Protected, no longer; Chapter 9


    Chapter 9


    His mother took him on the trip to Mournhold trip because the cousin’s father had the dampworm sickness, and Mirane was asked to bring a special potion. It was uncertain if the potion would work. Ciel’nn was happy to come along – at least Maltrys wouldn’t beat the heck out of him.


    He watched his uncle shaking in his bed while his mother tried to study him. It would be a lot better if the sick one was Maltrys… He felt sorry for his cousin’s father. Ciel’nn felt a light touch on his shoulder, and looked round.


    “Come, Ciel’nn. I need to show you something.” Ce’vale whispered in a soft tone.


    Following his cousin, the young Dunmer wondered what Ce’vale would show him. Hopefully it is a rare poisonous plant! Or maybe a new guar. His cousin led him into the gardens – there weren’t many people so they would be there in peace.


    “What is it?” he asked as he looked at his cousin whose face was serious.


    Ce’vale reached into his bag, and took out a flat box. He handed it to Ciel’nn. “I asked the blacksmith to make this for you.”


    Ciel’nn took the box, and he opened it – it was an elegant chitin dagger, and the blade seemed to be sharp. It was his first weapon. He felt speechless, but glanced at his cousin.


    “You are welcome. It’s for your self-defense.” Ce’vale whispered before leaning closer, “You know when it’s time.” He wrapped his arms around the younger cousin, and hugged him. “You’re important to me. Remember it, Ciel’nn.”




    The Whiterun streets were busy when Rangalen pushed the gates open and let the Dunmer go in first. He saw how people went about their business, and if he wasn’t mistaken he almost could see a mischief happening in the outer edges. The young warrior decided to mention about it to the City Guard. Rangalen closed the gate after him and followed Ciel’nn as they passed a few people on the way.


    Ciel’nn eyed the people that passed them and he didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It would be just a normal day inside the gates of the city. It would be a good day if Nazeem would stay out of his sight. He didn’t see the man though, but there was a courier coming towards them. The Dunmer wondered who would get a letter.


    The Courier passed the Dunmer, and he looked at the young warrior. “There you are! I’ve been looking for you. You’re difficult a man to reach.” He sighed, taking the letter out of his bag. “Let’ see… Ah, here you are. That’s it. Have a good day.” The Courier then strolled towards the gates.


    Rangalen eyed the letter in his hand – it had his family signet seal on it. His brows were knitted to a deep frown as he gave a deep sigh. This can’t be good. What possibly he could he want after all these weeks? He glanced around where they were and nudged the Dunmer. “Let’s go over there.” He nodded towards the right side of the outer wall.


    “Is something wrong?” Ciel’nn frowned as he followed the young warrior to the side. He observed the Nord for a moment, who was clearly distressed.


    “A letter from home.” Rangalen glanced at Ciel’nn before breaking the seal.


    The Dunmer gasped. “Oh! Father the Captain!” He cringed as he pretended they had been caught by doing something improper.


    The young warrior gave crooked smile at Ciel’nn as he didn’t mind the little jest. He began to read the letter and his teeth ground together and his eyes narrowed in annoyance as abruptly he crushed the letter inside his fist. “Troll’s blood!”


    Ciel’nn moved his stray strand of hair behind his ear. “What does the man want?” he asked in a softer, concerned tone. A slight worry started brewing in his chest. The Dunmer didn’t know how the Nord army here worked since back at home they had only a militia, and then there were Redoran mercenaries of small companies.


    The Nord looked at Ciel’nn. The Dunmer was so charming even when he was worried for him. “He wants to see me and talk about something.” he sighed. “I don’t know if I like the idea of going back just because he wants me to.”


    Ciel’nn tilted his head. “Then don’t go. I mean we can go there later if you want.” He flashed a smile at the Nord in hoping it would cheer him up. By Oblivion if it was Maltrys – the thought made the Dunmer shiver slightly – he’d ignore the letter outright and burn it. Still, he wanted to make the Nord feel better. “Come, you don’t have decide right now. Let’s get you a better shield, and maybe something to eat after that. What do you say, Rangalen?” he said, poured all his caring into the last words.


    The young warrior was caught by the voice tone of Ciel’nn, and Rangalen found himself distracted by the way the Dunmer looked at him. He knew the Mer meant to cheer him up, but he couldn’t help himself but to feel nearly breathless. The Nord averted his gaze slightly. “Right, umm… Yes, let’s go to see if they have good shields.” he offered a sheepish smile.


    Warmaiden’s had a good selection of shields as they eyed the ones before them. Ulfberth War-Bear had the shield set before them. The young warrior eyed them thoughtfully as he inspected each of them. The steel one looked like a proper one to have. He glanced at the Dunmer, who was studying the dagger selection. “This Steel shield looks good.” he said, still thoughtful.


    “Steel is the best. We will have more coming in later this week.” Ulfberth said, obviously being proud of their selection. “Didn’t you have that wooden shield? What happened to it?” he suddenly remembered.


    “It got destroyed by a war axe. It was given to me by my father. Not that it matters now.” Rangalen replied.


    “What kind of a father would give his son a wooden shield?” Ulfberth asked in a shock. “I’m sorry, lad. It doesn’t seem like he don’t appreciates you much.”


    Ciel’nn came to the young warrior’s side when the Nord spoke. “I’d like buy to the steel shield.”


    “It’ll cost four hundred and forty septims for you. I’m sorry I can’t lower the price with the Civil War looming on the near horizon, lad.”


    “Oh, I don’t have – “the young warrior said.


    “If you want it, let’s buy it.” Ciel’nn smiled.


    “How...?” Rangalen asked in surprise.


    “I’ll pay it. I’m richer than Nazeem.” the Dunmer said in a smug tone and he reached into his bag for the septims. He put them on the counter. “For the shield and those daggers over there.” He gave a polite smile to Ulfberth who was staring at him along with the young warrior. “Don’t ask.”


    “Alright then. The shield will serve you well. Stay safe on the road.” Ulfberth took the septims, being satisfied, and watched Rangalen taking the shield, and Ciel’nn taking the daggers.


    When they were outside they nearly ran into Nazeem who looked mildly annoyed at them. As he lived at Cloud district it was something he hadn’t expected. The face the Dunmer was giving him wasn’t expected either. “Do you visit -?” he started but was cut off abruptly.


    Ciel’nn leaned forward to the man. “Your precious Cloud District pales in comparison to the Plaza of Gods in Mournhold, you s’wit!” he hissed, and he shifted to stroll away. “Come, Rangalen. Let’s go!” He missed his home as he sighed inwardly. I wonder if Mournhold is still standing.


    Leaving dismayed Nazeem behind them, the young warrior just smirked as he followed the Dunmer to the Bannered Mare for food. One their way there, Rangalen caught a guard and he mentioned about the mischief happening.


    “Oh. I’ll check that after my break.” the guard replied, clearly being lazy than vigilant.


    The market was like a bee’s nest, and it made Ciel’nn restless having people bumping into him. He barely saw the Nord when he glanced over his shoulder. “Damned brutes…” he hissed in a low tone as a few rude and weathered warriors walked past him. Finally he managed to make his way to the well, and Ciel’nn sat on the edge. I never get use to such crowds. Where do they even come from? He brought his hand to run over his left shoulder.


    “There you are! Where do these people come from? I’ve never seen Whiterun this busy!” the young warrior said, pushing his way through the crowd. He caught the Dunmer rubbing his shoulder. “Did someone hurt you?” He frowned and gazed around the market as if looking for suspects.


    “Did you see two brutes passing by? They just walked past me like they didn’t see me at all. I think my shoulder hit their shield.” Ciel’nn sighed. It was going to leave a bruise later. He hadn’t seen their faces, but maybe the Nord saw them.


    “I saw them. They did this? If we see them again, outside of the city…” Rangalen half growled. He looked at the Dunmer, offering his hand to Ciel’nn. “Come, I’ll make way for us.” he smiled and waited for Ciel’nn to stand.


    The Bannered Mare wasn’t as full of people as Ciel’nn had feared. They had found a clean table from at the back. He observed the patrons while the Nord went to ask Hulda about the brutes. After a while he poured himself wine into the mug, and stared at it afterwards. It was a big mug – too big for his tender hands. It’s a stupid mug, why they don’t have chalices? He would drink straight from the bottle of course, if it didn’t fit his Dunmeric standards.


    The young warrior returned to their table, and he sat down. He noticed the Dunmer staring at the mug. “You told me you wanted a chalice, right? Where would we find one?” Rangalen smiled as he opened his mead bottle. “Hulda said the two brutes weren’t from these parts, and they go with the names of Gaoru and Tellik. Said they are looking for the Dragonborn. I wonder why?” he continued, before taking a chug from his bottle.


    A chalice would be nice indeed. Ciel’nn hadn’t touched his mug yet when his eyes turned to the young warrior. “Never heard of them. What could they possibly want from her anyway?” he said and decided he’d not drink from the mug or the bottle. Maybe he would need to visit a general store to look for a better cup or chalice. Leaning back of his chair, Ciel’nn glanced at the Nord. “Why did you ask for their names though?”


    “I’m going to ask them why they are after Sarade,” the young warrior replied after he had taken another chug from his bottle. He noticed the Dunmer tilting his head as he raised his dark brow at the same time. If Rangalen didn’t know any better, he’d wager Ciel’nn was going to ask something specific.


    “Rangalen,” Ciel’nn said in a thoughtful tone, “you aren’t going to do something else than ask them, are you?” he asked while he observed the Nord. If he knew anything about them, he’d bet the young warrior was going to do more than ask the brutes. There was more to know about this Nord, Ciel’nn was certain.


    “Don’t worry, Ciel’nn. I’ll not get into a fight with them if that’s what you’re afraid of.” Rangalen replied. Though, he wasn’t sure if they would avoid fighting – he wouldn’t pick a fight when the Dunmer was with him. Rangalen was certain Ciel’nn would be able to take care of himself if needed. The young warrior wasn’t sure if his companion would flee from the scene when a tight spot came. All he wanted was Ciel’nn to be safe.


    He held his thoughtful gaze for a while before Ciel’nn nodded, and looked down at his mug. He was getting thirsty. Maybe I should drink from the bottle? In a swift move he grabbed the wine bottle and he took a swig. It tasted sweet compared to mead. The Dunmer put the bottle back on the table gently, but quickly as if he was afraid someone could see him.


    “No one cares how you drink.” Rangalen grinned.


    “I don’t want to become one of you Nords! I want my chalice.” the Dunmer sighed.


    They decided to have a snack before they would go and ask about the training. On approaching the door, Sinmir came to them and said he’d heard their talk about getting the training for the young warrior. The older warrior said, “I’ll give you a good lesson. Skyrim needs more potential warriors than sloppy milk drinkers.”


    “I’d appreciate it, Sinmir.” Rangalen replied with a smile. The thought about the training from a veteran made him feel excited and thrilled.


    Ciel’nn had difficulty hiding his grin because he saw the shine in the young warrior’s eyes. It reminded him when his cousin taught him the first moves of the assassin. It had been hard but exciting at the same time. He missed his cousin, but he was happy for the Nord. Surely the new adventures and battles they’d get into would be more than knocking someone over.


    “We will make you a real warrior, Rangalen,” Sinmir said boasting, “Meet me at the Stables tomorrow morning.”



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  • A Shadow Under the Moons
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    Aww. Rang and Ciel'nn's little moment was so sweet. >////<

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    Hmm, I wonder what Ranaglen's father wants with him. I have a feeling that it won't be pleasant.  I like the little quirk of Ciel'nn's not liking mugs but preferring to drink out of a chalice.  And another cliffhanger, wondering what the brutes ...  more