Exaltation to Exile: Prologue

  • Prologue


    201, Suns height, Morndas, 17


    Kerillian StormWeaver


    "So, I'm supposed to keep you from stirring up trouble." The way she said it made it clear it wasn't a question.


    "What? I'm here to assist you in-"


    She cut me off before I could finish, snapping, "Did you really believe that? You were causing too much of a scene in the Imperial city, so they sent you to me to keep you out of the way."'


    I knew she was right of course. The prodigal son of the StormWeaver family, opposed to Thalmor rule? It just wouldn't do, and our family’s relation to the Stormcloak clan certainly didn't help matters. Her straightforwardness surprised me, I'd heard stories of her but I'd thought such a powerful woman would act with more restraint. But when you’ve got a whole hold in your pocket I suppose you get used to getting what you want, and getting it quickly.
    Maven Black-Briar looked up from her letter and looked at me piercingly, seemingly judging my worth. She had light brown eyes, unusual for a Nord, suggesting familial connections to the impe--


    "That sword on your back, how good are you with it?" Her question startled me back to reality.


    "What?" I spluttered embarrassingly. The woman was disconcerting, short but with an aura of command that seemed to give her several feet of height. The sword itself was a rather large affair, nothing like the smaller arming swords and side swords I’d seen her personal guards using. The city guards seemed to prefer the same, or carried huge great axes and war hammers. It was also a relatively new design, only recently developed after the Great War 26 years earlier. The smith who first made the design is unknown, and the type is still rather obscure. The length of a longsword, single edged, and with a curved tip. The design allowed extra cutting power but hindered its ability to pierce mail and slip through the cracks of heavy armor.


    “The sword, how skilled are you with it?” The question sounded more like a threat, she was growing impatient with me.


    “I’m decent with it, I have much to learn but I know the basics and a few of the more advanced techniques.” I answered confidently. My combat ability wasn’t incredible but my nightly training sessions with Aziliz were sharpening my skills.


    “Have you killed before?” She sounded genuinely curious. This was starting to turn into an interrogation. This was a hard question, and the way it had happened wouldn't be the way she'd expect of a man holding a sword.


    “Not with the sword.” 


    “Then with what?” Her eyes flashed, sizing me up and determining my usefulness.


    “I’d rather keep a few things a surprise, I’m sure you’ll learn eventually.” She narrowed her eyes, looking slightly displeased. I was sure she’d assign someone to watch me. She probably wouldn’t even be discrete about it.


    “Fine then, you have lodgings in the bee and barb until further notice. You will have to come to me to receive your allowance from your family. This months coin is there on the table.” She motioned to a decently sized pouch, which I grabbed. “I will send someone to your rooms tomorrow with instructions for you, until then, leave my house.”


    I stood from the chair, said my goodbyes and exited the room.


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    Awwwooo Caedrus
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    Nice start to your story... so many questions but we'll learn more in time.