B.O.T.B Lupine Part 4: A Foreshadowing Note



    When the light brown wolf made it to the rocky outcrop, he turned back into a Nord and saw Akar sitting around a fire that seemed

    not to be bothered by the cold. Majni approached him, smiling,

    "Nice day out, isn't it?" He asked with a small grin. "How's my baby sister?"


    Akar laughed so hard that he almost upended the fish he was cooking over the fire,

    "Your 'baby' sister is fine." Akar said laughing, "She's busy sleeping where you left her." 


    Majni thanked Akar as he turned back to the fire. Majni didn't know what the male nord meant when h said that but moved past

    the fire to the tent they had gestured to. While walking, Majni thought about asking Hjoris if she knew anything more about what

    Akar had said. He thought they must have conversed in secret to throw him off their trail like a rabbit trying to flee from a hungry



    Majni saw a female nord chasing a small Nord through the snow. Upon further inspection he saw this toddler was grabbing frantically

    at the snowflake falling all about her. Majni approached Hjordis, who held the little Nord tightly while she sat on her knee, wearing an

    inquisitive look on his face.

    "Hjordis, pardon the interruption, but, how long have I been gone? Last time I was here, Rakel was half the size she is now. Did she

    drink a growth potion?"


    Hjordis giggled and shook her head at Majni's inquiry,

    "You've been gone for one hundred and twenty moon cycles cousin, I understand your confusion." She said, abandoning her game of

    chase and leading Majin into a large deerskin tent. Hjordis filled Majni in on what happened when he was gone doing what the

    wolflord had tasked him with.


    Majni sat down on a fur bedroll and told her about a disconcerting fact her had read in the fort about the Silver Hand,

    "Akar, when I was in the fort Hircine sent me to, Frostmoth, I found out that the Silver Hand are working for Molag Bal. What I don't

    know is why and I also don't know if they answer to Molag Bal himself or if Molag Bal has a loyal servant they answer to."


    Hjordis looked shocked at these words. It was at that moment that Akar walked in holding the wringling little Nord and, seeing the

    expressions on the two nords' faces, asked what they were talking about. Hjordis turned to Akar and told him about how Majni went

    to Frost Frostmoth and read something unsettling about the silver hand." 


    Akar walked over to the bed his packmate was sitting on and sat down. He glanced at Akar and cast her a worried grin as Maaji told

    them of what he remembered from the notes he read in the fort,

    "Akar, Hordis, form the intel I gathered at the fort I believe that the Silver hand want to wipe werewolves, not only from Tamriel, but

    from the surface of Nirn it." Akar lent forward and asked how he found this out. 


    Majni shot him a scathing look,

    "I already told you, new blood, I found notes in the fort."


    Akar asked what they said. Majni sighed exhasberatedly and said that the notes said something about the Silver Hand wanting to

    'cleans' Tamriel because of a 'sacriligeous wedding.' He rudely told Akar he didn't know what that meant when the nord asked again.

    Majni told the two Nords that at the end of the notes he read two names.


    Akar and Hjordis inquired as to what the names were. Majni looked at them darkly,

    "Faolchu and the Doomstrider."  


    Akar and Hordis looked at each other; both seemingly knowing who those name were. Rakel got up and walked to the other side of

    the tent, poking playfully at the dirt with a stick she'd found. Majni stood up and told Akar and Hjordis that he also saw a note

    about the races involved in the unholy union: an Argonian and an Altmer.