calm, Teldryn. I want to—”

    In his drunken haste and irritated now, Teldryn shifted off his chair, and punched the young mer in the face. “Go away!” He growled, narrowing his eyes.

    The patrons fell quiet when Ciel’nn flew on the floor. He landed on his back with a cry.   In shock he stared at his partner as his shaking hand went to his cheek where the hit had landed. His lower lip twitched as tears threatened roll out. Slowly, he worked himself on up before bolting out.

    “I think you made a mistake now.” Geldis remarked from his counter as he shook his head. Teldryn grunted at that and turned to his table, taking a swing of Sujamma. Need more… He didn’t pay a heed for what others were whispering around him. The issues he had from the past were enough. No one needed to know about them. Teldryn wasn’t keen to tell anyone. They were his alone and so he kept drinking. Drinking on his past mistakes.

    … There’s  an ash storm coming! Ondren’s warning faded into the wind as Ciel’nn strode through the gate of the Bulwark, tears rolling down his cheeks. It didn’t matter if there was an ash storm or not. He needed to go somewhere. His head ached like Oblivion and he couldn’t understand what was wrong with Teldryn, who had punched him. Ciel’nn winced as he touched his cheek. That s’wit!

    The punch had reminded him of his father which made the young mer ever angrier. Ciel’nn tried to find a netch jelly box in his pockets but couldn’t find any. Shit! Did they run out already? He was walking up a hill and covered his head with a hood as the ash storm picked up. Does he even care for me anymore?

    I need to find a netch. My head hurts. He’s going to regret this! S’wit! N’chow S’wit!

    With a frown Ciel’nn looked around at what he could see from the ash storm. What’s this place? His eyes stung. The wind carried up some voices he didn’t recognize as he tried to move up the hill. They weren’t friendly voices, that much he could say. His eyes narrowed as the young mer reached for his blades, now proceeding slowly.

    “Look what the ash storm brought us!” A young reaver sneered thought his mask.

    “Hey, isn’t that the kid Sildras mentioned?” another voice asked. “Are you lost, little chalk bug?” A chuckle.

    The two reavers had seen the young mer coming and waited till he was close to them. Ciel’nn snarled and readied his blades. His melancholy shifted into anger. I can take them! His thought had a grim undertone which he hadn’t heard for a while. Ciel’nn hissed in warning and in pain, but the reavers leaped at him with their blades out.

    He managed to parry some of the slashes, but there was only so much you can do in an ash storm. Ciel’nn felt the blade scrape his left arm. Another hiss left from his lips. I’ll just kill you all! His sword deflected a slash from the side as he went for the other reaver. You will die. Ciel’nn let out a growl as he slashed the young reaver’s side and he grinned at the scream.  The next one…

    “What are you two playing at?” A woman’s voice demanded.

    “We found him coming in our direction.” The reaver who was facing Ciel’nn, replied.

    The woman stormed closer to take a look and saw one of her boys down and bleeding. He didn’t have much time left. The woman frowned at that and looked to the young mer. “You killed my boy.” She strode toward Ciel’nn and  grabbed him by his hood and hair. The young mer cried in pain. “You don’t look like much, but Sildras considers you a threat.” She mused.

    “What should  we do with him, Selvura?” The reaver asked, then he witnessed Selvura throwing the young mer on the ground, kicking his sword out of reach. “Give him a good warning.” He heard her saying. She then whistled and three more reavers came from nearby.

    “A good warning,” Selvura grinned, “then leave him to die.” She added in a colder tone.

    Ciel’nn gritted his teeth together as he tried to get up, but he was pushed down again as the beating began.

     Fight back!

    I fucking can’t! He winced. Too many…

    His could see the darkened edges of his sight as one of the reavers hit the back of his head. Shit! Ciel’nn gritted his teeth together as he tried to resist before the darkness took hold in his consciousness. He was aware of the beating that continued.  Shit… I can’t move. He tasted copper in his mouth and felt as if something broke as his strength left him.  I’m going…  to… die… Te… Teldryn…

    Teldryn woke up from the chaotic dream of him he’d had only to suffer from the hangover that he’d earned the last night drinking. He blinked several times and found that the next side of the bed was empty. Nothing special there. The memories of last evening were vague. His hand ached as if he had punched someone. The older mer grimaced as he tried to sit up. He fell back on the bed. Bed? How he had got in the room, he didn’t recall anything. Probably Geldis helped..  A slow nod. Or, he crawled by himself. Another grimace. “Fuck..” He groaned.

    Shit! He shot up even as his head spun and realized his partner wasn’t there. He had forgotten Ciel’nn and he had no idea where the young mer had gone to. Better get up and ask Geldis. With a lot of cursing, Teldryn managed get dressed up. He wobbled slightly as he grabbed his sword from the chair near the door on his way out.

    “Have you seen Ciel’nn?” The older mer asked the Innkeeper. He frowned at the few of stern looks he got from Geldis and a miner, who was eating his breakfast. Did something happen last night?

    “You have a nerve to ask that after what you did!” Geldis nearly barked as he was cleaning a mug.

    I’m not sure what happened. Was too drunk.

    “I don’t remember a shit from last night, Geldis.” Teldryn said, still trying to wake up and rubbing his neck.

    “Oh, you don’t?” The Innkeeper narrowed his eyes. “You, s’wit, punched him!” He wanted to punch the mer by himself —  Ciel’nn hadn’t deserved such treatment. The kid had been a joy to see in his Inn. I might have to limit selling drinks to Teldryn.

    I… punched him? Ciel’nn…? Teldryn’s mind went blank as he stared into the air. Shit!

    “That you did, you s’wit. We haven’t seen him since he bolted out of here after you punched him last night.” Geldis continued as the mer stayed quiet. “Last time I sell you that many Sujammas.”  I wonder if the kid’s okay. Azura watch over him.

    “Has Ciel’nn returned yet?” Ondren came down the stairs, followed by Raryn. “I saw him leave the town last night.”

    “And, the ash storm still rages out there.” Raryn added.

    Teldryn blinked. An ash storm?  He rushed back to his — their room to grab his chitin helmet from the table. He turned back and ran to the stairs. Shit! Shit! A heavy guilt pressed on his chest as he put his helmet on. They’ll be sure to know my honor if I find Ciel’nn dead. He didn’t want that. Must hurry.

    Ondren frowned after the older mer and then looked to Geldis. “Did something happen here last night?” And, the Innkeeper gestured for him and Raryn to take a seat while he told them what had transpired.

    Deep inside him, the older  mer knew he longed to have someone beside him. That someone was Ciel’nn. He wanted to keep him close, but now he had driven him away.  And, Teldryn feared the worst. His hangover found its way around his head.

    What kind of a partner are you, Teldryn?

    The worst kind? Look at your past!

    You couldn’t even keep your  woman with you.

    Which of them I wonder?

    Why should you keep Ciel’nn then?

    Maybe he’s dead in the ash.

    Or, taken by the ash spawn!

    Dead in the ash with an ash spawn!

    Shut up!  His mouth twisted into a wince.

    Oh, our bladesman has grown his spine back!

    We rejoice!

    I said shut the fuck up!  He growled.

    Teldryn grimaced as the voices in his head passed away. The voices of his past.  An awful reminder of his mistakes. Fucking Sujamma! He was determined to find Ciel’nn alive and that was all that mattered. I will not fail this time! He’s something I want to keep. I’ll find him and bring him back to the town.

    The ash shifted as the storm kept raging as the older mer continued his search. Where might he have gone? Maybe Tel Mithryn? No, he wouldn’t. There is a reaver camp nearby, Ciel’nn had said to him, and Teldryn frowned deeply at that statement. He nearly tripped as he pondered about the reavers.

    He cursed as he looked down and saw what had made him trip. Teldryn picked up the metallic piece and it seemed familiar to him. The red substance covered a part of the blade. Teldryn’s eyes widened in horror as he eyed the blade. Ciel’nn’s blade! He’s been in a fight! The older mer gritted his teeth together. This is my fault. My fault.

    He must be somewhere close by! Teldryn tucked the blade on his back and began to search the immediate area for his partner. I’ll stop the heavy drinking if you’re alive, do you hear me?  Through the mask, his eyes searched constantly for a clue that might be leading to Ciel’nn. His heart raced in fear that he might find the younger mer too late. Azura, please, let him be alive…

    After a short time searching, the older mer’s eyes caught a sight of some Redoran red fabric in a close by. Teldryn’s heart skipped a beat as he approached the figure on the ground. He knelt down to study it as he gently rolled it over. Oh, Ciel’nn… forgive me. The young mer’s face was bruised and his lips had blood on them. He reached down to try the young mer’s pulse — his heart shrunk for it was weak. He’d need to get his partner into a shelter.

    Hang on, Ciel’nn.



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