My Poison List

  • Paralysis/Slow


    Extract of Arachnid

    Lingering Damage + Paralysis (+ Damage Health)
    Canis Root & Imp Stool & Mora Tapinella
    Human flesh + imp stool + (orange dartwing, scathecraw, mora tapinella)

    Frenzy Poison

    Falmer Ear, Blisterwort, Fly Amanita, Hagraven Feathers

    Frenzy Poison

    Damage Health + Frenzy + Damage Stamina
    Falmer Ear + Blisterwort + Crimson nirnroot

    Mage Frenzy

    Damage Health + Damage Magicka & Magicka Regen + Frenzy
    Falmer Ear + Hanging Moss + Human Heart

    The Instigator

    Damage Health & Magicka & Stamina + Frenzy
    Blisterwort + Human Heart + Jarrin Root (One of a kind)

    First Strike

    Weakness to Poison + Damage + Lingering Stamina Damage
    Deathbell + Nightshade + Small Antlers


    Weakness to Poison & Fire & Frost
    Abecean Longfin + Bleeding Crown + Ice Wraith Teeth

    Mage Killer

    Damage Magicka and Magicka Regen + Damage
    Human Heart + River Betty + Glow Dust/Hanging Moss

    Extract of Death Bell

    Damage Health + Ravage Health + Weakness to Poison
    Giant Lichen+Death Bell+Skeever Tail

    Creeping Rot

    Damage + Lingering + Slow
    Deathbell, river betty, and abacean longfin/pine thrush egg

    Grip of Terror

     Damage Health + Fear + Slow
    Cyrodilic Spadetail* + Deathbell + Poison Bloom
    *can be substituted with Blue Dartwing, Daedra Heart, Gleamblossom (DG), Namira's Rot, Powdered Mammoth Tusk, Netch Jelly (DB). Netch Jelly will add Fortify Carry Weight to the effects

    Triple X Poison

    Ravage Magicka & Stamina + Health
    Jazbay Grapes + Scathecraw + Spawn Ash

    Beneficial Potions

    Healing + Increase Health
    Blue Mountain Flower & Wheat

    Fortify Marksman
    Canis root, juniper berries, spider egg, elves ear

    Invisibility + Fortify Health
    Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust

    Fortify Illusion + Stamina Regen
    Mora Tapinella, Scaly Pholiota

    Fortify Marksmen and Regenerate Health
    Elves Ear, Juniper Berries, Garlic

    Invisibility, Fortify Stamina and Regenerate Health
    Vampire Dust, Garlic, Chaurus Eggs

    Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Light Armour, Fortify Sneak
    Luna Moth Wing, Hanging Moss and Purple Mountain Flower

    Cure Disease + Fortify Light Armor + Invisibility + Regenerate Health
    Hawk Feathers + Luna Moth Wing + Vampire Dust