Protected, no longer; Chapter 30


    Chapter 30


    Ciel’nn looked at the blue fire torches and the cones on the walls. The corridor felt like it went on forever as he strolled ahead. For his trouble, he didn’t see any door that would lead out of the place. He kept walking until he became tired, and stopped to think.

    Trapped... There was no escape.

    He sat on the floor to sulk. What was the point of walking if everything looked the same? Ciel’nn was fed up of these kind of places. How would he get free of this place?

    He also was lonely. Ciel’nn sighed and wrapped his arms around his knees. Something made him to look to his left. There was the mage lady with a tormented expression. Why was she here?


    Plans in motion. It bothered Ciel’nn to no end as he was sitting on a tree trunk and played with his dagger. How much can a Daedric Prince know of another’s plans? Were they told not to interfere, or was it some cosmic pattern between them and they understood another’s schemes?

    The Nord was still sobering up from his hangover and complained like a little child in their tent. Ciel’nn rolled his eyes and wished the young warrior would grow up. He wasn’t sure where they would end up in the end. There were questions to be answered, but the Dunmer wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear them. “How much mead did you take?” Ciel’nn called from the tree trunk. “We can’t travel on the road anymore. Thanks to you!”

    “Not so loud! My head hurts.” Rangalen groaned as he looked from the tent. “Why is that?” He couldn’t remember from the visit to Markath, other than going to the Inn.. How many meads he had actually took? Maybe three, six? He vaguely remembered the carriage run. “Maybe six meads?”

    Ciel’nn stared at the Nord somewhat coldly. “Six? You mocked the Thalmor in your drunken haze. I think he was really mad.” He paused for a moment. “I had to paralyze him, so we got out before something really bad was happened. You are probably on their hit list now.” With that, he returned to playing with his knife. “I think I’m going to the College of Winterhold, to ask the arch-mage if he can tell me something about my problem.”

    Rangalen winced as he sat up as he listened to his friend. He had mocked the Thalmor? Troll’s blood! This is  bad, and on their hit list? He realized he was becoming like his father and cursed silently. It made him ashamed. The Dunmer said something about Winterhold. “On your own?” The Nord couldn’t help but feel as his voice almost choked up. “You can tag along if you want.” He heard Ciel’nn replying, without looking at him. Troll’s blood! Things were bad. Maybe more than bad and Rangalen lowered his head. How he wished for Sarade to be with them, but she was somewhere searching for Tellik. Tellik…? Has he forgotten that bastard?  “We need to watch out for Tellik!” The young warrior raised his head, hoping Ciel’nn would look back at him.

    Ciel’nn stopped playing with his dagger and glanced at the Nord. “He’s on my kill list.” His reply came with a smirk. “So, he can watch out for us.” Oh, he had real intentions to kill that ugly, dishonored n’wah. His tone was all about it; rich with intention to kill and such a sinister tone that he wasn’t joking about it. Ciel’nn noted the Nord’s shift of expression and gave him a sinister smile telling that he’d make Tellik pay for hurting his friend.

    “I really hate it when you’re like that.” The young warrior sighed. “It gives me the creeps. I really hope we don’t have to meet him.” The way the Dunmer looked at him took the young warrior out of his comfort zone, but he was quiet and took a deep breath.

    There was a brief silence before either of them spoke.

    They left the hidden campsite and headed towards Whiterun. Walking through the Tundra seemed to be safe for the moment, but Rangalen kept an eye out for any enemies. He regretted his drinking and that he had made the Thalmor angry even though he didn’t remember it. The young warrior remembered something else and he looked around the area and then to the Dunmer. “Ciel’nn, I need tell you something.”  He waited until Ciel’nn looked at him curiously.

    “Hm? What is it?” The Dunmer asked while they kept walking. “If you’re secretly turning into a Thalmor - I don’t want to hear it.”

    “What? No! Gods!” Rangalen shook his head. “Look,” Somehow it was harder to tell than he’d thought. “I got blood on my hands. No, it’s not just the bandits.” The Dunmer’s brows shot up, but Rangalen continued, “I’… killed a Stormcloak officer when I was younger.” The young warrior paused for a moment, unsure if he should explain why he had killed the man. “Go on.” Ciel’nn’s prompted courage came. “Uh,… I went to the place where young Nords are being tested against ice wraiths.” Rangalen took a deep breath. “There was the older officer waiting for me. I don’t know how he knew I was coming.”

    Their walk stopped as the Dunmer stopped and turned to the Nord to listen carefully while he studied his friend. Ciel’nn had a hunch of where the story was going, but didn’t interrupt the Nord.

    “He said that it wasn’t uncommon that young ones go missing on their trial, and that he’s going to teach me a lesson before I’d die. He had the same look as Tellik when he looked at you. He tried to get his hands on me and we fought for a while. He taunted me into a boiling rage and next I found out that my sword had gone through his throat.” It felt good to tell that he, also, had killed someone. It was like a secret between them. He never had told it to anyone before. “I killed the man in cold blood, Ciel’nn. You’re the first to know.”

    Hearing that the Nord had actually killed someone that wasn’t a criminal was thrilling. Ciel’nn had thought the man was pure and innocent, but looks can be deceiving. It had been Rangalen’s first kill by the sound of it. When it comes to killing a person - it was for self defense or for another person, or a contract. His first kill… Well, Ciel’nn wasn’t ready to talk about it. “Well, honestly I didn’t see that coming, Rangalen. I’m not judging, though. It’s kill or be killed. You did what you had to.” He put his hand on the Nord’s arm, smiling. “It doesn’t make you an outlaw yet. I’m glad you told me.”

    My hands are still bloodier.

    Once the young warrior had recovered himself, they continued on their way and passed Fort Greymoor. The Imperial soldiers occupied it and shouted at them from the walls. “Go home! It’s only matter of time when the war breaks out!” The Nord frowned and shook his head. He thought it wouldn’t begin so soon. The Dunmer had increased his walk speed into rapid strides now as if he was in a hurry. Maybe it was a good thing. “We could get to the College by carriage?” Rangalen suggested, but Ciel’nn shook his head.

    “Too risky. Let’s go across the Tundra and camp near Loreius Farm.” The Dunmer replied, pulling his hood on. “If the Thalmor see us on the road, they’ll come with spells at us.” Ciel’nn wanted to reach the farm before the nightfall. He shivered as felt the cold wind blowing against his face while a shadow of doubt crept into the back of his mind.



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  • The Long-Chapper
    The Long-Chapper   ·  April 21
    Well, geez, Rang, the man he killed was a lecherous arsehole. I say all is fair in battle, no? 
  • Paws
    Paws   ·  March 11
    Eh, sounds like Rang had very little options. Justifiable circumstances, I'd say. 
  • GailOlm
    GailOlm   ·  December 27, 2017
    Well, Rang's admission to Ciel'nn certainly came as a surprise! Though to be fair to Rang, the officer did threaten him by telling him that young ones could go missing and that he would teach Rang a lesson before he died as well as taunting Rang into a ra...  more
  • Hworra
    Hworra   ·  November 17, 2017
    Hmm, blue fire torches? I need more hints, blast yoouuuu >.<

    Rang's too hard on himself, he did just say that he was in a boiling rage. Killing someone in that state isn't the same as killing in cold blood.

    And finally... a...  more
    • Caladran
      Hmm, blue fire torches? I need more hints, blast yoouuuu >.<

      Rang's too hard on himself, he did just say that he was in a boiling rage. Killing someone in that state isn't the same as killing in cold blood.

      And finally... all caught up! Wheee!
        ·  November 17, 2017
      Thank you so much for reading and all the comments! I'm glad you like this small story of Ciel'nn so far.  More to come soon! ^^
  • Shadow Arm
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    Hmm, yeah, that really did come out as surprise. Rang being not so innocent after all. But on the other hand, who doesn't have blood on their hands in a world like that?