Alda'hirakam ghar Ara; Chapter 16

  • The Redoran Guards on the Bulwark had noticed the approaching trade ship. They were watching it quietly while they kept guard. It was an understanding that the Redoran Official would come along. There would be a change for real for them. They had only one question - who is it?  The trade ship was getting closer to the docks and the guards shifted rather nervously in their places.

    Ondren coughed as if his throat was suddenly dried out. He had been watching the trade ship with Raryn. He knew what it meant. This was their first time with an official Redoran officer, but the young Redoran Guard thought they didn’t have trouble with the officer. The older guards on the other hand - Ondren  glanced sideways at them - they seem to be more nervous. They shouldn’t  make deal with the Orc. He looked to his friend. “You okay, friend?”

    The other young Redoran Guard nodded. “Yes, but I’m a bit nervous. Who do you think it is?” In truth, Raryn was more than nervous - he had heard of how the officers were during an official inspection and he knew that those who’d had deals with the Orc were in trouble. Knee-deep-into-shit and penalties if the rumors of the inspection stories were true.

    “I don’t know, but stay true to yourself and the House. I think we’ll be fine - we’ve done nothing wrong.” But, you never know. “Come, let’s go to wait for the ship.” Ondren looked to the older guard, who nodded to him. “Better you than me.” He heard the older guard grumbling through his helmet. The young Redoran guard shot him a frowned look before he left with Raryn following him.

    The the trade ship docked, and a stern looking mer, in a high ranking Redoran officer’s attire, walked down the shaft. He had a judging look on his face as he gazed around the docks before it locked on the two young Redoran guards. His expression stayed the same as he began to walk towards them. It seems he had caught most of them off guard, aside from the guards on the Bulwark. It should be good for the inspection. The Redoran officer couldn’t wait to see what the Captain had to tell him about the situation. Behind him followed a set of ten Redoran guards straight out of Blacklight.

    “That’s Officer Daynes Aroa!” Ondren gasped in a surprise. He had heard of the Officer - harsh, critical and he meted out the soldiers and guards that were under his command. This doesn’t bode well for the older guards. He and Raryn straightened up and saluted Officer Daynes Aroa once he was close enough to them. “Welcome to Raven Rock, sir!”

    Officer Daynes Aroa looked to the young guard with a frown. “Thank you. Where are the rest of the guards and your Captain? The Councilor’s house?” He was concerned as to why there weren’t others to meet him as clearly others could have seen him from the Bulwark. “You’ll find the Captain at the Retching Netch Inn. The guards are patrolling or loitering around.” He listened to Ondren’s instructions. Such an honest reply. He’ll do well in the future. “Thank you. What were your names?”

    “I’m Ondren Givrai, and he’s Raryn Caravel, sir.” The young Redoran Guard introduced himself and his friend. To this, Officer Daynes Aroa nodded with a hint of a smile.

    “I’ll remember those whose have been most forthcoming. You two might have a promising start in the Redoran forces. Show me the way to the Councilor’s house.” Officer Daynes Aroa gestured at the young guards to move. He hadn’t all afternoon to wait. Although, he was tired from the journey - there were important matters to deal with before he’d get his inspection out of the way. And, so far, it didn’t look good.

    The guard at Councilor Morvayn’s house stiffened when he noticed Officer Daynes Aroa approaching the door. Sweating under his helmet, the guard gave a crude nod. “Officer Aroa.” The high ranked officer frowned at him before he opened the door for him. Once the Officer had gone inside, the guard took a deep breath. It’s Officer Daynes Aroa… Should I pack my things?

    Ondren and Raryn marched back into the Bulwark. They were somewhat relieved from meeting with the Officer. They’d made a fine expression on him, but there was going to be the inspection and accounting on what had happened. And, who knew how long that’ll take? Ondren looked to his friend and they took a deep breath before they climbed the stairs up the Bulwark. The older guards glanced at them as they took their positions. The young guard looked to them, “It’s looking grim.” For you. Ondren heard couple of groans. Although, no one is safe until the inspection is over.

    The lock of the treasure chest was difficult, but Ciel’nn was determined to get it open. He was down on one knee as he focused on working the lock picks. The wind from the sea distracted his work, though. The cold wind blew constantly. Reminds me of Skyrim. Around the young mer were a few reavers that he and Teldryn had fought a short moment ago.  Ciel’nn had insisted to get the chest open because there might be books and gems. Another lock pick broke in his fingers and the young mer cursed under his breath. “Might want to try slower?” he heard Teldryn advise. “I’m trying, Teldryn!” Ciel’nn sighed.

    “No rush. It’s not like they’re going get up any time soon.” The older mer grinned while he leaned against a wooden door frame, keeping an eye out for trouble. A distant noise made his head turn and Teldryn narrowed his eyes. A bull netch was being attacked by the Skaal hunters - which reminded him that Ciel’nn still hadn’t told him what had happened before he faced Slitted. He frowned and looked back to his partner, who let out a joyful chuckle. “It’s open!” He heard the young mer saying. “Good, now let’s see what’s inside.” The older mer straightened up. I hope there is a second volume of the Lusty Argonian Maiden.

    The young mer opened the lid and reached inside the chest. A frown latched on his forehead as he looked at the items. “An old steel dagger, some leather bracers, a scroll and an enchanted ring it seems. And, this book the Councilor’s wife asked us to find.” Ciel’nn listed up the items as he took the scroll, the ring and the book before standing up, facing his partner. “Unless you can identify this ring, we might need to find a wizard who can and tell us what its worth.” The ring had a small amethyst stone and it was in an old Nord styled. For the enchantment Ciel’nn hadn’t had a clue. It could be a powerful ring for all he knew, but he wanted to be sure of what the ring did.

    “There is a wizard on the island, you know.” Teldryn said while he so-studied the ring. Curious. “But?” he heard the young mer asking and he looked to him. “He’s a Telvanni, Ciel’nn. They’re crazy, but it’s amazing that they can grow mushroom towers out of ash.” His partner’s thoughtful look told Teldryn that Ciel’nn was weighting options. “Everyone is avoiding his place though, I heard.” The older mer added as he shifted in his place.

    A Telvanni? Ciel’nn had heard about them, but he’d never met one before. There were rumours of his long-gone aunt was Telvanni. Could it be the same aunt he’d seen as a ghost during the Oblivion visit? Maybe the Wizard on the island knew his aunt? The young mer was aware it was a far fetched hope, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. In the best case scenario the wizard would send them away from bothering their studies. A smirk spread across Ciel’nn’s lips. “I take it we’re going to visit the wizard.” He heard his partner saying and the young mer nodded. “Yeah, when there’s time. Guess we should head back to the town?” He decided to study the scroll later.

    “There was a trade ship reaching Raven Rock some time ago. My bet is the Redoran Officer came along with it.” Teldryn said, frowning now. “Don’t you think it’s for the best let them sort their things out before we go back? Camp outside?” He didn’t want to return right when the Redoran Guard was all riled up. “Let that political business settle down.”

    It took only a few seconds for Ciel’nn to make a decision. “We’ll camp then.” He put on a smile as he had no objections to camp with Teldryn. To think of going to the town when there’s a lot of goings on with the official business made the young mer feel uneasy. He wished to be free of all ties that were linked to the House politics. They were as boring as they were deadly. “Where do you want set up a camp?” He looked to his partner as they walked through the small gate.

    Teldryn had found a suitable place to camp. It wasn’t far away from the Wreck of  the Trident Squall ship. Their tent had a similar style to the Ashlanders - a perfect fit for two persons. It took a bit of effort from Ciel’nn to help for setting it up with the older mer. Once they got it up, Ciel’nn prepared the campfire, and they sat down around it.

    More so, Ciel’nn sat close to his partner. He pondered if he should tell him what happened with the Skaal Hunters, but deemed he wasn’t ready. When would he be then? It was difficult to deal with. He let out a soft sigh when he felt Teldryn shifting in his place. The young mer glanced to see the older mer searching his backpack.

    A bottle of Sujamma and two cups were what the older mer exactly needed since he realized his partner was a bit upset for a reason he didn’t know yet. He gave one cup to Ciel’nn. “Hold it.” He said calmly before he poured the liquid into it. “Now, did you have a companion before coming here?” Teldryn asked in a soothing tone that was meant to alleviate the pain that his partner seemed to have currently. “My last patron was a true and stubborn Nord - tattoos and all.” He began to tell his previous experience while he filled his cup with Sujamma and put the bottle down. “We cleared one ruined fort  somewhere outside of Whiterun and when we got outside, we saw one of them escaping, galloping away on horseback.” He paused to see if the young mer was following him. His partner took a sip of his cup and nodded to him. “What then?” He heard Ciel’nn asking quietly. “Well, my patron wasn’t about to let him get away, so we pursued… on foot, for three days.” The last words were said in a low tone, and Teldryn took a pause for a sip of Sujamma.

    “Until…?” Ciel’nn prompted his partner to go on. It sounded like a tough patron and bloodthirsty, too.

    “Until we ended up tracking him to one of the largest bandit encampments I'd ever seen. My patron took one look at me, and made the most menacing grin I'd ever seen. At that moment, I knew I'd never see him again. No amount of money would ever be worth that kind of death." Teldryn finished his tale. “I hope you’re not as crazy as he was.” He glanced at Ciel’nn.

    Ciel’nn shook his head slightly. “I’ll not willingly fight a horde of bandits. I had my own share last time I was there.” He took another sip of his cup. “My previous companion was a Nord, too. He was young and we had several adventures before he died.” The young mer cast his eyes down and bit his lower lip. “I was hunted by the Thalmor and he took the poisoned bolt for me… always trying to keep me safe…” Ciel’nn took a deep breath and looked to Teldryn. “I want you to know that there still might be people after me and I don’t ask you to protect me…” His voice cracked. Although, I want to you to stay close. I’m afraid you might walk away when things get difficult… I didn’t expect camping to go like this.

    He’s at it again. Teldryn frowned and wrapped his free arm around the young mer and pulled him closer to himself. “Seems you are more interesting than I thought. If it helps any, I’m not going anywhere because we’re sharing the dangers together. Wasn’t that what you said?” He gave Ciel’nn a squeeze on the arm as if to reassure him and let him lean on him as Ciel’nn did so. “The Nords might pay well, but they’re suicidal people. Best not to get attached to them.” Teldryn mused quietly and heard Ciel’nn’s light chuckle.

    It was soothing to listen to Teldryn talking while they started out for the sea and towards their homeland. Ciel’nn discovered that the older mer brought a sense of being at home while being with him. He liked that feeling even if knowing it might be too early, but he was getting attached already. The young mer also had a strong sense of belonging which he hadn’t felt before. But, if the other mer felt the same he couldn’t say yet. For now, Ciel’nn was content to be around his partner.

    I have a lot to tell you, Teldryn.



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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  July 17, 2018
    Tent?  What, no overhang? Nothing like a camp scene to calm things down between storms.
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      Tent?  What, no overhang? Nothing like a camp scene to calm things down between storms.
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      Overhang thing sounds nice too. Hmm.
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    Nice contrast to the chapter. On one say the inspection and on the other an intimate campfire talk. Ciel is living a Skyrim fantasy, he gets to see Teldryn without his helmet. :D
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    Nothing like swapping stories of previous partners to get closer to your current one... and Teldryn is still obsessed with the Lusty Argonian Maid. Is the full work that legendary? From what we've read in-game it seems to just be... all hint and no raw ac...  more
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    I love how you incorporated Teldryn's in-game back story dialogue into your story.  (L)
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    Ha! Daynes Aroa is definitely one of those hardass military inspectors. Ondren had the right idea, rectal climbing might get him some bonus points.  :D

    Well, Ciel and Teldryn are going to sleep in one tent. That's going to be awk...  more
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      Karver the Lorc
      Karver the Lorc
      Ha! Daynes Aroa is definitely one of those hardass military inspectors. Ondren had the right idea, rectal climbing might get him some bonus points.  :D

      Well, Ciel and Teldryn are going to sleep in one tent. That's going to be awkward. And we're al...  more
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      Daynes is to be feared! :D

      What's awkward in that? They do sleep on separate bedrolls, I think. o_o