ESO Short Stories; 02





    The Daggerfall contract had been difficult, and Ciel’nn wanted to sleep away the stress. He had almost been caught by the Castle guards. Why did it have to be inside the Castle? he had wondered after he managed to escape. Of course he could have slept during the trip back to the Gold Coast, but being restless as he was, Ciel’nn wanted to safety first.



    It was nearly night fall when he reached the Sanctuary doors and clumped inside. He passed a few Initiates, who left in a hurry. He hoped that Elam would still be in his place and not gone for an evening snack. Ciel’nn narrowed his eyes, as he was tired, and the dim lighting in the halls helped not at all. He could fall asleep at any second now.



    Elam was sitting in his chair when the young Dunmer clumped in. He seemed to have a little bit of blood on his clothing. The older Dunmer frowned. “Silencer, you brought good news?” He stood up, still frowning.



    “Contract fulfilled.” Ciel’nn managed to whisper. “I’m so tired. I guess I’ll try and find a place to sleep.” He gazed at Elam with weary eyes. Seriously, he could just flop on the carpet and sleep right there. His whole body felt heavy as he tried to stay balanced, as assassins should be able to stand.



    “You barely can stand!” Elam said in a worrying tone. He thought for a moment and looked around the room – no one was present at the moment, so Elam stepped closer to Ciel’nn. “Listen,” he brought up his hand to raise the younger Dunmer’s chin a bit to look at him, “you can use my bed. It’s in the back. Sleep well, Ciel’nn.”



    A tired smile crept on Ciel’nn’s lips, but when he turned to go he collapsed. Elam’s touch seemed to be too much for him. He let sleep overtake him while the older Dunmer caught him before falling on the floor.



    “Oh, Ciel’nn…” Elam mused and picked him up in his arms. The corridors would be quiet now and hopefully no one could see them – not that he was afraid of it, but the rumors… Elam carried the younger Dunmer to the common quarters and tucked him in his bed, stroking Ciel’nn’s cheek lightly before leaving.



    He would take a night shift as he knew some Initiates and higher ranked assassins had gone to fill their contracts over the night. The older Dunmer didn’t feel tired so he returned to his chair and waited to see who would arrive next.



    The stress and worry were gone in the morning when Ciel’nn woke up in Elam’s bed. He vaguely remembered the talk about using the older Dunmer’s bed last night. The rest of it was black as he couldn’t remember anything. In any case, he had slept well.



    Ciel’nn sat up, hoping no one would see him and stretched his arms. He doubted he’d be able chat a bit with Elam as the mornings were busy with everyone going out or coming back to the Sanctuary. His eye caught a glass of water and a scroll on the table. He grabbed the scroll and began to read it:






    I hope you have rested well. I’ve spoken to the Matron for you to have a day off. Spend it resting well and meet me later at the Inn as usual.






    “A day off, huh?” the young Dunmer mused, putting the note scroll into his bag that was lying on the floor. “How should I spend the day then?” he thought as he took a sip from the glass of water.



    Later he strolled around Anvil and observed the town’s activities. Maybe he should invite Vevan here sometimes, he wondered, as he stopped at the small pond where a few people were fishing. He still needed to visit the grocery store for supplies and stroll around the harbor for a hidden stash, but he wasn’t in a hurry.


    He just couldn’t wait till evening to meet Elam again.



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  • GailOlm
    GailOlm   ·  May 7, 2017
    I'm enjoying reading about Ciel'nn in this alternate universe. :)