C.o.t.W Chapter 117: The Realm of Shadow

  • Hasir and Arcadia walked until the recieved a metaphorical punch in the gut. A massive black building that had orange drapes with

    midnight blue Oblivion symbols outlined in black hanging off it like flesh off of a rotting animal. The building looked like it had been in

    disuse for a long time. The wooden paneling looked like it had been half-eaten by wood nymphs and the porch roof sagged as if sat

    on by a Sload.


    Hasir took a step towards it but the Imperial's hand shot out; her face ashen.

    "Walking into an abandoned house, are you crazy?" Nervously, she gestured to the building, "look at the state of it. I-it looks like a

    strong gust of wind could... not even that, a-a normal gust of wind could topple this place. Hasir, let's reconsider... please."


    Hasir thought about this and shook his head, shaking the potions mistress off of him.

    "Arcadia, if you are concerned that I may be dismember in there, go and wait for me at the potions shop. I just want to check this

    out. Once I find there is nothing dangerous about that place than I will come and get you." He said calmly. Something that was the

    last thing on Arcadia's mind, feeling calm. He knew her nerves were standing at attention.


    In a shaky voice, Arcadia said,

    "Y-yes b-but what if Molag Bal is somehow connected to this?"


    Hasir turned and looked at her.

    "I'll just have to take that into account. I have a hunch, however, that Molag Bal had nothing to do with this. Now go and wait inside

    the city. I won't be long." He said, turning to the mysterious shop again.

    When he was sure she was safely inside the city, he walked up to the house. The stairs creaked as he ascended them, causing him to

    stop and glanced about with every step. On the porch, he saw cages of various sizes and a different animal residing in each one. He

    blanked them and proceed inside.


    The interior was decorated in the same fashion as the exterior; with a few exceptions. An orange carpet with black cobswebs on it

    ran along the middle of the store. An oak counter littered with potion bottles and animals feed bags stood at the end of the room

    with black cages that, Hasir saw, housed all manner of creatures from rabbits and ravens to owls and falcons. Hasir look around him

    and saw the same cages that stood at the end likewise dominated the sides of the shop.


    Hasir saw the same cloaked Altmer that Arcadia had described feeding the creatures what looked like septims - only smaller. He

    walked passed the to the counter at the end; not wanting to see what exactly he was feeding them. He approached the wooden

    counter and saw a midnight blue-tail khajiit cloaked in black talking in hushed tones to the animals. Hasir cleared his throat loudly.

    Yelping, the khajiit turned around and smiled,

    "You must be here for a furry companion, yes?" He said


    Hasir shook his head, gesturing towands Whiterun.

    "No thanks, one is enough. To be honest, He can be a real handful."


    The khajiit frowned and pointed to the animals. The argonian gathering her meaning immediately while looking a bit perturbed

    because he didn't seem to understand his attempt at a joke. He noticed that the khajiit had pumpkinish orange eyes; the same as



    A voice at the back of Hasir's mind awoke as like a wolf from slumber and recognized its chance to pounce.

    "Excuse me sir, but are you related to a khajiit that goes by the name of Inigo?"

    The khajiit placed its claws on the counter and stared, eyes narrowed, at Hasir.

    "Excuse you Argonian?" You seriously this this one looks like a male khajiit. Well, you are mistaken. khajiit males have broader

    faces. Does my face look broad to you?" The argonian shook his head. "Argonian is correct, it doesn't. Now, for argonian's question if

    this one knows Inigo, he is this one's son." Her head became a leaf on a dead tree, "Apologies argonian, this one neglected to tell

    you her name. She smiled and looked at him as her eyes threatened to burn him, "This one's name is Attala. She apologizes for

    keeping a rather low profile but Attala hoped that if she interfered that Inigo will befall the same fate as Fergus."


    Hasir mouth hit the floor. He had no idea that Inigo's birth mother did not want to meet her son. 

    "Youu have to meet your son." He told her, "He misses you, though he rarely talks about you." Hasir looked at her wonderingly, "How

    exactly did you come to own a shop like this. Come to think of it, how did you come to Skyrim?"


    Attala sighed and told the Argonian that was a rather long story. He said he wanted to her it and that his name with Hasir not

    argonian. She nodded; saying she meant no disrespect by calling him by his race. Hasir smiled appreciatively. Attala told him she

    always liked animals and was waylaid on day on he way to the market by a daedra with a penchant fror ravens. She told Attala that if

    she did this small favor for her that she would stall her brother from carrying out his judgement upon the entire world.  


    Hasir asked her what she did. Attala told him that she had no choice but to sell her animals or familiars as she called them in order

    to escape Molag Bal's wrath.


    Hasir thought this over and chuckled to himself.

    "Attala, Nocturnal lied to you. Don't get you tail in a knot about it, they do it to everyone. By Oblivion, I'm sure I was fucked over by

    the daedra a time or two. Molag Bal is putting his plan to write a new book of Tamrielic history; one that completely blots out the

    reality we know." Attala look at him, a bit worried. Hasir chuckled again, Daedra can give a fuck about us mortals. They see us a

    pawn in their royally fucked up game of chess. Do what you want not what someone else has forced you to do. You, alone, are in

    charge of your destiny; no one else."

    Attala considered this but quickly brushed this thought off like a bug thaat'd scuttled into her fur.

    "Enough of that. Back to business. You are here for a furry companion, yes? Pick. There is no wrong choice. All of them are suitible

    for whatever magic you wish to perform. Might this one suggest either the cat, owl or raven. They are each dependable; in their own

    special ways."


    Hasir browsed the animals that were caged behind the counter, telling her that this was for Inigo, not him, as Inigo lost his pet in an

    accident. Atalla nodded and did not press the argonian for answers.

    "Hmmm... I can't see Inigo with a cat, given his fear of dead things. I can, however, see him with something that flies. Hmmm... I

    will go with the raven... no, no, wait. The raven might accidentally peck out his eyes, mistaking him for a miscolored cadaver." He

    sighed, "Don't you have a bird that can hunt for food? A Falcon perhaps?" 


    Attala took a cage from the stack of cages and put it on the counter. Upon closer inspection, Hasir saw a brown, white and black

    plumed bird peering out a him with magicificent yellow eyes. Hasir asked how much the falcon will be.

    "The falcon? He is norally five hundred septims, but since you know this one's son, perhaps a deal can be struck. What say you to

    knocking off about half? two hundred and fifty septims, sound fair?" Hasir nodded, handed over the gold and thanked her. 


    He turned toward the door and was about to walked through it when she called out to him.

    "Hasir, how about bringing Inigo to see Attala sometime? Perhaps I can go to Whiterun to see him? I bet he would like that." Hasir

    said he would definintely ask and turned and exited the shop, cage in hand.

    He opened the city gate and walked up to Jorrvaskr. He opened the door to find the comapanions still sitting at the horshoe table

    with some sort of map between them. Hasir walked up and placed the cage in front of Iningo. At the sight of the overgrown cat, the

    caged bired bite and clawed at every bit of its cage in a bid for freedom. The companions, mainly Aela, groaned as all their hardwork

    was scattered to the four winds. They tore their eyes away from the mess on the floor and stared at Hasir; hatred in their eyes. The

    falcon finally broke free of its cage and took to the sky, using the highest beam of the hall as its perch.


    Aela shot daggers at Hasir who slid lower in his seat, hoping to avoid her eye contact.

    "What in Oblivion were you thinking. Sending a bird in here? You do know khajiit see birds as prey, right? Not only that but you do

    relalize that wplves eat birds? Use you're head for once!" She chuckled silent to herself, "Right, you're brains are as mushy as you

    homeland, I forgot." Aela got out the table and leapt to the nearest wooden pole; scaling it like a monkey. "You should pray to

    Hircine I don't catch you bird, else I'll fry it up for dinner. If I don't catch it. You can bet Red will. She hasn't fed in quite all while and

    she loves birdies."


    Kodlak strode up from the undercroft and saw Aela shimmying up one of the wooden rafters. He looked from her to the roof of the

    rafters where a screeching falcon sat.

    "Aela! What in Oblivion do you think you're doing? Have you had the sense knocked out of you or has the wolf posessed you. Get

    down here now! Leave that poor bird alone. I wonder how it got in her in the first place. I wonder... did Farkas or Vilkas leave the

    door ajar?"


    Hasir got up and strode over to the harbinger, waving his hands above his head.

    "Harbinger, go easy on her. She had nothing to do with this nor did anyone leave the door open. I bought the bird from a new shop

    that popped up near one of the farms in the area." His head dropped to his chest, "If anyone is to be punished, it should be me."

    The harbinger stopped yelling at the nord who hopped down from the pole, and questioned the argonian's motives.

    "By the gods Hasir! Bringing a bird in the wolves' den, what on Tamriel were you thinking?"


    The Argonian recounted the story of how he and Arcadia went to this rater unorthodox shop that sold animals and how he met

    Inigo's birth mother.


    Inigo, hearing this, tripped over the table in his haste to hear more of the story. Plates and goblets scattered as the khajiit ran to

    Hasir's side.

    "My friend, you did not tell me you met Attala. Why is she here?" Hasir shrugged as a white substance cascaded onto the blue

    khajiit's shoulder. Apparently the falcon disagreed with them; either that or it chose that moment to relieve itself. Inigo looked up

    and started employing every Ta'agran swear word he could think of. "What is that monster doing here?" He asked gesturing toward

    the rafter. 


    Hasir and Kodlak laughed as the saw the white suffusing the khajiit's furry armor.

    Relax Inigo." Hasir said, wiping his eyes. "I bought that 'monster' for you as a way of apologizing for getting your dragonfly killed."


    Inigo shook his head. Even though he had to admit, he admired Hasir's attempt at shoulder all of the blame.

    "No, my friend. You are mistaken. Xelzaz killed Mr. Dragonfly, not you."


    Hasir thought about this and raised a claw.

    "Indirectly... he indirectly caused it. I was the once who thought a race would be a good idea. To reiterate, I bought you a falcon to

    atone for my past misdeeds." He face screwed up in thought. "Your mother, Attala, said she would like to see you. We can go now if

    you'd like." 

    Inigo gave asort of funny head spasm that was a mix between a nod and a shake of the head.

    "Erm... I would love to, my friend, but my mother left me on the orphanage over twenty years ago. This might be like attract a falcon

    to a scared little mouse." He sighed, "If that's what you want, I wouldn't stop you, but I dunno about myself.."


    A lightbulb went on in Hasir's mind. His tail danced behind him like an excitable dog.

    "Call the falcon, assuming you've given him a name. If that works," He shrugged, "the answer will become a mirror pond in the the

    darkness of your mind. If not, well... let's see how things go." 


    The blue khajiit nodded and whistled a high shrill note. The falcon heard this and descended to rest upon his shoulder.

    "I already have. His name is Courage." He looked at his scaly friend, "do you like it?"


    Hasir looked blankly at him while trying to mentally grasp this rather odd name.

    "Inigo, there are multitudes of good names for birds and you went with Courage? Why?"


    The blue khajiit walked over to a lone chair by the fire and sat down. Hasir sat in the chair opposite. Inigo told him that he'd picked

    the name because of the undead eyes he'd seen in his nightmares he'd had every night since the unsavory experience. The argonian

    leaned forward, eagerly awaited the khajiit's next words with bated breath. The khajiit turned to the fire as if he could see images in

    the flames.


    He gestured to the bedroom he'd had prior to the relocation. 

    "Every night, I had the same dream. Draugr surround me with you and Fergus among them; pearly white bones sticking out of the

    sponge-like decayed flesh. I screamed as they tore into me, just like the sweetroll nightare I had a few months ago. Anyway, back to

    my original point. The nightmares had the same result until a women garbed in green turned the dead into butterflies that tickled me

    with their legs." Hasir thought he knew who this woman was. The khajiit's exoression confirmed his suspisions. "That woman was

    mother nature - the earth goddess, Kynareth... whatever you choose to call her - anyway, she purged the undead and manufactered

    a plain full of flowers. She summon a bird with beautiful brown, black and white plumage. She told me that the bird, a falcon, was

    meant to give me that which I lack most - courage." 


    The Argonian smirked. He always liked Inigo's divines-given gift of storytelling. Inigo turned scarlett upon noticing this.

    "Thank you, my friend. Your atteniveness is worth more than all the gold on Tamriel. With you by my side, I feel I can tackle

    anything, even the undead. The khajiit smiled at the argonian, "There you have it. That is why I gave the falcon the name of 


    Hasir asked the blue khajiit if he wanted to accompany him to the strange store. The khajiit nodded and followed Haisr out in the

    chilly Whiterun air. Hasir lead the way down to the city gate, blanking the city inhabitants' curious gazes as the beheld the falcon.

    Once outside the city, the Argonian weaved a snake-like path down to the archway, through the farmers' crops, ingoring the farmer's

    angry cries and, finally, to the shop.


    Hasir walked toward the store. Inigo could hear the creaks of the stairs as his friend ascended them. He looked skyward at the

    menacing building with its equally uninviting tapestries and ran after his friend; taking the steps two at a time.


    Hasir was about to open the door when Inigo knocked him to the ground. Courage was sent bouncing painfully off the porch. He

    successfully wrestled the khajiit off him and he got to his feet, shot daggers at Inigo and asked what in Oblivion he was doing. 


    Inigo got to his feet and whistled to the falcon who obediently flew to his shoulder. He winced as he felt the bird's claws dig into his



    "My friend, do not go in there. Who knows what horrors await us in there. For all we know, there might be daedra in there." He said,

    eyes wide in fright.


    The argonian chuckled and waved this off. 

    "Inigo, I've been in the building before. It is not going to devour us like a crazed wolf."


    Inigo thought about this and, somehow, knew his scaly friend was right. Hasir opened the door, blanking the cries of the animals,

    and entered. Inigo gulped and followed.

    When he crossed the threshold, he saw his mother at the end of a room flanked by orange banners and occupied cages and went up

    to the counter, smiling broadly. Attala glanced from her son to the falcon she'd sold a few hours earlier. 

    "My son, how are you? You are eating well? 


    Inigo stayed silent. He wasn't sure how to answer as he hadn't seen her in a while.

    "Hi mom, er..." He sctratched the back of his neci, "How did you get here?"


    Attala glanced over to Hasir and decided now was not the best time to tell him of her jouney. She disappeared beneath the counter

    and put a leather glove from which a strap depended on its wooden surface. Inigo screwed his face up as he gestured to the glove.

    "Is this for me?" He asked. 


    Attala nodded and once again, glanced for him to the bird.

    "Well, not for Inigo specifically, no. The reason Attala got to glow was for the Falcon."


    Inigo, again, screwed up his face in confusion.

    "What do you mean?" He asked, holding the glove as if it where something grotessque.

    Attala told Inigo about the glove and it use.

    "Inigo, this," She said, gestured to the glove, "is called a falconer's glove. It is the quintessential tool in the sport of falconry." She

    gazed at Inigo's face, "What this one means by that is some hunters use falcons to track animals and humans from a distance so its

    owner can get an accurate read on their location. The other use of falconry is to have to falcon hunt for food or carry thing for the

    falconer." She nodded the bag of animal pellets next to the cage by the door. "If khajiit does not believe Attala, call upon your falcon

    to bring it to Attala."


    Inigo nodded, called Courage to his gloved hand and lifted his wrist in a swift motion. He felt the pressure of the glove lessen as the

    flacon took to the sky. He gasped as he saw the falcon shoot, like a bullet, to the feed bag, grip it in his claws and flew, in an arc, to

    Inigo's outstretched glove. He caught the bag as the falcon released his vice-like grip and slid handed the bag to the female khajiit.

    "Here you go. One feed bag, as promised." He said, giving her a smile and a wink.


    The black khajiit smiled, stored the bag below the counter and congratulate Inigo on his wonderful control of the falcon. She told him

    that he was the only one to clearly see the objective in his mind insofar as to direct the falcon towards his goal without any

    problems. Inigo turned to the door and motioned for Hasir to follow him. Inigo stopped and he heard something hurtle towards him

    like a bird on the wind. He caught it when the bag was at its zenith.


    He turned to Attala and raised a black eyebrow. 

    "What is this for? as you are aware, I am not a bird. You couldn't scrounge for a can of cat food?"


    Attala chuckled to herself and shook her head.

    "You silly khajiit." She said, waggling her clawed finger at him, "that is not for you. That is for the bird. By the way, may I ask what

    you named him?"


    Inigo smiled as he faced the door again.

    "Courage. I named the falcon Courage because I am a spineless khajiit who hides from everything so I thought all I needed was

    little... courage."


    Attala smiled, saying that was a wonderful name for a falcon and she also told Inigo that he didn't eat cat food; not even when he

    was a little kitten."


    Inigo smiled to himself and waved at his mother as he, his new furry friend and the argonian left the shop.

    They walked under the archway and through the Whiterun city gate, past the market and up to the mead hall. When Hasir and Inigo

    entered, Aela got up from her seat and walked up to them.

    "That bird should be in chains," She lowered her voice to a whisper, "or at the very least shipped to the swamp with the ungrateful



    Hasir heard this and delivered a roundhouse kick to the fiery-haired nords snobbish face. Aela flew backwards and hit on of the

    pillars by the horseshoe table. Aela got up, isheathed her twin iron daggers and ran, like a bull that just saw red, at the argonian.

    Hasir anticipated this and lifted his tail causing the nord to misjudge her swiped and send the daggers crashing down on one of the

    tables instead of her intended target. 


    Aela was so angry at Hasir that she did not see the harbinger standing directly behind her. Seeing only the argonian in her tunnel

    vision, she turned and ran at the argonian; daggers poised for the kill. Again, Hasir saw this and summoned his flame whip and

    lashed out at the nord, who foolishly tried to block this with her crossed daggers.


    The flame whip heated the daggers to a dangerous level. Aela shrieked as the daggers flew past the harbinger, who ducked to avoid

    getting scalded by the burning metal and watched as the daggers imbedded themselves into the wood above the training yards door.

    Kodlak stared from the daggers sticking out of the wood like they were mere decoration and walked towards Aela, sword drawn.


    Hasir gulped as he saw the harbinger's sword within an inch of the nord's neck. He was completely caught offguard by this. How

    could the harbinger kill his only grand daughter? Yes, she was a bitch to him but that did not give Kodlak the right to cut her head



    Hasir ran toward the harbinger.

    "Kodlak, don't kill her. This was my fault." He said, trying to diffuse the tense situation, "technically it was her fault but if you spare

    her. I will bear the brunt of the blame... call it my croos to bear."

    Aela stared angrily at the argonian and spat in his face.

    "Fuck you. I don't need sympathy. Especially not from a spineless scale back such as you. You should've packed up and moved when

    you had the chance."


    Hasir retreated a nd winked at Kodlak.

    "Okay. Kill her. She means nothing to me."


    The harbinger smirked and raised his sword above his head, preparing for the killing blow. Seeing an opening, Aela transformed and

    flung herself at the argonian. Inigo saw this and set down the bag he was feeding Courage with and quickly joined the fray. Courage

    took to the sky, flying between the rafters as a gymnast flying through hopps and flew straight at the red wolf. She howled with pain

    as the falcome used his razor-sharp claws to tear at her hide and eyes. The wolf tried to swat the annoying mosquito away with her

    paws but he was too agile for her to do anything with. Red snarled and lunged at the bird. Hasir dropped down and kicked her hard

    in the stomach; knocking the wind out of her sails.

    Red got to her paws, snarled andd ran at the sly Argonian. Hasir transformed and the black werewolf lynged at her. Wood vomited

    forth as he pinned the struggling wolf to the wall near the door to the city. Red yelped like aa dog caught in a hunter's trap as the

    black claws dug into her throat.


    Inigo strode over to the Argonian and gasped as he saw bloodlust in his eyes as he slowly drew blood from the She-wolf. He

    positioned himself between his fried and the wolf. Hasir tried pushing him out of the way so he could get at the red wolf but Inigo

    remained steadfast. He whistled to the falcon. the bird flew at the Argoniaan and proceeded to claw and bit at every bit of expose

    scale he could reach. 


    With that done, Courage returned to the khajiit's gloved hand. He glared at Hasir as he started to transform. The khajiit told the

    black werewolf to think abaout what he was about to do but the wolf batted the khajiit to the side. Inigo hit the wall nearest the

    stairway and slid to the floor, unconscius. 


    Kodlak appeared at the top of the stairs and saw the snarling werewolf and Inigo laying unconscious. He went over to Aela.

    "What in Oblivion is going on here?" He glanced over to the blue khajiit puppet with cut strings, "Who did this?" Angrily, the female

    nord pointed a shaky finger to the werewolf standing in front of her. Kodlak round on Twilight. The werewolf batted the harbinger

    aside with one swipe of his paw. Kodlak hit the wooden plank above the training yard door, rebounded off of it and went straight for

    the raging werewolf. He unsheaathed his silver sword; a sword he keeps secret just for these, unfortunate, circumstances.


    He wielded the sword and stabbed it straight into the wolf, just above the heart. Twilight whined but advanced on the harbing

    er; ripping into the harbinger with inch thick clasw. Kodlak toppled over as if he'd been paralyzed. His eyes widened with fright as the

    wolf came closer. In a desperate attempt, he grabbed several metal goblets and bits of silver from the table behind him and threw

    them at the werewolf. The silver missiles flew through the ir and broke upon Tiwilight thick hide like waves uppon a beach.


    The wolf howled in pain , unsheathed her daggers and cut into Twight's black fur. but advanced on Kodlak undetered by the silver

    biting into his fur. Aela got up, unsheathed her daggers and ran at the maddened lycanthrope. Her daagger bit deep into his fur.

    Twilight's breathing becam labored and, with a final, pitiful, whine he slumped to the floor. Aela watched with a sneer as the black fur

    receded into green scales.


    Kodlak and Aela found a bit of rope and bound the argoniaans arms and forced Hasir's mouth shut as they also wrapped the rope

    around his snout, got him to his feet and went down to the undercroft to his office. Aela pushed a button beside Kodlak's bookshelf

    revealing a doorway that opened onto a dimly lit passageway with torches on the wall and a grey stone staircase descending



    Aela and Kodlak led the bound Argonian down the steps; not caring if he bumped his tail or fell on the wall down. When they reached

    the bottom, Aela gasped. A room with the same color stood as the area the had left stretched out before her: four huge silver cages

    lay against the wall opposite and the wall nearest the stairs; large enough to house two fully grown werewolves. Aela turned her face

    away from this display and locked her eyes on the far wall where she'd found was all manner of shackles and restraints. 


    Aela turned to look at Kodlak as he deposited the limp argonian in one of the cages.

    "Harbinger, what are these?" she said, gesturing to the cages.


    Kodlak gave her a rather dark look as if he didn't want to dredge up the dark past; assuming there was one. Aela glanced around;

    avoiding the harbinger's gaze as if it was an ice spike. She saw a lone table standing near the restraints with a wide array of strange

    steel inmplements along with a book with a cover depicting a werewolves being tortures on a rack torture device with silver spikes.


    She glanced wonderingly at Kodlak.

    "Erm... harbinger, what's with the book and the torture tools?"


    Kodlak turned toward her, smiled and picked up one of the instruments.

    "Ysgramor set this up for Terrfyg. He wanted to ensure that the Companions back then did not find out that Ysgramor's most

    trusted captian turned itno a monster. The cages were for him and any other poor soul the Glenmoril witches decided to taint with

    the awful curse. As for the book and instruments, they are for dissecting the captain. As for the book, well, that is for... let's just say

    there is more than one way to skin a wolf." 


    Aela stared with horror at the cages and she finally understtod. Kodlak was looking for a cure by any means nessecary. Aela knew

    that he wanted to go to Sovngarde but she had no idea that he would go to such great, and terrible, lengths. 

    Aela swore at the harbing. She thought she knew the harbinger. Now, she was not so sure.

    "Why are you doing this Kodlak?" She said, tears falling down her face. "This is because of you thinking lycanthropy is a curse, isn't

    it?" Kodlk nodded as he locked the cage Hasir was put in and prodded him with one of the steel instruments. 


    Aela felt red growling in her mind cage but the female nord pushed her back and breath a sighed of relief as she saw the argonian

    stir. She threw herself at the cage as she saw the Argonian transform. Aela stopped in her tracks as a loud wolfish shriek echoed

    around the room. Her hatred for Kodlak wanting to cure his lycanthropy by experimenting on others trumped her hatred for the



    Kodlak went over to the table, opened the book and grabbed a multitude of steel instruments. He walked over to the cage holding

    the black and white werewolf and stuck a long, thin instrument through one of the holes and scraped it along the wolf's back as if it

    was sandpaper. Tears streamed from Aela's eyes as she heard Twilight screams for a second time. 


    Twilght thrust a black-furred arm out and slahed at the harbinger's face. He cut a mark in Kodlak's face that Aela would be proud of.

    The harbinger stumbled backward and fell against the wall near the spiral stairs. Aela went over to the cage and unlocked it. Twilight

    barked his thanks to her and leapt out of the silver cage. He advanced on the harbinger, lifted him in the air and slammed him

    repeatedly in to stone, spattering the wall with blood.


    The black and white werewolf raised his paw and was about to end the harbinger's miserable life when Aela's arm shot out and

    grabbed the werewolf's tree-like arm. He narrowed his eyes at the nord barricade and swiped at her with his other paw. Aela saw

    this, unsheathed her twin daggers and met the descending claw. Her narrowed eyes met the wolf's blue ones. 

    "Hasir don't do this. I know you are pissed but you are no killer." She thought over this thought carefully, "well, poor choice of words,

    knowing that our lot are natural killers. I meant to say that Kodlak is not worth your time." 


    The wolf grunted as if in agreement and back away from Kodlak and howled out. The nine foot werewolf shrank and scales appeared

    as if some chaameleon spell had lifted. Hasir looked pitifully at the Harbinger and then at Aela.

    "Aela, what are we going to do with him?" He asked, "are we going to leave him her to rot? Perhaps we should restrain him using the

    restraints found here."


    Aela shook her head, thinking that that was not a good idea.

    "He is only doing this because he has no other option. Don't villify him over some misguided assumption. He wants to enjoy the

    afterlife in Sovngared. Don't do this, please. We can reason with Kodlak without the use of violence. Perhaps he has some command

    humaniod spell cast on him, probably by the Silver Hand to perform some horrible torture to werewolves in exchange for a cure to

    his own lycanthropy."

    The harbistireed and Aela, sensung this, balled her hand into a fist and held Kodlak to the wall with the other. The harbinger looked,

    wide-eyed, at Aela, he had no idea that one of his underlings would turn on him. He wriggled like a frighten worm trying to get free.

    The nord's or, more accurately, Red's eyes stared at the harbinger with distrust.

    "Stop struggling, you son of a bitch! Who are you and what did you do to the real Kodlak?"


    The harbinger struggled aginst the hold she had on him, trying to wrench her arm from his flaling body. Hasir flung himself at the

    mad Nord. Aela, now more word than Nord, quickly dodged this and the argonian flew headfirst into the harbinger causing both of

    them to crumple to the floor. Gasping for breath, Kodlak thanks Hasir for coming to his rescue. The argonian nodded and said it was

    no problem. 


    Kodlak got to his feet, adjusting his back that was used as a battering ram and smiled at Hasir. Aela, however, did not share this

    enthusiasm as she knew that the harbinger had alterior motives. She glared at Hasir, punching him in the shoulder. Hasir winced,

    letting out a yelp of pain and growled at the Nord.

    "What was that for?" He asked her, massaging his shoulder


    She glared at him.

    "For helping assist a possibly werewolf murderer."


    Hasir strode over to Kodlak, looked between him and Aela.

    "Kodlak is not a murderer? I believe he has a kind soul within his. No, he would not do anything like this willingly no matter how

    badly he wants to rid himself of the 'curse.' Someone must've cast 'command humanoid' on him or must have had other means to

    control him. I think either the Silver Hand or the Glenmoril witches are doing it. We must go to both Glenmoril coven and Gallows

    Rock to find out for certain."


    Aela's face screwed up in though as she considered this. She walked over to the small table and grabbed a sinister looking

    instrument with serrated teeth cut into its long, thin, spear-like body and pressed it against Kodlak's throat.

    "Why go there? We have all the proof right here. Why don't we just end it right here and now?"


    The argonian groaned and prayed to Hircine and Kynareth that the aangry Nord would see sense. He knew, however, this line of

    thinking was flawed because she always lets her wolf make the decisions.

    Inigo finished his meal of spiced cider and venison chops when he realized yjr awkward silence that permeated the hall. He went to

    the kitchen, put the mug and dishes in the sink and wnet to the stairs leading to the undercroft.

    "Kodlak, Hasir, Aela? Anyone there?"


    He heard no reply come for behind the closed door so he walked down to the door and opened it.

    "Courage, find out if any of them are in trouble and report back to me." The falcon chirped in ascent and disappeared into the

    cavernous undercroft. 


    Inigo decided to what for Courage at the horshoe table. After a few minutes had elapsed, the perrigrin falcon returned with news of

    Hasir's location. Inigo told the falcon to lead him to his location. The falcon chirped and flew down the steps, closely follow by the

    blue khajiit; his tail swaying side to side behind him. He followed the falcon that flew just ahead of him into Kodlak's study and down

    a secret passageway the he did not realize before. When they reached the bottom, Inigo's eyes we wide as Aela as Hasir stared at

    each other, eyes narrowed and weapons drawn.


    He positioned himself between Aela and Hasir while the flacon circled around them as if marking them for some great hunt.

    "Aela, stop. Think about what you're doing. Hasir is not the enemy."


    She gestured toward Kodlak with her head while swiping at Hasir who leapt back to avoid getting cut.

    "True. Hasir isn't the enemy. Kodlak is. I'm just dealing with a big, scaly roadblock at the moment."


    Inigo did not know what she meant about the harbinger being the enemy but, from his point of view, the nord was the villiain here,

    not Kodlak. He truned toward the harbinger and asked why they though he was not himself. 

    "Well Inigo," Kodlak said, matter-of-factly, "the reason that this... wolf turned vulture thinks I am at fault is because she and I

    suspect Hasir as well believe that lycanthropy is a blessing sent down by Hircine himself and not a curse; I believe it robs us of our

    rightful afterlife in Sovngarde, a paradise for any Nord. I am just using ysgramor's secret chamber to further understand

    lycanthropes to find a cure. No matter what Aela says, I am not torturing them. That gruesome act is what the silver hand revel in. I

    am not, nor was I ever, part of that foul organization."


    Inigo's eyes flitted between the two Nords and the argonian like he was tracking a troublesome fly. Aels scrutinized the blue khajiit.

    "Inigo, you must believe me. Something rather odd is happening to Kodlak. He doesn't know what he's saying. I think the wolf is

    running away with the old man's mind like a rabbit runs into its gaping maw." 


    The khajiit said that he understood and turned to Hasir. He had no idea what struggle transpired before he came so he couldn't weigh

    in on that bit.

    "Hasir, what do you have to say to all this? Frankly, I think it's all rubbish but I would like to find out your take on this." 


    The argonian looked from Kodlak to Aela, rasied his arms and shook his head.

    "I would rather not get involved. True, he may've scraped some fur of Twilight but I believe he is doing what he can for the

    betterment of our kind. Don't go reading into something that is not there. Besides, we have a temple to find. Why don't we put this

    on the back burner and focus on what's cooking on the front burners."

    Aela's wolf growled in disagreement at this but her Nord form pushed the wolf back into her cage and nodded, against her better

    judgement. Inigo smiled and nodded as well.

    "It's decided then. We'll go upstairs and pinpiont the location of the temple and begin our preparations." Kodlak began to dollow

    them from the room to the staircase spiraling upwards. Pasuing, the Argonian turned and motioned for the harbinger to stop. "No,

    just uss. I'm sssorry harbinger but since we don't know if your statement earlier was genuine or not, you can stay here." Je looked

    sadly in the harbinger's eyes. "I hate to do this but I believe this is for the best.


    Kodlak's jaw hit the floor and he gave Hasir his trademark owlish stare.

    "You think this is for the best? Me waiting here in this festiuring stink hole while you and Aela go at each other's throats like a pair of

    wild dogs? No, I'm going up with you."


    He began ascending the stairs but Hasir's arm shot out and blocked him from further progress.

    "I'm sorry Kodlak. I can't take the chance of you snapping and killing innocent citizens. I will take on the role of harbinger until

    either Aela our I deem you sane enough to retake you post."


    Aela, Inigo and Hasir ascended the stairs, exited into Jorrvaskr. Hasir pressed the button, causing the bookcase to slid back into

    place. He could hear the harbinger's fists pounding against the wood of the bookcase. He was fighting a feeling of sadness with a

    feeling of pride that he did the right thing.

    Hasir followed the other two companions to the horseshoe table and sat down. He reached into his backpack which he left near the

    table and extracted the map they had used to track down the now exterminated priests of domination and placed it on the table. The

    other circle mbers lent over to see as well. Hasir looked up from the map and asked everyone if the would like some food or drink

    before they begin. They all nodded, except for Inigo. Hasir smiled.

    "Tilma, I would like," He did a quick headcount, "five mugs of mead, plase"


    Tilma nodded, grabbed some mugs and filled them at the mead despensory that stoodin the corner were Vilas and Farkas normally

    said when they would bet on fights. A few minutes later, she return to the table and placed them in from of Hasir who slid them to

    the circle members. 


    Inigo turned to Tilm, wanting to order something other than mead.

    "Excuse me but may I get a spiced cider plase?"


    Again, she nodded and hurried down to the undercroft. Once there, she walked throught the maze-like corridors until she came to a

    bare room that was stacked high with wooden boxes and barrels in one corner and on the wall opposite the barrels stood a table that

    was dominated by a rectangular flower bed that had small juniper berry bushes growing. After enough juniper berries were

    harvested she crushed them using a mortal and pestle, took a mug, filled it with cider from a spigot on one of the barrels. She

    ruturned to the table, seasoned the mug of cider with various spices and dropped the crushed berries into it. She smiled at her

    handiwork and went up to the main level with the mug.


    She reacjed the table and slid the sweet smelling tangy liquid over to Inigo who grinned. Inigo turned to the argonian who had

    honeyed liquid trickling down his scales as he drank and asked what the occassion was.

    "There's no occassion Ingio, can't we drink freely without there always having to be a target the arrow is drawn to?" 


    Inigo apologized and turned to the paper map at the center of the table with symbols carved all over its surface.

    "So, erm... where is Krovaxis, exactly? He said uncertainly as his eyes darted to every area of the map.


    Hasir tapped his claw on the map; an action that clearly showed his agitation.

    "Well, it shoud be somewhere in the Sea of Ghost, perhaps it still is but the entrance may have shifted."


    Inigo asked Hasir where he thought the entrance may have shifted to. Hasir said he didn't know. He guessed the they now had to

    enter some sort of portal to enter Krovaxis as he suspected that one of stone fire's cronies told him of our plan to go to the Sea of

    Ghosts and, like a clock's hand shift positions based on the time of day, the new entrance now lay in a place called The Forgotten

    vale near the eastern bank of the sea of ghosts.

    Hasir folded up the map when they all were told the plan and put it into his leather backpack. His was about to get up when a light

    blinked on inside his mind.

    "Actually, yes Inigo, we are celbrating something. Two things actually." He said as he sat down and grabbed his mug and raised it.

    "Everyone, I would like to invoke my role as temporary harbinger to welcome the Imperial, Ria as a Companion. Just like a snake

    sheds its skin for a new one, Ria will shed her former role as whelp and be wear the new skin of being a Companion." Everyone lifted

    their mugs to this news except for Aela.


    She glared at the 'harbinger' and could feel Red prowling around her mind cage.

    "Okay 'harbinger,' but remember, Kodlak isn't dead. Ejoy the new 'skin' while it fits." She said, an edge of venom to her words.

    "Another thing... what what gives you the right to apoint Ria to become a full-fledged companion? Only the harbinger can do that

    and you, my sclay friend, are no jarninger so what you said earlier hold no water. Promotion denied."


    Ria heard this and banged her mug so hard on the table that some liquid erupted like a volcano into the air, flew in an arc and

    soaked the fiery-haired Nord's face; completely eradicating the warpaint she had painstakenly applied.

    "It doesn't matter if the real harbinger is here or not. Kodlak made Hasir temporary harbinger and his decision will stick whether you

    like it or not. I, for one, am eager to get out into the field and try out my new rank.


    Aela scoffed at this; not knowing or caring that she upset the frail-looking Imperial.

    "I hate to break it to you but being named Companion mean nothing around here. You might as well be wearing a dead snake around

    your neck for all the good it will do. The only thing special around here is being a 'circle member.' Besides, us wolves can gobble up

    puny, defenseless whelps and 'companions' like if they were scared little rabbits." 


    They glared at each other from across the table. Aela slammed her mug down in anger causing amber liquid to bubble up and erupt,

    mistakenly soaking Inigo instead of her intended target. Hasir raised his hands for silence.

    "Enough both of you. Let's set our petty rivalries aside so we can determine the best route to take to get to the Forgoteen Vale."


    Aela smirked at Hasir and pointed to Ria.

    "Easy. Stick this map up Ria's overpompous ass."

    Aela smiled gleefully to herself as she watched the Imperial slam down her mug, soaking the wooden surface and run from the hall;

    raindrops falling down her face.


    Hasir glowered at Aela. He actually liked how the table have turned with them. Him being the dominant force and her being the

    inferior one.

    "Why did you do that? We were all fine until you showed up. You might have emotionally scarred that girl. I hope you're proud of

    yourself." He said, blanking her as he took his mug of mead down to the undercroft.


    Hasor saw Ria sitting at the long table nestled against the wall. He asked her if he could sir down, she shrugged sulkily which he took

    as a sign of invitation. The argonian glanced at the sulking Imperial and thought on something Quinchal had told him.

    "Ria, I apologize for Aela's behavior. She can be rater... blunt. She has no finesse when dealing with the feelings of another person.

    Her motto is 'it is what it is.' Not a reassuring leasson to be teaching, I'll admit but that Aela for you, as effective as a blunt sword. It

    looks scary and may even indimidate your foes but if used in battle, it will be as effective as a scrib. If you break the sword down to

    its core, you will see that it poses no real threat."


    The imperial raised her head, wiped her eyes, had absolutely no idea what the metaphor meant but got to her feet.

    "You're right. Aela is rude but her rudeness has an origin. Do you know why Aela is such a bitch?"


    Hasir nodded as he got to his feet and followed Ria up the stairs.

    "Yes I do. Inigo hyponotized her a few months back. Both he and I found out the Aela has a hatred for my kind stemming from a

    traitorous Saxhleel back when her mom was on some mission in a dwemer ruin." 


    The Imperial screwed her face up in confusion.

    What is a Saxhleel? Is that some kind of creature?


    Hasir leant against the wall near the space reserved for an axe that was long gone.

    "Saxhleel are what my people, the argonians, call themselves. Come on, let's get back to the task at hand."

    The imperial's face fell as she found the table deserted. She turned to Hasir and inquired where they were.

    "Dunno," He said, shrugging, "They might be in the training yard. They could also be halfway to the Forgotten Vale by now. If they

    do the latter, they would likely be grasping at straws for directions as I have the map." 


    He went over to the training yard door and pushed. He had never scene the training yard so deserted. Ria shared his shocked

    expression. They found the porch empty as well. The argonian and the Imperial worked their way around the bulding and found all

    four companions eagerly awaiting him on the benches near the gildergreen. Hasir was about to join them when he told Ria to join

    them and that he would be right back.


    How could he be so stupid to not include Kodlak in this? He had to go back and check on him and hoped he did not wolf out in his

    etended time alone with his toughts. Hasir tore around the building, took the porch steps two at a time and entered the mead hall.


    He walked past the horseshoe table and headed down to the undercroft. Once there, he crossed the long carpeted hallway and

    pushed Kodlak's study door open. He walked over to a spot beside the bookcase and slid aside a wooden panel near the enchanting

    table and pressed a button. The bookcase slid aside, he entered the area behind it and descended the stone staircase. 

    Hasir saw Kodlak sitting on a wooden chair next to the small table, staring at the shelf with restraints above the silver shackles on

    the wall.

    "I never wanted to hurt you or any Companions, I hope you know that." He turned to the Argonian who walked up the him, tail

    swaying like a fish behind him. I was doing what I thought of best for them. They are Nord and as such should want to die and go to

    Sovngarde not have their soul controlled by Hircine. You and Aela feel differently about this, I know, but Farkas and Vilkas, I can

    sense they dislike their lycanthropy and that they, like me fake contentment with our wolves to please Aela." He shuddered, "Her

    temper in horrible. It's like she was born a wolf who was told to done a human form to blend into society better." 


    He sat there looking from the cages to the restraints on the shelves and wall opposite him. He was snapped out of whatever thought

    he was thinking as he felt a warm hand grip his shoulder. Ge looked up and spotted Hasir. 

    "I know you were Kodlak." He said solemnly, "I took the harbinger title on myself to give you time to sort out your thought. I sensed

    a great darkness in you and don't think you wanted any more stress. The reason I came down here was to see if you were well

    enough to come with us to the Forgotten Vale." 


    Kodlak jumped up from his chairand angrily pointed at the argonian.

    "Well enough? Of course I'm well, you moronic reptile. I don't know what Aela has told you but I was not put under some spell. I

    want Molag Bal defeated as much as you do. If I could dismantle every stone of thiis damned place I would but that would be a stain

    on Ysgrammor's honor. Having awerewolf torture chamber beneath Jorrvaskr is wrong, I know that. Hell, even Hircine knows it. As

    ripping off some of your hairs, I am sorry for that but I need a cure, for myself, no one else. If I need to wipe out every werewolf to

    do it, all the better."


    Hasir looked taken aback at this news. He backed away from Kodlak as if he had physically threatened him.

    "Kodlak, don't you ever listen to yourself? You are starting to sound like Molag Bal." Je said shocked. He thought this over and came

    to a solution that might better benefit the old Nord. "Kodlak, what if I told you that when I was in Vilkas's room the other day, I

    overheard him, Farkas and Aela talking about a tomb on an island in the Sea of Ghosts." Kodlak raised an eyebrow. "Erm... anyway,

    they were talking about the tomb while I was hiding under Vilkas's bed and I heard everything: the ritual, the location and the

    opposition that is likely to be there. Vilkas and Farkas were boats on calm seas. Aela's boat, however, was severly rocked by this." 


    Kodlak brightened at the prospect of being within an arms lengths of the cure. He was about to speak but closed his mouth and let

    Hasir continue.

    "Aela did not like the idea of her wolf, to which she has gotten attached, getting ripped away from her so she tried turning her shield

    brothers onto her point. Since they were the odd kwama out, wanting to cure their ill-gotten curse she strode angrily from the

    room." Hasir looked at the harbinger's balefule eyes and understood. "Before we go to the Forgotten Vale, we can stop by the tomb if

    you want. I mean, it's out of the way from where our intended location is so if you want to do this we can. However..." He paused,

    "We would have to either split up or all go tegether because, as I said, it is out of our way.


    Kodlak thought about this and knew that the collective mission was more important than his own inner turmoil.

    "That's nice of you to think about my needs but we've a mission to complete. I am sorry again for dragging you and the other circle

    mebers into my deisre to cure Lycanthrope. I was blind and didn't see how happy it has made you and the others." His head fell like

    a cut tomato, "I only saw how miserable how it has made me and I wanted to do anything, even going so far as torture to to achieve

    it. Can you ever forgive me?"


    Hasir smiled as he and Kodlak walked toward the stone acrhway.

    "I already have. Aela, though, might need some tough love to make her come around." He looked at Kodlak uncertainly, "Do that

    mean I have to relinquish my position as Harbinger?"


    Kodlak shook his head as they ascended the spiral stairs.

    "No. You wear that burden well. You keep it; at least until we kill that son of a bitch Stone Fire. You are the one with the rival. Well,

    that isn't entirely true. The true rivalry seems to rest between him and Hircine but you and your family are indirectly involved. So

    naturally, you would know his plan better than any of us."


    Hearing this warmed the argonian's heart. He liked that, for once, he could push Aela around like she had done to him over the past

    few months. They emerged into the mead hall and walked outside to greet the other Companions. Everyone seemed to be uphazed

    by Kodlak's sudden reappearance.


    Aela, however, stood up, grabbed Kodlak by the collar and slammed him against the steps leading to the meadhall, a dagger pressed

    against his throat.

    "So, the traitorous snake decided to slither out of his hole. Are you off to your masters? Speak Kodlak," She narrowed her eyes at

    him while digging her dagger deeper into his neck, "if that is your real name." She lifted her dagger above her head, malice clearly

    evident in her eyes. She was about to strike, ending his miserable life when Hasir lashed out with his flame whip. Aela stared, eyes

    wide with shock, at her dagger spinnig like a compass acrose the stone floor.

    Aela stood up, grabbed her discarded dagger and advanced on Hasir.

    "You meddlesome reptile. I know you had something to do with this."


    Hasir said he had no idea what Aela was talking about. Aela lunged at him, daggers raised. Instinctively, Hasir delivered a sweep kick

    to Aela leg, kocking her on her back. With Aela incapacitated, he and Kodlak went over to the Companions sitting near the

    Gildergreen and asked if they were all set to journey to the Forgotten Vale. They nodded and followed Hasir and Kodlak down the

    steps and out into the plains surrounding the city. Groaning Aela got to her feet and hurried to the plains as well. 


    Hasir led the way down to the stables and saw the stablehand gathering hay for the horses. He casually lent against the middle

    support pillar.

    "Excuse me. Do you know if Bjorlam is available? We have a... er... special request to ask of him."  


    The stablehand, Skulvar, said that he was inside. Hasir thanked him and headed inside the stables. Once inside, Hasir saw haybales

    and barrels along one wall and some individual stalls along the wall to his left. Hasir guessed that these stalls were used to stable the

    horses in times of inclement weather. He turned away from the stables and spotted a square table in the far corner near the stables

    . Hasir walked up it and saw the Nord carriage driver enjoying kwama egg quiche.


    The argonian smiled as the Nord looked up. The argonian gave Bjorlam a sheepish look.

    "Sorry for interrupting your meal but I was wondering if you could take us to the Forgotten Vale."


    The nord pushed his meal toward the center of the table and stood up.

    "Why the Forgotten Vale? What's there?"


    Hasir slammed his hands down on the table and bore his eyes into the Nord's.

    "Never mind, can you get us there or not?" He snarled through gritted teeth


    Bjorlam told him to keep his scales on as he finished his meal, stood up and told Hasir that he could drop them at Darkfall cave,

    located North of Markarth. 

    "Since the cave isn't on my travel route, I can get you there for free." Hasir took out got and offered it to him, "No, you keep it." He

    said, smiling, "This is my treat since you are such a good negotiator." He said as the argonian snarled at him. The argonian sighed,

    nodded and followed Bjorlam outside to the Whiterun plains. Bjorlam got into the driver's seat of the carriage as the argonian and

    the other companions scrambled into the back. Aela ran toward the carriage as it pulled away and leapt onto the wooden floor.


    Bjorlam snapped the horses to life as the carriage crossed a bridge outside of the city. Inigo looked over to his scaly friend.

    "So I guess we're finally doing this, my friend. Finally. About damn time too. The bastard needs to be put down like the rabid dog he


    Hasir shot a sidelong glaced at Inigo. The khajiit recoiled in fright.

    "We should focus on finding the Forgotten Vale instead of just focusing on the upcoming conclusion. On the same token, we need to

    find out what darkfall cave has to offer. I hope we don't have to contend with any of Molag Bal's daedra."


    Inigo roared with laughter at this but stopped when Aela kicked him. Inigo cried out in pain.

    "Aela, what was that for? I found it funny. Geez, you need a new brain, or perhaps, a new sense of humor."


    Aela looked at Inigo disapproving. She always had a hard time expressing her feelings and this time was no different.

    "I have a sense of humor you overgrown kitten. I just... didn't find that funny." She said as she looked at the floor of the carriage.


    Aela sat back on the seat, not looking at the blue khajiit because she didn't want to give him the satisfaction of calling her out on her

    rather brash statement.  Hasir looked over the carriage and saw they were fast approaching the cave. He thought it was the cave

    they sought because all of the caves in Skyrim, he was told, looked the same. It wasn't until Bjorlam confirmed that was, in fact,

    Darkfall cave, that the argonian knew that he was correct in his original assumption.

    The carriage stopped in front of the cave and the companions got out, thanked Bjorlam for his hospitality and entered the cave.

    Bjorlam smiled and rode away. Hasir and the companions walked along the narrow pathway with stone walls on each side with the

    path thinning out further along. Hasir walked on and saw a thin wooden bridge ahead. He and the Companions walked on and

    attemted to cross the flimsy bridge. As they set foot on it, however, they heard a snapping sound and were sent plunging ito the

    water as if they had rocks in their pockets.


    Hasir laughed as Inigo struggled to stay afloat.

    "My friend, don't swim circles around me. Help me!" 


    Hasir groaned. He knew the khe khajiit did not like water, but this was ridiculous. Hasir just lay put lay still as a board and let the

    current carry him over a waterfall that emptied into another area of the cavern. Inigo panicked for a bit longer until his brain clicked

    on and told him the logical solution would be to follow the argonian's lead. He let his arms and legs go limp as the current carry him

    away. The other Companions followed suit and soon found themselves freefalling and going with the flow to yet another part of the



    When everyone found themselves on dry land again, they followed the passageway forward. Spiders came at them from an alcove to

    their left. Everyone but Inigo were focused on the goal of getting out of the cave. Inigo, however, drew his bow and smirked.

    "Time to play smash a spider. I have one arrow loaded and three rather squishy spider. 'Itsy Bitsy spider, I shot one one you in the

    head. When you are dead I'll hang you on the wall.' I wonder... who will be the first to fall?" A spider seperated from his fellows,

    displaying its long and poisonous pincers. Inigo smiled, "We have a winner." He said as he released three arrows in quick succession,

    each slamming into the intended targets. 


    Inigo smiled to himself as he surveyed the dead spiders. He turned, and with one last look over his shoulder, he followed Hasir and

    the Nords deeper into the cave. He watched as they felled several bandits as they moved through the next large chamber. Inigo's

    eyes went wide as, a bit further on, he, the argonian and the Nords saw a man with white skin dressed in armor the color of snow

    guarding what looked like a white mushroom.

    Hasir told the group to stay put as he feared this might be a trap of some kind. He approached the man, tail drooping behind him.

    "Hello, My name's Hasir." He said, grinning at the white elf. The white elf didn't look at him but contiued guarding his 'prize,' arms

    folded. Hasir gulped and tried again. Again, the man did not respond. He could feel his anger rising like a volcano ready to erupt.

    "Look, you moron, You can play the stoic card all you want, but, I will get answers one way," He said, unsheathing his flame whip,

    "or another."


    The man turned an saw an angry argonian standing next to him.

    "I'm so sorry about that. I was, er, never mind. Welcome to the chapel of Auriel." He said, bowing slightly


    Hasir sheathed the whip and look about him with a scowl on his face.

    "The chapel of Auriel? This looks more like a cavern unless that mushroom-looking this is the chapel." The argonian eyed the white

    elf while scoffing at the 'chapel.' "What are you supossed to be? You look like something the throat of the world spit up, well... the

    top part of it anyway."


    The man stepped back in shock as if shot by a stray arrow.

    "My word. What a rude one your are. My name is Arch-curate Gelebor. My brother and I are the the last snow elves left on Tamriel,

    this, "He said, gesturing to the white mushroom-looking thing is one of the portals that all pilgrims to the Chapel must pass through,

    of which their are five total, to gain access to the inner sanctum and gain favor from Auriel himself." Gelebor looked at Hasir blankly

    for amoment before regaining his train of thought, "There we more of us, but, the other falmer were driven mad by a foul curse put

    upon them by my brother when he join Molag Bal." He read Hasir's shocked expression as plainly as an open book, "Yes, falmer. It is

    the Tamrielic name the gods gave us. 'Snow elves' is just a name we use for the Tamrielite who is not well-versed in Elnohfey. 


    The argonian screwed his face up and asked why his brother cursed his own race. Gelebor smiled.

    "When Molag Bal promised my brother dominion over Akatosh, Vyrthur went mad with power. I thought he was going to use the

    power the Bal bestowed upon him for good but, instead, he used it to destroy the inner sanctum and curse most of over race with

    ulginess and blindness. I was clever enough to get away. I came to this cave to guard one of the wayshrines and to warn anyone

    foolish enough to attempt the face him to see the error of their ways and wait for someone worthy enough to end his reign of



    Gelebor turned to the mushroom and summoned a tiny sun that flew to the golden sun structure that Hasir hadn't noticed before.

    The ground shook as the white stone hexagonal structure rose from the ground. Hasir approached it and saw a shimmering portal

    dominated the side directing across from him and a pedestal in the center with a jug sitting upon it. He closed a claw around the

    white handle and saw the portal glow a bit brighter.


    Hasir put the jug into his bag and was about to step through the portal when he heard Gelebor's voice.

    "You must undertake this journey alone. As I said, this is a pilrimage and as such only one may walk that path. On your journey, you

    will no doubt, run into my other snow elf brethren, alas, they have been felled by Vyrthur and as such will only parrot the responses

    they have done in life and nothing more. They will appear as cyan imprints of what they once were." Gelebor looked at Hasir and

    shook his head, "I am sorry, but you companions will have to go back the way they came."


    Inigo's ears and tail drooped as he heard this. He knew what the snow elf said was right.

    Come on guys, let's go back to Jorrvaskr and await Hasir there." As he walked back through the cave with the companions, he

    caught one last glimpse of Hasir stepping through the portal. The khajiit wished his friend good luck and the exited the mouth of the

    cave and walked back to Whiterun.

    Hasir looked back as the portal decreased in size and wondered if his friend made it back to Whiterun in one piece. A voice in

    his head reassuring him they would be fine. He walked through the darkened cavern, feeling the rough surface of the walls as he

    manuvered his way along them. He saw a strange creature with deer-like qualities except for a pattern of aquamarine spaced

    intermittently throughout its coat. He decided to follow this creature to see where it led him.


    Hasir followed the deer, using the scant light it gave off to get his bearings as he followed it. He hid behind every corner that he

    came across as the deer would periodically like behind to see if some unseen predator wasn't on her tail. The deer, seeing no threat,

    bounded forward again, through a large unoccupied chamber with a curtain of water dominated the northern wall. Hasir croached the

    whole way as to not be spotted, accidentally, by the deer. 


    The deer moved on, having her fill over water and continued through a small chamber with blue crystals dominating one side of the

    chamber and came of into a chamberr with a pathway running alongside the eastern wall that sloped downward and a small ramp

    leading to a small island in a center pool of water. Hasir folowed the glowing blue-green spotted dear along the path leading to the

    central island. He was grateful to have the deer as a guide because, without her, he would surely plummet into the deep water that

    surrounded the rocky island.


    The strange deer bounced away as Hasir started ascending the second thin pathway that lead to a shrine like the one that Gelebor

    showed Hasir in Darkfall Cave.

    He reached the white-stone shrine and saw what Gelebor called a 'cyan imprint.' The snow elf, or mere imprint of one, probably

    thought he was still in an intact Chapel of Auriel; back when there were actual pigrimages to the chapel. Now, though, it was but a

    shadow of its former self and Hasir knew that he was only going to get the respones at verbatim that the worshipping Auriel acolytes

    got when they came to the chapel when it was whole and not just bare bones.


    Hasir approached the long dead snow elf who just stared straight through him, completely unaware of where he was nor that an

    argonian was standing directly in front of him.

    "Greetings. Welcome to the chapel of Auriel. Pilgrims who wish to walk this path are required the fill the initiate's ewer at five shrines

    found her and across the land beyond. If you wish to walk this particular path, fill the ewer with the liquid found in the shrine."


    Hasir did as the late snow elf requested. He sank the pitcher into the sacred water and, no sooner did he do that than a portal had

    appeared. Hasir put the ewer into his bag, fitting it with a lid that the late falmer had given him and stepped through the portal.


    He emerged into a cavern with a icy path spiraling downard with a huge pit in the center. He hugged the corner all the way down

    until he was on solid ground. Hasir let out a gasp as he beheld the gorgeous view in front of him. It looked like a piiece of Aetherius

    had detached, fell to Tamriel and manifested itself as this beautiful snowy landscape with Falmer architecture scattered everywhere. 


    He ripped his mind away from this beautiful site when he realized that he had to press on with finding the other four shrines. Hasir

    combed the entire area in front of him and stumbled upon a shrine he'd missed earlier. He met the same dead guardian and filled the



    He retraced his steps back down the slope he'd just climbed, just in case he'd missed a shrine. He passed under a crumbling arch to

    a giant frozen lake with an island of ice in the middle of it. He scanned the area and saw another shrine just passed the eastern bank

    of the lake. Tail swaying behind him, he headed in that direction.


    He walked up to the shrine, smiling at the guardian,

    "Hi. My name's Hasir, what's yours?" The guardian just stared blankly through him. Hasir's eyes narrowed, "I was just asking, not

    need to be ryude." He mumbled as removed the lid from the ewer and filled it. 


    Hasir replaced the lid on the ewer and went back to where the frozen lake was and took the path leading off to the right and found

    another shrine. He did not engage in coversation this time as he knew it was not worth it. In silence, he plunged the ewer into the

    water, filling the ewer a bit more. 


    He looked around him while muttering to himself.

    "Three shrines down, two to go. Question is, where are those last shrines?"

    He started walking toward a mountain range that rose up to the east. He ascended the snowy slope and found another shrine. He

    ignored the guardian, removed the lid from the ewer and filled it. He smiled as he replaced the lid. He started walking back, a bit lost

    as to where the last shrine was when he saw a cave like a gaping monster's maw with icy drink flowing into it. 


    Hasir walked in that direction and disappeared into the cave. Once inside, he marveled at the icy walls and cieling of the cavern. His

    smile faded, however, as he saw numerous woven barricades lining the snowy path. He looked up and saw them dominating the

    many levels of the cave as well.

    "There must've been one hell of a battle long ago. I wonder why the barricades weren't taken down in the aftermath? Oh well, only

    Hircine and Kynareth know where those former combatants are now." He srugged as he walked onward into the icy cavern.


    Hasir spiraled up the icy path in the cavern, dispatching the cursed flamer as he went with his flame whip. He went through a series

    of icy tunnels and came into a new chamber with bridges interlacing each other like a spider web. He lashed every which way as, left

    and right, the falmer fell over the crudely woven bridges like boards. Within minutes, the Argonian carved a bloody swath through

    the falmer and exited another area of the Forgotten Vale. 


    He looked around, and seeing a golden sun far off in the distance, navigated this new area of the Vale and ascended the mountain

    along the edgo of the area. The last two shrines were not that far apart. as the Argonian had hoped. He saw the white-stone exterior

    of one of the shrines, entered it and filled the ewer. He trudged through the snow to the other shrine and dipped the pitcher into the

    water if it was an ivory swimmer. 


    Hasir went to go back when the tell-tale sound of stars twinkling erupted from behind him. He turned around and saw a shimmering

    image of an ornate greystone building with icicles hanging from the arches spanning its many windows like pointy swords adorning a

    wall in Jorrvaskr. He swallowed hard and stepped through the portal.

    The argonian gazed with awe at the building he saw in the portal. Hasir croosed a stone bridge and ascended the stairs. He passed

    under the stone arch, descended some steps and saw a statue of the Elvish iteration of Akatosh, the dragon god of time and spiral

    staircases ascending up to a second floor landing. The argonian blanked the statue and ascended the stairs. He saw a basin with

    three channels carved into the stone as if they were fingers strentching forth from a small raised sun. The channels ended as they

    encircled another hollowed out basin carved into the earth. 


    He poured the water out of the ewer into the basin like a waterfall into a lake. Hasir gasped audibly as the water spilled over the

    edges of the basin and filled each channel in equal measure. It flowed around the path that encircled the round mark near the door

    and poured into it like tributaries empty into an ocean.


    When the thirst for drink had been satiated, Hasir went to the golden doors and pushed. He was relieved to see that the doors

    accepted him like an old friend after a long jounrey. He shivered as cold air permeated the area. He crossed the chilly landscape,

    trying to discern a claer path though the multitude of frozen statues until he came to another door. He pushed it open and saw a

    black-furred khajjit sitting on one of the icicle strewn beds staring at him and smiling.


    The khajiit's red eyes cut through the chilly atmosphere like a fiery shard of red mountain melting a glacier resting on its surface.

    Hasir felt the effect as well, feeling cold as one of the frozen creatures outside.

    "What are you doing here?" He said pointing an accusatory finger at the khajiit. "If I didn't know better, I'd sau you were after

    something. Well? Out with it!"


    The black khajiit leapt off the bed, sirmed while slow clapping and strode toward the Argonian.

    "Very perceptive. Yes, As a matter of fact, that is precisely why I'm here." The khajiit eyed the Argonian curiously, "Have you ever

    heard of an artifact know as Auriel's Bow?" The argonian looked nonplused. "Such a pity that you havent't." He said, his face falling,

    "It is said that this particular bow can blot out the sun." Hasir opened his mouth to argue but the khajiit shot him a 'shut up, I am

    talking' look. "That's not all. this bow can also conjure arrows that not only do the thing I mentioned previously but can also conjure

    arrows that can cause brilliant sunflares to blossom forth forth from the daisy that is the sun and cook anything it comes in contact

    with to a crisp. If I were to acquire such a bow, my master will reign dominion of the land of mortals. Not only that, but, his minions

    need not fear the tyranny of the sun ever again once I blot it out of the sky."

    The argonian narrowed his eyes at the black khajjit while unsheathing his flame whip. His eyes became even narrower and a snarl

    escaped his scaly lips as he heard the Doomstrider laugh with mirth.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you, little hatchling. One errant slip of the wrist will send this whole place up in flames. Fire and ice don't

    necessarily mix you know."


    Hasir did not care about the Doomstrider's rather blunt observation. He would have burnt the hole place down if it meant a quick end

    to Molag Bal's most 'loyal' servant. He thought about this and, admitting that the Doomstrider was right, sheathed the whip. The

    doomstrider grinned evilly and disappeared in black smoke that flowed from the room before squeezing between the cracks between

    the rocks in the wall in the neighboring corridor.


    Hasir growled softly to himself and went into the neighboring corridor that opened out into yet another chamber that was riddled

    with ice and icicles. He scrambled down an icy shelf to a sub-terranian chamber with more icy statues, though of what, he could not

    be sure. He saw the black smoke zig-zagging between the frozen satues, melting their icy prison.


    He saw the black smoke disappear beneath a pair of rocks the color of a solid spirit. the Argonian unsheathed his twin dragobone

    axes and got ready for a fight. A falmer ran at his, raised its sword and prepared to strike as Hasir's axe severed the fallen elf's head

    from its body. The argonian saw the two falmer converging him on both sides, crouched down, arms overlapping one another in a

    cross-like pattern and threw his two axes to his left and right.


    The axes slammed into the falmer like metal fists and propelled them backward. Their lifeless bodies flew in an arc through the air

    and slammed into the wall which, once icy, now resembled a reddened work of art. The argonian crossed the room to the bloody

    patches on the walls to his left and right where the falmer hung like grotesque dolls with an axe protruding from thei necks. Hasir

    placed his foot on one of the falmer's chests and pulled. The axe came away easily, Hasir sheated it and did the same with the other

    falmer. He winced as the carved a bloody path on the ice as the slid downward.


    Two more falmer ran at him, he dispatched the with well thought-out throws of his axes. When he'd sheathed them, he exited the

    room onto what looked like a windswept courtyard that had long since frozen over. He looked skyward as he saw the Doomstrider

    standing near a snow elf vampire that he guessed was Gelebor's brother.

    The doomstrider spotted the Argonian standing below him and smriked darkly,

    "You arrived, good." He gestured to the vampiric elf, "I would leave you with the elf... but, I wouldn't miss a chance to see my enemy

    flatten like a pancaake." He said, laughing mercilessly. 


    Hasir gasped as he turned into smoked and flowed towards the elf. The smoked traveled up his nasal passage and consumed his

    already rotting brain.

    "Wait. I thought when you said you 'wanted to watch' you meant watching from the sidelines not intering with the game. Stop being

    a coward and face me like the Alfiq you are." He shouted at the elvish Doomstrider.


    Hasir dodged out of the way as the possessed elf shot a bluish-black projection projectile that burned the bit of stone patio where the

    Argonian had been moments before. Vyrthur's eyes grew bright as two untarnished rubies.

    "You foolish Argonian. You'll never stop Molag Bal." The elvish puppet sneered as a bluish-black lightning storm fell from above as

    Hasir dodged the lightning, cringing as the otherworldly lightning burnt a section of the pillar.


    The Argonian was blasted of off his feet by a well-placed fireball spell. and held in place on the pillar opposite the raised balcony by

    the vampire elf's telekinetic ability. Hasir struggled with his invisble bonds as they tightened slowly as iron bars around his chest. The

    elf's feline battery conjured bluish-black flames.

    Hasir scrreamed as white hot waves of pain radiated outward like an invisible wave of hatred. The argonian's scream mingled with

    the near-since as white-hot knives buried themselves in his flesh. He looked down as he saw the flames slowly traveling upward as

    though his body was a vertical road. He tried to summon the strength to call upon his flame whip but knew it was useless.


    The doomstrider controlled elf's hand closed into a fist while his eyes burned with red-hot fire. Hasir know the end was near as the

    flames quickened their pace.

    "Such a pity." Said the elf, "I guess your foolish attempts at stopping my master will be a barren tree wanting for fruit but getting

    none." He said, smirking as he watched the ill-fated Argonian struggle.


    Hasir fought hard to subdue the flames threatening to overwhelm him.

    "Fuck you." He sanrled, "Tell your master he can eat shit!" He spat back as the fires of oblivion leapt to life in his hands.


    He brought his hands together and flung a huge sun at the wide-eyed elf. He got blasted of his feet as Hasir fell to the ground,

    gasping for air. He slowly advanced up the steps while unsheaathing his flame whip and, reaching the top, lashed out at the snow elf.

    It coiled about his neck like a fiery snake.

    "What'sss a matter, efl? lizard got your tongue?" He hissed as he looked into Vyrthur's widened eyes

    He tugged hard at the flaming whip and the elf turned black as the night sky and crumpled to the ground. Black smoke issued from

    the charbroiled elf's mouth and reformed on the bottom step. The doomstrider glanced over the railing as a second white mushroom

    grew from the snowy ground. His red eyes followed a snow elf who walked toward the mushroom.


    Yellow sparks that looked like rays from the sun erupted outward as a small tree-sized stone dias rose out of the ground. Upon the

    dias, Hasir saw, was a brillant golden bow. The argonian's mouth fell open as he beheld the bow and advanced towards it. The black

    khajiit snarled, leapt over the railing and ran toward the bow. The Argonian's eyes went wide as golf balls as he was sent spiraling

    through the air to land with a loud THUD on the snowy balcony. 


    Hasir snarled as he got to his feet and saw the Doomstrider close his claw around the golden bow. He gasped as the bow turned

    black as night. Two quivers, one gold as a septim and the other, a grey quiver with ruby eyes that blinked out from a vampiric head.

    The doomstrider grabbed the sun-drenched quiver.

    "You stupid Argonian." He snarled, "you have been a thorned in my side of too long. It is about time for you to get your just desserts

    for meddling in affairs to don't concern you."


    He fired at the golden circle in the sky and several long lightning bolts crashed around the Argonian like meteors. He yelped in fright

    and lunged at the khajiit. The Khajiit raised an eyebrow as three portals appeared on the white stone behind him. 

    "You may have won the battle Argonian but You will not win the war. You can try but in the end, you will be snuffed out like a candle

    in the wind like the other Tamrielians."


    He laughed to himself as he stepped into a portal that bore the image of a castle that looked as if it was carved out of the the rock of

    Oblivion itself. Hasir walked up to this image and gaped at it. This must've been the castle that he'd heard about. It had an

    otherworldly look to it. He gasped as he saw, on the docks in front of the eery castle, heavily clad rotting corpses astride enormous

    black skeletal horses. Hasir thought about the blue khajiit amid his terror and thought about how he would react. The image of the

    castle, the draugr and the dreadful horses were absorbed by the stone before Hasir had gotten a good look at them. 


    Hasir turned from the empty space and turned to the new shimmering portal that sported an image of a temple that looked like a

    black portal casing surrounded by numerous spikes and odd protuberances. He took a deep breath.

    "Here we go. Time to lock horns with Molag Bal... and whatever other creatures lay in wait for me." He said, tail hanging limply

    behind him as he disappeared into the portal. 


    Aela and the companions croseed under the stone archway and entered the city. Once inside, they walked past the shops and market

    stalls until they reached the doors of the mead hall. Aela was about to push the door open when Inigo turned to her; a feaarful

    expression on his furry face.

    "Why must we wait her until my friend is out there?" He turned and looked out to the Whiterun gate, "Shouldn't we help him?

    Indirectly I mean, no need for us to get injured in the process. I just wish... we could do something."


    He turned to meet Aela's snarling face.

    "You idiot. If we went there, we WOULD be interfering. You heard that snow elf. He needs to do whatever task he was set for lone.

    Now get inside so we can prepare for when he does come back."


    Inigo went inside, whistled for Courage. The falcon swooped down from the rafters and began preening himself. Inigo turned his

    head in the bird's direction and told him that he shouldn't do that in the presence of a lady. He hid his brown-feathered head in

    embarrassment. The blue khajiit ran his hand through the bird's silky smooth fethers.

    "It is ok, my friend, no need to be embarrassed. I have a task for you." The bird chirped in excitement and stared into Inigo's

    pumpkinish eyes. 


    Aela walked by them nd inquired what they were talking about. Instantly, the falcon took flight and pecked ceaselessy at the Nord

    with its razor-sharp beak.

    "Get your overgrown chicken off of me, you stupid cat!" She yelled while trying to beat it off like a bear ridding itself of a

    meddlesome bee.


    Inigo walked over and stroked the falcon's flight feathers. The falcon turned its amber eyes in the khajiit's direction and perched onto

    his shoulder.

    "Aela, I am so sorry for any distress my bird might've caused you." He said sarcastically. He waggled his finger at her, "It is quite

    rude to eavesdrop, you know. Iwas just conversing with my bird about how how lost Hasir would be if we didn't find him."


    Aela snarled at him and raised a clenched fist.

    "You'll come up lost if you do get out of my face."


    Inigo turned away from the angered Nord and exited the mead hall. Once outside, he walked down to the city gates; Courage

    gripping his shoulder as if it was a dead rodent. The khajiit walked down to the stables where he met the stablehand.

    "I'm sorry." He said mournfully, "We don't sell anything for falcons. You want the shop over yonder." He said, pointing to the strange

    orange and black bannered building.


    Inigo smiled and shook his head. The stablehand eyed the falcon as if it might mistake him for its next meal.

    "I appreciate your concern. I have already been in that building. The reason I came here is... well, I was wondering if you have a

    horse I might borrow?" The stablehand gesture to a lone midnight black horse with a matching mane. The blue khajiit smiled and got

    a small cart that leaned against the stable, looped a spare leather strp though the space between the wooden slats on the front and

    tied it around the horse's tail. He whistled to Courage. The bird rested in the hay that sat in the middle of the small cart.


    Inigo smiled as he saddled up on the horse and directed the horse towards a cave the stablehand called Darkfall cave. He let Courage

    fly alongside him as he did not feel like treating the falcon as a caged animal. As an afterthought, he took off the falconer's glove,

    folded it and stored it in his bag slung about his shoulder. After hours of riding, he reached the cave, dismounted from his horse and

    went inside, closely followed by the falcon.

    Inigo and Courage entered the pitch-dark cave. Inigo cast his candlelight spell. The orb hovered mere inches from his face as it

    illuminated the way forward. He fished in his bag for the glove, put it on, called Courage. The bird's talons sank into the thick lether

    like a vulture tearing at a cow carcass. The falcon took flight and manuveured through the caverns with Inigo struggling to keep up.

    Panting, Inigo got to a chamber with a snow elf and a white mushroom that seemingly grew from the cavern. 


    The blue khajiit glanced upwards while trying to catch his breath and saw Courage perched on the highest point of what looked like

    stone sun. 

    "You stupid bird, you could've at least waited for me to catch up." He said, panting


    The falcon was not looking at him. The smart blue cat's eyes flicked downward from the impudent falcons and saw the sonw elf

    staring at him as though he was caught in an avalanche. Inigo got up and greeted the strange elf.

    "Hello, erm... would you stop looking at me as though I have soaked in some foul substance please? It's creepy."


    The elf apologized; not even realizing he was staring.

    "I am terribly sorry." Said the elf, "I was busy thinking. Funny how people always assume the worst." He chuckled. "I am Gelebor.

    You stand in was is- or rather was, the chapel of Auriel. You have need of gain entrance to the inner sactum, do you not?" Inigo

    nodded, unsure how the elf knew this. "You can just pass through that portal. Normally, I would have an aspirant such as yourself

    undertake a pilgrimage of sorts but someone has completed it."


    He looked from the khajiit to the bird atop the shrine. "Is this your bird?" Inigo smiled smugly and nodded. Immediately the snow

    elf's face fell as if some heavy weight was applied to it. "I am truly sorry to have to do this but, only one can pass through the



    The blue khajiit snarled; eyes narrowed as he unsheathed his bow and drawing it back.

    "Rethink your next words carefully lest you want an arrow through your skull. The bird stays with me. I bought him and, as such, we

    are quite inseperable."


    The snow elf gulped and extended a hand toward the portal. Inigo whistled to the falcon and, together, they stepped into the portal.

    They emerged into a darkened cave. A light blue hue filled the cavern allowing Inigo to eye's to cut through the dealthy black like a

    arrow through mist. He could've just used Courage to scout ahead for him but he knew this was a little too far-fetched. As before,

    the falcon flew ahead with Inigo taking up the rear. He followed the caves many twists and turns, almost getting lost a few times

    because of the many dead ends the cave seemed to have. 


    After a while Courage and Inigo emerged into a room with a thin rocky path extending from a circular platform to a half-moon path

    with another white mushroom growing out of the ground. Inigo walked toward the thin pathway and followed the bird up it amd

    through the portal just ahead of them.


    He came out into a small cavern, follwed the sprialing path downward and emerged into a snowy wasteland. Inigo wondered where

    to go next when he heard a screeching above him. Courage had obviously caught the scent of a scaly being that had been through

    here earlier. He lead Inigo took a shrine atop a nearby mountain and he and the blue khajiit disappeared through a portal and

    appeared in front of a huge building of white stone.

    "Well, I guess we have to go in there." Inigo said as he pointed to the brozne door just ahead. "The scent Courage sensed must've

    came from in there." 


    They disappeared into the building and worked their way to a windswept courtyard with another white mushroom. They passed

    through the portal and found themselves on a black bridge spanning a chasm of nothingness with a foreboding doorway on the

    opposite side. Ingo traversed the bridge with the flacon who hid his head under his wing and went through the blue and black portal.