ToC: Katarina Liore; the Journal of the Last Dragonborn


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    Table of Contents

    Foreword - by Reyda the Arcane, Scholar of History; Page 3

    Chapter 1: The Imperial Legion; Page 5


    Author's Notes:

    So I was writing, and playtesting, a character build. And this is something like my third or fourth playtest of the build, and it was getting slightly stale even if the first two or three were about a year ago. Needing something to keep it fresh, I started a little RP journal. (That helped a lot. I definitely recommend it to all Skyrim players looking for a more immersive experience.) And then it grew into a thirty-page monster thatn I looked at and could actually see myself publishing it. With a few caveats.


    A journal by itself isn't... well, I can't speak to how interesting it would be to read, especially since, when writing in character, one is likely to skim over a lot of what seems important or unimportant, and what the character is focusing on. If you've ever heard of the concept of an unreliable narrator, it's sort of like that, but not as problematic. Then Reyda the Arcane, an old character I never really got into playing, popped up, and immediately I had my presentation style. I'll have to thank her by actually creating her and taking her for a spin through Skyrim sometime. (She's sort of an Indiana Jones figure in my head.)


    I could have attempted a regular story in prose, my favoured style of writing, but while I think I have the Dragonborn's personality down, she doesn't have a strong voice in my head (which is ironic because Dragonborn) and thus wouldn't translate well into prose. In that respect, journaling is something of a compromise, but I'm quite happy with the end product and actually excited to share it.


    Updates will be sporadic as this is pretty much an annotated playthrough of my game and progress is slow-ish, and I might (maybe) switch my focus to the Follow Me, Follow You event. I'm having a lot of fun getting screenshots of the playthrough, too, so although I've not seen any other story in the Corner come with screenshots, I've included them.


    It's a very modest thing, not much, but I hope it brings you some small enjoyment to read.

    - soly



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  • Sotek
    Sotek   ·  June 26, 2017
    It'll be interesting to see where and how far you take this Solyeuse...
  • DeltaFox
    DeltaFox   ·  June 3, 2017
    Sounds great. Character journals are my favorite. You can get a much more personal take on the world.